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 Adm. Vern Clark, Chief of Naval Operations: 
The first Navy jack will be flown on board all U.S. Navy ships in lieu of the Union Jack during the global war on terrorism. To honor those who died during the attack of 11 Sep. 01, all afloat commands will commence flying the first Navy jack at morning colors on 11 Sep. 02. The first Navy jack is a flag consisting of a rattlesnake, superimposed across 13 horizontal alternating red and white stripes with the motto 'don't tread on me.' The jack was first employed by commodore Esek Hopkins in the fall of 1775 as he readied the continental navy in the Delaware River. His signal for the whole fleet to engage the enemy was the striped jack and ensign flown at their proper places. The temporary substitution of this jack represents a historic reminder of the nation's and Navy's origin.

Department of the Navy Chief of Naval Operations
Atlantic Fleet NAVSO NAVEUR-NAVAF NAVCENT Pacific Fleet
2nd Fleet 4th Fleet 6th Fleet 5th Fleet 7th Fleet 3rd Fleet
LANTFLT Atlantic Fleet PACFLT Pacific Fleet
TYCOM Group Squadron TYCOM Group Squadron
COMNAVSURFOR Commander, Naval Surface Force
Destroyer Squadron 2 Destroyer Squadron 1
Destroyer Squadron 18 Destroyer Squadron 7
Destroyer Squadron 22 Destroyer Squadron 15
Destroyer Squadron 24 Destroyer Squadron 21
Destroyer Squadron 26 Destroyer Squadron 23
Destroyer Squadron 28 Surface Development Squadron ONE
LCS Squadron 2 LCS Squadron 1
Combat Logistics Squadron 2 Logistics Group WESTPAC
Carrier Group 2 Carrier Group 1
Carrier Group 4 Carrier Group 3
Carrier Group 6 Carrier Group 5
Carrier Group 8 Carrier Group 7
Cruiser Destroyer Group 2 Cruiser Destroyer Group 1
Cruiser Destroyer Group 8 Cruiser Destroyer Group 3
Cruiser Destroyer Group 12 Cruiser Destroyer Group 5
Surface Group 2 Surface Group PACNORWEST
Destroyer Squadron 6 Destroyer Squadron 9
Destroyer Squadron 14
Surface Group 4
Surface Group 6
Surface Group MED Surface Group MIDPAC
Destroyer Squadron 31
Expeditionary Strike Group 2 Expeditionary Strike Group 3
Amphibious Group 2 Amphibious Group 3
    Assault Craft Unit 2     Assault Craft Unit 1
    Assault Craft Unit 4     Assault Craft Unit 5
Amphibious Squadron 2 Amphibious Squadron 1
Amphibious Squadron 4 Amphibious Squadron 3
Amphibious Squadron 6 Amphibious Squadron 5
Amphibious Squadron 8 Amphibious Squadron 7
Expeditionary Strike Group 7
Amphibious Group 1
Amphibious Squadron 11
Mine Warfare Command Special Warfare Command
Mine Countermeasures Squadron 1
    Mine Countermeasures Division 11
Mine Countermeasures Squadron 2
Mine Countermeasures Squadron 3
    Mine Countermeasures Division 31
COMNAVSUBFOR Commander, Submarine Force
COMSUBLANT Submarine Forces COMSUBPAC Submarine Forces
Submarine Group 2 Submarine Group 7
Submarine Squadron 2 Submarine Squadron 1
Submarine Squadron 4 Submarine Squadron 3
Submarine Squadron 6 Submarine Squadron 7
Submarine Squadron 8 Submarine Squadron 11
Submarine Dev Squadron 12 Submarine Dev Squadron 5
Submarine Group 8
Submarine Squadron 22 Submarine Squadron 15
Submarine Group 10 Submarine Group 9
Submarine Squadron 16 Submarine Squadron 17
Submarine Squadron 20 Submarine Squadron 19
COMNAVAIRFOR Commander, Naval Air Force
COMNAVAIRLANT Naval Air Forces, Atlantic COMNAVAIRPAC Naval Air Forces, Pacific
Carrier Air Wing 1 Carrier Air Wing 2
Carrier Air Wing 3 Carrier Air Wing 5
Carrier Air Wing 7 Carrier Air Wing 9
Carrier Air Wing 8 Carrier Air Wing 11
Carrier Air Wing 17 Carrier Air Wing 14
Carrier Air Wing 6 Carrier Air Wing 15
Carrier Air Wing Reserve 20 Carrier Air Wing Reserve 30
Fleet Air, Mediterranean Fleet Air, Western Pacific
Fleet Air, Keflavik Fleet Logistics Multi-Mission Wing ONE
Strategic Communications Wing ONE
Patrol and Reconnaissance Force Atlantic Patrol and Reconnaissance Force Pacific
Patrol & Reconnaissance Wing 5 Patrol & Reconnaissance Wing 1
Patrol & Reconnaissance Wing 11 Patrol & Reconnaissance Wing 10
Patrol Wing 2
Fighter Wing, Atlantic Fighter/AEW Wing, Pacific
Strike Fighter Wing, Atlantic Strike Fighter Wing, Pacific
Airborne Early Warning Wing, Atlantic Airborne Early Warning Wing, Pacific
Electronic Attack Wing, Pacific
Sea Control Wing, Atlantic Sea Control Wing, Pacific
Helicopter ASW Wing, Atlantic Helicopter ASW Wing, Pacific
Helicopter Maritime Strike Wing, Atlantic Helicopter Maritime Strike Wing, Pacific
Helicopter Tactical Wing, Atlantic Helicopter Tactical Wing, Pacific
Helicopter Sea Combat Wing, Atlantic Helicopter Sea Combat Wing, Pacific
Military Sealift Command Naval Reserve Force
PM1 - Naval Fleet Auxiliary Force (NFAF) Naval Air Reserve Force
Combat Logistics Force [COMLOGFOR/CLF] Carrier Air Wing Reserve 20
PM2 - Special Mission Support Force Carrier Air Wing Reserve 30
PM3 - Afloat Prepositioning Force Reserve Patrol Wing
Maritime Prepositioning Squadron 1 Reserve Patrol Wing, Atlantic
Maritime Prepositioning Squadron 2 Reserve Patrol Wing, Pacific
Maritime Prepositioning Squadron 3 Fleet Logistics Support Wing
Afloat Prepositioning Squadron 4 Helicopter Wing Reserve
PM5 - Strategic Sealift Force Naval Surface Reserve Force
Chief Naval Education & Training Naval Construction Force
Chief of Naval Air Training Fleet ASW Command
Training Air Wing One
Training Air Wing Two
Training Air Wing Four
Training Air Wing Five
Training Air Wing Six

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