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Adnan Division (Motorized Infantry)

During Operation Desert Storm. the VII Corps' mission was to attack to penetrate and envelop Iraqi defenses to destroy the Republican Guard forces in zone. The 1st Armored Division deep operations went after elements of the Iraqi Adnan Division. On 27 February 1991 the American 1st Armored Division fought remnants of the Iraqi Tawakalna, Al-Madinah and Adnan Republican Guards Divisions about 50 miles east of Al Busayyah. The 3d "Phantom" Brigade, 3d Infantry Distinguished itself as the Advanced Guard Brigade of the 1st Armored Division during offensive operations against the Iraqi Republican Guard Forces Command (RGFC) during Operation Desert Storm from 24 to 28 February 1991. On February 26, the Brigade was ordered to attack east to gain contact with and destroy the RGCE in zone. The 3d Brigade began an aggressive and continuous movement to contact which covered 74km in 12 hours, while fighting multiple engagements throughout the day and night with elements of the 52d, 17th, Adnan, and Tawakalna Divisions. On 27 February, the 3d Brigade was ordered to transition to pursuit operations to establish contact with and destroy the RGFC forces in zone. As the Brigade attacked and fought through the Adnan Division, securing a RGFC major logistics base, it captured 465 EPW's and made contact with the Medinah Armored Division.

As of early 1997 the Republican Guard Adnan Division was reported to have deployed from its base in Mosul to Deebaga, Makhmour, and Al-Dibs, towards Arbil. Its command center was at the Al-Dibs -- Mosul -- Arbil intersection. By October 1997 Iraqi Republican Guard units had built up in the area of Makhmur, 30 km southwest of Arbil. The Medina Al Munawara armoured division and the Adnan mechanised infantry division moved to the area with 200 tanks, four battalions of heavy artillery and over 10,000 troops.

As of early 1999 it was reported that the "Adnan Forces" Command (Quwat Adnan Hares Jimhouri), under the Command of the Allahu Akbar Forces-Northern Corps was based in Mosul.

Opposition sources claimed in January 1999 that the losses inflicted on Saddam's regime during Operation "Desert Fox" included 48 killed among officers and other ranks with 151 wounded. Destroying or damaging 22 tanks and armored vehicles. The destruction of light and medium weapons armory that included 720 assault rifles, 56 mortar cannons and 2740 crates of ammunition, plus the destruction of 6 surface-to-air missile launchers.

As of March 1999 it was noted that the number of Tikriti officers who occupied important positions had increased, which negatively affects other commanders and senior officers, because the situation minimizes the chances of their promotion. In the Republican Guard Takritis were commanders of the Adnan Division and the armored Nida Division.

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