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Commander, Task Force 63 (CTF-63)

On behalf of Commander-in-Chief, U.S. Naval Forces, Europe; Commander, U.S. Sixth Fleet; and Commander, Naval Surface Force, Atlantic; this staff coordinates operational, logistics, maintenance, and administrative support for afloat forces to sustain their combat readiness and support operational primacy. Service Force Sixth Fleet consists of oilers, multi-commodity ships, ammunition ships, refrigerated supply and provision ships, and diving and salvage ships. Sixth Fleet ship maintenance is accomplished in shipyards various allied countries throughout the Mediterranean. Commander, Task Force Six-Three (CTF-63) serves as Operational Commander of Mobile Logistics Support Forces operating in the Mediterranean.

CTF 63 (Commander, Service Force Sixth Fleet) also works under the titles of COMNAVSURFGRU MED and CTF 505. As COMNAVSURFGRU MED, he is SURFLANT's representative to CNE and C6F for TYCOM issues such as maintenance, readiness and ship manning. During NATO operations or exercises, CTF 63 may activate CTF 505 to serve COMSTRIKFORSOUTH in the same capacity as CTF 63 does for C6F.

COMSERVFORSIXTHFLT has been delegated the function of coordinating all matters pertaining to repair and maintenance in the CINCUSNAVEUR and COMUSNAVCENT AORs. With the development of COMSERVFORNAVCENT, some maintenance related matters and all maintenance scheduling is accomplished by COMSERVFORNAVCENT in COMUSNAVCENT AOR. COMLOG WESTPAC has the same responsibilities in the COMSEVENTHFLT AOR.

The Administration and Personnel Management Department, directed by the Assistant Chief Staff Officer (ACSO) for Administration and Personnel Management, is responsible for the planning, coordination, supervision, and accomplishment of actions concerning administration, personnel manning, manpower, and personnel programs for the Combat Logistics Force (CLF) and staff. The Logistics Department, directed by the Assistant Chief Staff Officer (ACSO) for Logistics is responsible for and takes action on matters of logistics and financial management policy, programs, functions and procedures in support of the staff mission, including specific Agent tasks assigned by CINCUSNAVEUR, COMSIXTHFLT, and COMNAVSURFLANT.

The Operations Department, directed by the Assistant Chief Staff Officer (ACSO) for Operations is responsible for the organization and employment of Combat Logistics Force (CLF) units following approved policies, directives, and plans. The Maintenance Department, directed by the ACSO for Maintenance (SIXTH and FIFTH Fleet Maintenance Officer, Staff Material Officer) is responsible for coordination of all maintenance accomplished in the COMUSNAVEUR and COMUSNAVCENT AOR. There are Type Desks for the following: Combatant, Amphibious, and Combat Logistic, and COMSIXTHFLT Flagship. They screen all related work candidates for assigned ships and expedite repair actions. They interface directly with Type Commanders, Technical Agencies, Industrial Activities, Fleet Maintenance Activities, Technical Activities, Staffs and ships force to obtain correction of maintenance problems.

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