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US Forces Order of Battle - 19 May 2004

US CENTCOM - Ground Forces
Combined Forces Command - Afghanistan

Combined Joint Task Force 180
367th Engineer Battalion [Bagram AB]560
175th Engineer Co [CJ-7 Cell?]
452nd Combat Support Hospital
719th Medical Det.
704th Explosive Ordnance Co
705th Explosive Ordnance Co
731st Explosive Ordnance Co
441st Ordnance BN
450th Military Police Co
728th Military Police Co
797th Ordnance Co (EOD)
580th Signal Co
450th Civil Affairs BN
844th Engineer BN
3rd BN, 321st Field Artillery REGT
327th Signal BN
Combined Joint Task Force 76
2nd BN, 8th Marines REGT
22nd Marine Expeditionary Unit [TF Linebacker]2,2004 M1A1
1st BN, 6th Marines
MEU Service Support Group 22
Marine Medium Helicopter Sq 266 70012 - CH-46
4 - CH-53E
3 - UH-1N
4 - AH-1W
6 - AV-8
6th Marine Regiment [TF Stonewall]
Task Force 44
909th Forward Surgical Team
946th Forward Surgical Team
427th Medical Logistics
4th Psychological Operation Group
301st Psychological Operations Co
element, 1st Corps Support Command
264th Logistics Task Force
307th Logistics Task Force
Logistics Task Force 46
659th Maintenance Co
375th Quartermaster Co
Combined Joint Special Operations Task Force - Afghanistan
Task Force 121
Task Force Angel
5th BN, 19th Special Forces Group~ 300
1st BN, 20th Special Forces Group~ 400
2nd BN, 75th Ranger REGT
1st BN, 3rd Special Forces Group
U/I Naval Special Warfare Unit
Task Force 11
Task Force 64
element of Aust Special Air Service Rgt
1st BDE, 10th Mountain Division [CTF Warrior]~ 5,000
2nd BN, 22nd Infantry Rgt
2nd BN, 87th Infantry REGT
3rd Sq, 17th Cavalry Rgt
10th Forward Support BN
C Co, 159th Aviation Rgt? - CH-47
3rd BN, 229th Aviation Rgt? - AH-64A
126th Finance BN
50th Signal BN
A Co, 41st Engineer BN
25th Infantry Division (Light)
1-62 Air Defense Artillery BN [Kandahar]
125th Military Intelligence BN
125th Signal BN
3rd BDE, 25th Infantry Division
2nd BN, 5th Infantry REGT
2nd BN, 27th Infantry REGT
3rd BN, 7th Field Artillery REGT
Aviation BDE, 25th Infantry Division
DISCOM, 25th Infantry Division [Joint Logistics Command]
725th Main Support BN [Lightning TF 725]
330th Transportation BN
45th Corps Support Group
84th Engineer BN
Coalition Joint Civil-Military Operations Task Force
403rd Civil Affairs BN
321st Civil Affairs BDE
364th Civil Affairs BDE
407th Civil Affairs BN
Coalition Joint Task Force Phoenix
element, 45th Infantry BDE
Training Assistance Group
Central Corps Assistance Group
Embedded Training Teams
Security Forces
Base Support BN
1st BN, 279th Infantry REGT

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