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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

Submarine Squadron SEVENTEEN

The mission of the squadron is to support the 8 boats and 16 crews that make up the strategic deterrent force in the Pacific. To accomplish this mission, the squadron is staffed with numerous subject matter experts who constantly monitor the operational and tactical readiness of the boats and crews. The squadron staff consists of 17 officers and 60 enlisted people. Submarine Squadron 17 was activated 1 Jan 1981, under the command of Captain Thomas R. Fox. The first Trident refit, strategic and tactical loadouts were completed in August of 1982. In 1988 USS ALABAMA completed the 100th Trident deterrent patrol. The squadron has received two Meritorious Unit Commendation.

Four of Bangor's eight Ohio-class submarines are to be converted to special operations boats, carrying conventional weapons rather than nuclear warheads. In their place, Bangor gets the USS Pennsylvania and the USS Kentucky from the East Coast. In October 2002 the SSBN 735 Pennsylvania became the first new sub sent to Bangor in more than a decade. The USS Ohio, the first of the Trident-packing subs, departed Bangor in early October 2002. It will be followed by the Michigan, Florida and Georgia, reducing the nation's Trident ballistic missile submarine fleet from 18 to 14 under START. After all the shifts are done, Bangor will have six Trident subs, down from eight, while King's Bay, former home of the Pennsylvania, will lose two for a fleet of eight.

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