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Jabal Maqlub

Jabal Maqlub is the reported location of the headquarters of the Baghdad Motorized Infantry Division of the Republican Guard Forces Command.

This location is sometimes reported as "Maqloob Maontin, Mosul Governate" -- but NIMA renders "Maqloob" as Maqlub and "Maontin" is clearly a corrupt transliteration of "mountain." Jabal Maqlub [Mount Maqloub] might be translated as Upsidedown Mountain [Jabal = mountain, Maqlub = changed, reversed, overturned].

After the destruction of the empire, the Assyrians did not become extinct, but some of them took refuge in the mountains of Ashur; in Maqlub and Sinjar. Tepe Gawra is a site in the foothills of north-eastern Iraq east of the Tigris at Nineveh by a pass through the Jebel Maqlub into highland Iran. The site was occupied almost continuously from the Halaf Period of the sixth millennium B.C. through the late fourth millennium BC.

St. Matti's Monastery, at the top of Mount Maqloub, is Mesapotamia's Lourdes. Dair Mar Mattai is considered to be the most important Assyrian monastery in Iraq due to its religious, historical, and geographical significance. Located at the top of the famous 'Maqloub' Mountain, the monastery overlooks the magnificent fields of the Nineveh plains. Theologians and historians believe Saint Matthew is buried at a unique sacred 4th century monastery. Throughout the Middle East, believers of all denominations visit his tomb -- a renowned healer, affectionately known as "St. Matti."

At 1045 hours on 19 June 2000, United States and British F-14, F-15, F-16 and EA-6B aircraft coming from Turkish territory penetrated Iraq's airspace in the northern region. They carried out 20 missions from Turkish territory, were supported by an AWACS command and control aircraft operating inside Turkish airspace and overflew the Dohuk, Amadiyah, Tall Afar, Mosul, Zakho and Irbil areas. These aircraft released three heat flares over Jabal Maqlub. Iraqi air defences engaged the aircraft.

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