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A Company, 41st Engineer Battalion

A part of the US Army's modular force structure transformation included the creation of Brigade Special Troops Battalions. These units were designed to provide organic signals, engineering, military intelligence, military police, and other support which had historically been achieved by the habitual attachment of companies and platoons from units assigned to parent divisions. As a result of this transformation in the 10th Mountain Division, the 41st Engineer Battalion was inactivated, its Companies and other subordinate units reflagged and/or reassigned either Brigade Special Troops Battalions within the Division or to the 10th Sustainment Brigade. A Company, 41st Engineer Battalion was reflagged as A Company, 1st Brigade Special Troops Battalion.

The mission of A Company, 41st Engineer Battalion, was to maintain a light combat engineer company, manned, trained, and equipped to deploy rapidly by air, sea and land anywhere in the world, and upon arrival, provide the mobility, countermobility and survivability support to an Infantry Brigade Task Force required to fight and win. When it was reorganized as part of the shift toward the modular force structure, A Company's mission became to provide engineering assets to units of the 10th Mountain Division's 1st Brigade Combat Team as part of the 1st Brigade Special Troops Battalion.

In January 1999, A Company's 3rd Platoon deployed with Task Force 1-32nd Infantry for the Multinational Force and Observers (MFO) mission to the Sinai Peninsula, Egypt for six months of observing and reporting all air, land, and sea activity on the coast of the Red Sea. Two squads manned remote outposts on 23 day rotations while one squad worked with contractors on sidewalks, barrier construction, and general repair and upgrades.

In February 1999, Alpha Company's 2nd Platoon deployed with Task Force 2-22nd Infantry Battalion to Fort Sherman, Panama for Jungle Operations Training Center (JOTC) Rotation 99-04. They trained extensively on waterborne operations, sub-surface demolitions, bridge reconnaissance, and jungle land navigation. The platoon also conducted several combined arms operations in conjunction with their infantry task forces, which included an assault on the Majinga River Bridge and company-level live fire attacks on Pavon Hill.

During the month of April 1999, Alpha Company in conjunction with 2-10th Aviation (Assault), a PZ/LZ control team from 710th Main Support Battalion, and a medical section from C/10th Forward Support Battalion executed a three day Air Assault Field Training Exercise (FTX). In July 1999, 3rd Platoon of Alpha Company redeployed after 6 months in the Sinai Peninsula with Task Force 1-32nd Infantry. In August 1999, Alpha Company began a series of weapons ranges and demolition ranges.

In September 1999, Alpha Company sapper platoons executed two separate squad level EXEVALs and three iterations of Sapper Table II/III qualification and live mine training over a period of several weeks. 2nd Platoon, Alpha Company deployed with B/2-22nd Infantry to Fort Benning, Georgia to participate in a month-long, joint-level Advanced Concepts Training and Development program with the United States Marine Corps on new techniques in conducting Military Operations in Urban Terrain. They tested new soldier support equipment, such as the MOLLE load bearing system, and advanced variants of the bangalore torpedo, platter charge, and shaped charge. 1st Platoon, Alpha Company deployed with A/1-87th Infantry to Canadian Forces Base Petewawa in Manitoba, Canada for a 3-week Reciprocal Unit Exchange. 1st Platoon soldiers had an opportunity to share tactics, techniques, and procedures used by light sappers with pioneers from the 2nd Canadian Engineer Regiment. The capstone event of the deployment was a combined arms exercise with the Canadian Forces in a JRTC-type scenario.

In October 1999, Alpha Company conducted two cold-weather FTXs, focusing on dismounted winter movement techniques, use of the ECWS system, and winter survival. Also, soldiers from Alpha Company were deployed to Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri for the Sapper Leader Course. Alpha Company also sent an 11-man detachment to Thule AB, Greenland and conducted a demolitions mission. Alpha Company soldiers worked directly with the USAF 12th Space Warning Squadron and Danish contractors to destroy and dismantle a 400ft tall unused radio tower.

During November 1999, Exercise Warrior Peak was conducted concentrating on 3rd Platoon, Alpha Company preparing for the upcoming NTC rotation. A&O Platoon supported with dig assets while HHC provided Observer Controllers. Following the main brigade exercise, 2 platoons had the opportunity to support their infantry battalion task forces in combined arms live fire exercises, where the sapper squads conducted live bangalore breaches for their habitually supported infantry company teams.

Between 2001 and 2006 elements of the 41st Engineer Battalion deployed with their associated units in support of both Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan and Operation Iraqi Freedom in Iraq. In 2006 the 41st Engineering Battalion was inactivated as part of the transformation of the entire 10th Mountain Division to the US Army's new modular force structure. Its units were inactivated and reactivated as part of newly formed Brigade Support Battalions and the reorganized 10th Sustainment Brigade.

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