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Carrier Group ONE

The mission of Carrier Group ONE is to ensure Carrier Battle Groups deploy in the highest state of operational readiness. COMCARGRU ONE (CCG-1) shall enhance long term Battle Group effectiveness through standardization and execution of the intermediate phase of the Carrier Battle Group Inter Deployment Training Cycle (IDTC). CCG-1 provides advice and recommendations to COMTHIRDFLEET (C3F) and Type Commanders on methods to enhance Battle Group readiness. As the C3F Executive Agent for Command, Control, Communications, Computers and Intelligence (C4I), CCG-1 developes and operationally tests innovative technological and organizational concepts to meet the warfighting challenges of the future, to include the emerging disciplines of Information Operations and Network Centric Warfare. CCG-1 also serves as C3F Executive Agent for Joint Force Air Component Commander (JFACC) matters. CCG-1 is prepared to serve as the Naval Component Commander in Joint Task Force Operations, as a Joint Air Operations Center (JAOC) augmentee team for a mature theater or as an enabling JFACC for maritime Air Tasking Order (ATO) production. CCG-1 serves as Battle Force/Group Commander for designated C3F combined Allied and Joint exercises.

Carrier Group ONE, originally titled Carrier Division ONE, is the oldest aviation group in existence. It was organized in October 1930 as part of the Aircraft Scouting Force, U.S. Fleet, operating in the Atlantic Ocean. During this timeframe the following vessels compromised the division: USS LANGLEY (CV-1), USS WRIGHT (AZ-1), USS SANPIPER (AM-51) and USS TEAL (AM-23). In 1939 Carrier Division ONE was transferred to the Pacific Scouting Force. During World War II, the Carrier Division Staff carried out planning, execution and analysis of several major U.S. Navy Pacific area operations. The command also participated in many actions in the Korean War. As Commander, Task Force 77, it played a major role in the conduct of landings at Inchon and was awarded the Korean Presidential Unit Citation for outstanding contributions in coordinating the operations assigned to various Carrier Task Groups. Carrier Division ONE was redesignated Carrier Group ONE on 30 June 1973. Following the end of the Vietnam War, Carrier Group ONE made regular SEVENTH Fleet deployments, leading Carrier Battle Groups in the Western Pacific and Indian Oceans.

In December of 1990, the Group returned from its last extended deployment in USS INDEPENDENCE (CV-62), having led Battle Group DELTA to the North Arabian Sea following Iraq's invasion of Kuwait. The following September, Carrier Group ONE assumed the mission of Training Battle Group Commander, U.S. Pacific Fleet.

Commander, Carrier Group ONE's command logo was established in 1943 when Carrier Division ONE was re-established after being dissolved for a year. Carrier Division ONE at this time had 3 carriers assigned, USS SARATOGA (CV-3), USS ENTERPRISE (CV-6) and USS ESSEX (CV-9), hence the 3 carriers on the logo and the motto "Tripla Potentia" which translates Triple Potential or Triple Threat.

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