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Naval Surface Reserve Force (COMNAVSURFRESFOR)

The mission of the Naval Surface Reserve Force is to maintain assigned personnel and equipment in a state of readiness and availability which will permit rapid employment in the event of partial or full mobilization and to provide peacetime contributory support to the active Navy as requested.

Five classes of ships (FFG, MHC, MCM, MCS, and LST) make up today's Naval Reserve force, including the first mine countermeasures ship (MCS) USS Inchon. The integration of the active/reserve surface and air mine countermeasures mission continued in the late 1990s with the transfer of four Avenger class ships and four Osprey class coastal minehunting ships to the Naval Reserve Force, and the consolidation of two Reserve mine countermeasure helicopter squadrons with two active mine countermeasure helicopter squadrons.

The first operational Naval Reserve carrier, the USS John F. Kennedy, is apparently no longer counted as part of the Naval Reserve.

In addition, the Naval Reserve operates Perry-class frigates and Newport-class tank landing ships. Naval Reserve participation in the amphibious warfare mission area grew in FY 1995 with the addition of two LSTs [the only beachable landing ships in service with the Navy] to the Reserve fleet; Reservists are also assigned to four LSTs in Reduced Operating Status (ROS) under Military Sealift Command operational and administrative control. The addition of the two LSTs to the Reserve supports the vehicle lift requirement for 2.5 Marine Expeditionary Brigades needed to fight two near-simultaneous MRCs. The LSTs will remain with the Reserve until the arrival of the LPD 17-class landing platform docks early in the next century.

The tradition of a Reserve militia to serve the nation goes back to the colonial days. The Navy Department in 1887 prepared a plan of organization where the Secretary of the Navy was given authority to lend each state having a naval militia one of the Navy's older ships, as well as equipment,to "promote drills and instruction." In 1915, Congress formally created a" Federal Naval Reserve," the ancestor organization of today's Naval Surface Reserve Force. The Surface Reserve Force is comprised of men and women who serve at home and abroad, on shore and at sea, on active duty and on the drill deck.They are not just "weekend warriors" any more. They can be found, on station, around the world 24 hours a day augmenting the fleet on a daily basis as an active part of the greatest naval force the world has ever seen.

Commands reporting to Commander, Naval Surface Reserve Force (COMNAVSURFRESFOR) include 10 regional Naval Reserve Readiness Commands; Naval Reserve Force ships; Mobile Inshore Undersea Warfare units; Naval Reserve Cargo Handling Battalions; Naval Reserve Fleet Hospitals; Special Boat Units and many other combat and augment units related to the needs of the surface Navy.

The command maintains assigned personnel and equipment in a state of readiness and availability which permits rapid augmentation into the fleet upon partial or full mobilization.


Eight Guided Missile Frigates - Oliver Hazard Perry class
. USS WADSWORTH (FFG 9) - San Diego, California
. USS GEORGE PHILIP (FFG 12) - San Diego, California
. USS SAMUEL ELIOT MORISON (FFG 13) - Mayport, Florida
. USS SIDES (FFG 14) - San Diego, California
. USS ESTOCIN (FFG 15) - Norfolk, Virginia
. USS BOONE (FFG 28) - Mayport, Florida
. USS STEPHEN W. GROVES (FFG 29) - Pascagoula, Mississippi
. USS CURTS (FFG 38) - San Diego, California

One Tank Landing Ship - Newport class
. USS FREDERICK (LST 1184) - Pearl Harbor, Hawaii

One Mine Countermeasure Command Ship
. USS INCHON (MCS 12) - Ingleside, Texas

Five Mine Countermeasure Ships - Avenger class
. USS AVENGER (MCM 1) - Ingleside, Texas
. USS DEFENDER (MCM 2) - Ingleside, Texas
. USS SENTRY (MCM 3) - Ingleside, Texas
. USS CHAMPION (MCM 4) - Ingleside, Texas
. USS GLADIATOR (MCM 11) - Ingleside, Texas

Ten Coastal Minehunter Ships - Osprey class
. USS OSPREY (MHC 51) - Ingleside, Texas
. USS HERON (MHC 52) - Ingleside, Texas
. USS PELICAN (MHC 53) - Ingleside, Texas
. USS ROBIN (MHC 54) - Ingleside, Texas
. USS ORIOLE (MHC 55) - Ingleside, Texas
. USS KINGFISHER (MHC 56) - Ingleside, Texas
. USS CORMORANT (MHC 57) - Ingleside, Texas
. USS BLACK HAWK (MHC 58) - Ingleside, Texas
. USS FALCON (MHC 59) - Ingleside, Texas
. USS SHRIKE (MHC 62) - Ingleside, Texas

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