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November 2002 News

  1. Q-C holds key to victory over Iraq By Edward Felker Moline Dispatch November 30, 2002 -- ``It is kind of peculiar to imagine this place in western Illinois holds the keys to victory,'' said John Pike, formerly of the Federation of American Scientists and founder of GlobalSecurity.org, an independent military analysis organization.
  2. EE.UU. tendrá un banco de datos para espiar al mundo Por Gianni Riotta La Nacion 30 de noviembre de 2002 - "Pero ¿por qué los militares deben saber lo que como en mi almuerzo?", protesta John Pike, apasionado director del grupo de investigación GlobalSecurityu.org.
  3. Rettiifica / Iraq: Usa; orologi all'ora della guerra, ok al pianos SDA - Servizio di base in Italiano November 11, 2002 -- Mentre il Parlamento di Baghdad valuta la risoluzione dell'Onu di venerdi', la Casa Bianca e il Pentagono gia' sincronizzano gli orologi sull'ora della guerra, che scocchera' "non oltre il 22 febbraio": lo dice la somma delle scadenze del documento del Consiglio di Sicurezza; e lo scrive un sito web specializzato in questioni militari, 'Global Security.Org'.
  4. Commandos Specialize in Secret Missions By ROBERT BURNS The Associated Press November 29, 2002 - On the Net: Khanabad air base with maps: http://www.globalsecurity.org/military/facility/khanabad.htm
  5. Iranian Support in Terror War Debated Bob Newman CNSNews.com November 29, 2002 - John Pike, director of the defense policy group Global Security, said, "I can understand that Iran is anxious to get off the target list, and the general proposition that Iran and the U.S. have the same dim view of Saddam Hussein and his weapons of mass destruction program is certainly plausible."
  6. New High-Tech Weapons FOX SPECIAL REPORT WITH BRIT HUME November 29, 2002 - JOHN PIKE, GLOBALSECURITY.ORG: Part of this, I think, is going to be Buck Rogers, high-tech, satellite imagery. A lot of it is going to be just traditional soldiering directly on the ground.
  7. Erst provozieren, dann zuschlagen Dirk Eckert Heise Zeitschriften 29.11.2002 - Spezialeinheiten kamen auch schon im Vietnam-Krieg zum Einsatz. John Pike von GlobalSecurity.org sieht aber wegen der verbesserten Technik einen grundsätzlichen Unterschied zu damals: "Die Amerikaner greifen heute eher aus dem Hinterhalt heraus an als selbst aus dem Hinterhalt angegriffen zu werden."
  8. Army Holds Its Ground in Battle With Rumsfeld By John Hendren Los Angeles Times November 29, 2002 - Smaller and lighter than the Abrams tank, the Stryker Mobile Gun System would be a central component of the Army's Stryker brigade, the lightly armored units that would consist of 3,500 soldiers each. [Sources: Globalsecurity.org; General Motors Defense]
  9. ACOSO A SADAM / Altos cargos de EEUU visitaran Bruselas, Gran Bretana, Turquia, Japon y Australia para consolidar apoyos / Segundo dia de trabajo de los inspectores de la ONU By Carlos Fresneda El Mundo November 29, 2002 -- "No sabemos si se trata simplemente de delirios de grandeza por parte de Sadam o si pueden ser usadas realmente para fines mas siniestros", declaro Tim Brown, portavoz del grupo Globalsecurity, con conexiones privilegiadas con el Pentagono. "Lo que si sabemos es que esas instalaciones no figuran entre los lugares que van a examinar los inspectores".
  10. Saddam, Rumsfeld, & the Golden Spurs Interview of Jeremy Scahill by David Ross Z Magazine November 2002 - Just in late June, new satellite imagery was published by globalsecurity.org that showed that the U.S. was building a massive air base and central command center in Qatar. That's because the Prince Sultan Air Base has been declared off limits by the Saudis to use as a base from which to launch an attack on Iraq, so the U.S. is moving all of its operations to Qatar and that will, I would imagine, become the staging grounds for the attack.
  11. Russia/South Africa Joint-Venture Space & Missile November 28, 2002 - Overberg is extremely similar in layout to the Israeli missile test facility at Palmichim, suggesting that the Israelis were instrumental in the design and construction of the South African site, according to the GlobalSecurity.org.
  12. CONSTRUCTION SITES MAY BE MOSQUE-ING ARMS DEVELOPMENT By NILES LATHEM The New York Post November 28, 2002 - "We don't know whether or not these are actually storage facilities for weapons of mass destruction," said Tim Brown of the military think tank Globalsecurity.org, which is publishing an analysis of the satellite imagery on its Web site.
  13. No hitch as inspectors begin searching Iraq By Elizabeth Neuffer and Raja Mishra The Boston Globe November 28, 2002 - "There won't be any discrepancy between the declaration and what is present at any of the known locations," said Pike. "It will be at the places no one has heard of."
  14. Iraq: moschee sospette in costruzione a Baghdad, servizi Usa By EV SDA - Servizio di base in Italiano November 28, 2002 -- Lo scrive oggi il tabloid americano The New York Post, citando un sito specializzato in questioni di sicurezza, www.globalsecurity.org.
  15. US Raises Fears at UN of Iraqi Weapons-Jamming By Irwin Arieff Reuters November 27, 2002 - "A GPS jammer is just a radio transmitter that transmits on the same frequencies that GPS signals are coming in on," said Tim Brown, a senior analyst at GlobalSecurity.org, a Washington-based defense think tank.
