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450th Civil Affairs Battalion (Airborne)

The 450th Civil Affairs Battalion (Airborne) located in Maryland. The 450th has a number of openings for Officers (O2-O4) and Enlisted Soldiers (E1-E7). The 450th Civil Affairs Battalion (Airborne) is a part of U.S. Army Special Operations Command providing direct support to the 82d Airborne Division.

Officers and Prior Service Enlisted personnel of any branch can gain Civil Affairs qualification after joining the unit. All positions are on jump status. Preference is given to Airborne qualified soldiers. Others must agree to attend Airborne training. Soldiers assigned to CA units perform a variety of challenging missions such as Humanitarian Assistance, Dislocated Civilian Operations, Host Nation Support, and Foreign Internal Assistance.

CA soldiers routinely act as a liaison with US embassies, non-governmental organizations, and other international organizations. Becoming a member of the 450th Civil Affairs Battalion (Airborne) can provide many opportunities for active duty training, military schools, and promotions.

The distinctive unit insignia was approved on 16 July 1993. A gold color metal and enamel device consisting of a shield blazoned: Per pale and per chevron Argent and Purpure, a sword palewise Or surmounted by a palm frond and a writing quill saltirewise Proper. Attached below and on either side of the shield a bipartite green scroll doubled and inscribed "PEACE OR WAR" "CALM OR STORM" in gold. Purple and white are the colors associated with Civil Affairs organizations. The sword is adapted from the insignia of branch and stands for readiness. The quill represents administrative responsibility and effectiveness. Southwest Asia service in the 1991 action to liberate and defend Kuwait is commemorated by the palm frond. Gold stands for excellence; green reflects life, growth and safety.

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