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3rd Brigade - Special Republican Guard (SRG)

As of June 1998, the Third Brigade consisted of 75 Officers and 2260 ranks. It headquarters were located at Taji after Baghdad Gate at the highway intersection. Formerly called the People's Army School.

The unit's mission was to serve as an effective attacking brigade.

The Brigade used a variety of vehicles. About 100 Nissam buses and Hino cars, as well as two mobile 106mm artillery pieces, are assigned to each battalion. Battalions were also reported to us landccruises and Mercedes 280 models, as well as Toyota pick-ups.

Weaponry used by the Brigade's sub-units was assigned as follows:

  • Mobile 106mm Mortars (2 for each battalion).
  • Mortars 82mm (eight for each battalion).
  • Mortars 60mm (twelve for each battalion).
  • BKC (10 for each platoon).
  • RPG7 (10 for each platoon).
  • RBK (10 for each platoon).
  • Russian-made Kalashnikovs.
  • Anti-aircraft (single, dual and quadruple barrels), and Strella missiles special for batteries.
  • 57mm anti-aircraft artillery at the airport.

Third Battalion (Combat)

The Third Battalion's headquarters were located at Al-Dooreh on the Mahmoodieh road. Behind the old inspection point is a minor road (2-3km) which led to the headquarters.

The unit was a fighting battalion tasked with executing attack orders.

Destroyed in the Fao offensive, the unit was later rebuilt.

Ninth Battalion (Combat)

The Ninth Battalion's headquarters was located near Al-Tharthar Lake.

The unit was tasked with protecting Saddam's palaces at Tharthar and establishing inspection points and plain clothed patrols on the private roads leading to Tharthar from the direction of Tikrit, and the Habaniyeh Tourist City.

As of June 1998, the battalion consisted of five platoons.

Tenth Battalion (Combat)

The Tenth Battalions headquarters were located near the headquarters of the Third Brigade at Taji after Baghdad Gate from the direction of Mosul near the highway intersection. The building was formerly called the People's Army School, and later there existed close by a company owned by the Ministry of Military Industry.

The unit was tasked with external maneuvers and consists of seven platoons.

Twelfth Battalion (Combat)

As of June 1998, the unit had recently been established. Its headquarters were located on the way to Taji (Ba'ath Square inside the camp), immediately next to the Eleventh Battalion.

The unit was tasked with protecting Baghdad from the direction of Taji (same responsibilities as the Eleventh Battalion).

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