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Saddam's Ground Forces

Iraqi Army
Republican Guard
Special Republican Guard
People's Army

  • Organization

  • Ground Forces - Facilities
  • Ground Forces - Equipment
  • Ground Forces - Equipment Introduction

  • Insignia

  • 1991 - Ground Forces
  • 1991 - Ground Order of Battle

  • Republican Guard
    Northern Corps Southern Corps
    2nd Al-Medina 1st Hammurabi
    5th Baghdad 6th Nebuchadnezzar
    7th Adnan Al-Nida
    Iraqi Army
    I Corps II Corps III Corps IV Corps V Corps
    2nd Infantry 3rd Armored 6th Armored 10th Armored 1st Mechanized
    5th Mechanized 15th Infantry 11th Infantry 14th Infantry 4th Infantry
    8th Infantry 34th Infantry 51st Mechanized 18th Infantry 7th Infantry
    38th Infantry 16th Infantry
    People's Army
  • Al Anbar
  • Al Basrah
  • Al Muthanna
  • Al Qadisiyah
  • An Najaf
  • Arbil
  • As Sulaymaniyah
  • At Ta'mim
  • Babil
  • Baghdad
  • Dahuk
  • Dhi Qar
  • Diyala
  • Karbala'
  • Maysan
  • Ninawa
  • Salah ad Din
  • Wasit

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