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Combat Aviation Brigade, 25th Infantry Division
Aviation Brigade, 25th Infantry Division

The mission of the 25th Combat Aviation Brigade is to prepare for worldwide deployment and when directed, conducts day and night (NVG) combat or other military operations. On order, it commands and controls a combined arms task force.

25th Aviation Brigade was constituted on 1 Februry 1957 in the Regular Army as the 25th Aviation Company, assigned to the 25th Infantry Division, and activated at Schofield Barracks, Hawaii. Later the unit was reorganized and redesignated on 12 August 1963 as Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 25th Aviation Battalion (organic elements constituted on 21 June 1963 and activated on 16 January 1986 at Wheeler Air Base, Hawaii). It was relieved on 16 May 1988 from assignment to the 25th Infantry Division. At the same time it was concurrently reorganized and redesignated as the 25th Aviation, a parent regiment under the United States Army Regimental System.

The 25th Aviation Brigade began supporting the Global War on Terrorism in January 2004 with the deployment of its Attack Battalion to Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. The remainder of the Aviation Brigade began deploying in March 2004 to Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom.

In 2006 the 25th Aviation Brigade began a transition to the US Army's new modular force structure as part of an overall transformation of the 25th Infantry Division. The unit was reorganized and renamed the 25th Combat Aviation Brigade. On July 2006 elements of the 25th Infantry Division, including the 25th Combat Aviation Brigade, deployed to Iraq as part of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

In August 2006 General Richard A. Cody, then outgoing Chief of Staff of the Army, ordered the creation of a special aviation task force, called Task Force ODIN (Observe, Detect, Identify, and Neutralize). Task Force ODIN was attached to the 25th Combat Aviation Brigade, 25th Infantry Division in February 2007. After operating in secret for several months the Task Force was officially activated in July 2007. When the 25th Combat Aviation Brigade returned from its deployment to Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2007, the Task Force was reattached to 1st Combat Aviation Brigade, 1st Infantry Division.

Following their return from Iraq the 25th Infantry Division prepared for and subsequently deployed for a rotation at the National Training Center. This deployment was completed in November 2008.

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