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6th Armored Division

By 24 February 1991 Iraqi regular army units constituting the second echelon in Kuwait were directed to reposition themselves. Concealed by the dense smoke of the oil fires that were ignited beginning 21 February, parts of what was left of the second echelon of the Iraqi army -- 1st Mechanized Infantry Division, 3d Armored Division, 5th Mechanized Infantry Division, 6th Armored Division, the 10th Armored Division and the 12th Armored Division -- were in a movement toward Basrah.

As the ground offensive progressed, by 25 February 1991 Iraqi units' ineffectiveness became more clear. In the Iraqi IV Corps area of western Kuwait, the 6th Armored Division, west of 'Ali As-Salim Airfield, was heavily reduced.

In September 1996 the 6th Armoured Division of the Iraqi army moved its tanks from the Amarah-Nasariyah axis to a position east of Basra.

Iraqi forces resumed military operations in south on 08 April 2000. On 13 April, forces of the regime attacked the resistance headquarters in the areas of Northern Rumeila, Al-Abayyedh, west of Ghubeishiya by 13 Km, north of the main confluence by 5 Km. The regime's participating units were an infantry brigade from the 11th Division and an armored brigade from the 6th Armored Division.

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