  16. Iraq: A full-page graphic on what U.N inspectors will do and where they'll look USA Today November 27, 2002 - GRAPHIC, B/W, Frank Pompa and Karl Gelles, USA TODAY, Sources: CIA, International Institute for Strategic Studies, Federation of American Scientists, Globalsecurity.org. Arms Control Association, USA TODAY research (ILLUSTRATION, MAP, BAR GRAPH);
  17. Inspectors armed with geophysics by Greg Peterson Geotimes November 27, 2002 - "This is basically a crime investigation," says John Pike, director of GlobalSecurity.org, a private military research organization. "And as with any police inquiry, the more investigative tools, the more evidence you can collect, the more coherent a theory on the case you can gather."
  18. Stryker Brigades prepare for war - somewhere By LINDA ASHTON Associated Press November 26, 2002 -- The Stryker brigades will fill a gap in the Army's capabilities between heavy and light forces and also serve a precursor for the new combat capabilities the Army wants to start deploying by the end of the decade, said John Pike, director of GlobalSecurity.org, an Alexandria, Va.-based nonprofit defense policy group.
  19. PUERTO RICO: NAVY READIES FOR CLOSURE OF VIEQUES BOMBING RANGE Greenwire November 26, 2002 - John Pike of GlobalSecurity.org said the Navy will still need "an island you can blow up." Pike: "They're always going to need a piece of beach to go after."
  20. In an age of biowarfare, US sees new role for nukes By Brad Knickerbocker , The Christian Science Monitor , November 26, 2002 - "Candidly, I cannot detect any plausible nuclear warfighting scenarios in the 'axis of evil' context," says John Pike, director of Globalsecurity.org, an analysis organization in Alexandria, Va., (referring to Bush's characterization of Iran, Iraq, and North Korea). "I am guessing that much of this is a discussion about [China]."
  21. Analysts Say Tough Times Ahead, But Prognosis Good For EELVs By Jefferson Morris Aerospace Daily November 25, 2002 -- Both the Atlas V and Delta IV "are going to do just fine, because they're going to be cheaper, and in principle, should be more reliable," according to John Pike, director of GlobalSecurity.org.
  22. AMERICA LITE: IS THAT OUR FUTURE? JONATHON GATEHOUSE Maclean's November 25, 2002 -- "I am sure that there are people in the Pentagon worrying about Canada's lack of defence spending, but I haven't seen any mobs of outraged American citizens besieging the Canadian embassy over the subject," says John Pike, founder of the U.S. think-tank GlobalSecurity.org and one of America's leading defence analysts.
  23. Ready To Move In By Mark Thompson Time December 2, 2002 - U.S. forces could be primed to start fighting Iraq again in short order [Sources: Center for Defense Information; GlobalSecurity.org; NASA]
  24. Will Saddam decide to disarm -- or fight? By Gregg Zoroya , USA TODAY, November 25, 2002 - GRAPHIC: GRAPHIC, Color, Web Bryant, USA TODAY (ILLUSTRATION); GRAPHIC, B/W, Karl Gelles, USA TODAY, Source: BBC; www.globalsecurity.org; AP (ILLUSTRATION); PHOTO, B/W, Suhalb Salem, Reuters; PHOTOS, B/W, AP (6); PHOTOS, B/W, AFP (3); PHOTOS, B/W, Getty Images (2); Seen everywhere -- and nowhere: Murals and statues of Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein dominate public buildings in Iraq. This mural is inside the Oil Ministry in Baghdad. But Saddam makes few public appearances.<>Saddam's circle is family-based (graphic)
  25. Navy software could afffect Vieques bombing trials By Ward Sanderson, Stars and Stripes, November 25, 2002 - "With the Navy, they're fighting in a virtual environment, so it's easier for them to train in a virtual environment," said John Pike, director of GlobalSecurity.org. "They never actually see the target. All they see is a display."
  26. Tiny Qatar has big role as U.S. eyes Iraq BY Stephen Franklin Chicago Tribune November 25, 2002 - "Before this imagery, we really had no idea what was going on," said Patrick Garrett, a GlobalSecurity staffer. "Now we know that the U.S. has one of its biggest air bases in the Middle East in Qatar."
  27. U.S. preparing air base in Qatar for war with Iraq Deutsche Presse-Agentur November 24, 2002 - Commercial satellite images available on the Internet (www.globalsecurity.org/military/facility/al-udeid-imagery.htm) show a tent city and huge air-conditioned warehouses at the heart of the air base, surrounded by miles of security fences.
  28. Big Brother? Or weapon against terror? BY RICK MONTGOMERY Kansas City Star November 24, 2002 "Absurd!" said John Pike, director of the military and space-policy research group GlobalSecurity.org. "The Defense Department has no business knowing what cereal I eat or who's out there buying pita bread."
  29. U.S., British fire on Iraq communications facility By Paul Basken BLOOMBERG NEWS November 23, 2002 - "It's basically gone from weekly to daily," John Pike, a defense analyst with Globalsecurity.org, a research group, said of the increased pace of U.S. and British strikes in preparation for a possible conflict.
  30. U.S. planners in Gulf to test war readiness The Seattle Times November 23, 2002 - "It's basically gone from weekly to daily," John Pike, a defense analyst with Globalsecurity.org, a research group, said of the increased pace of U.S. and British strikes in preparation for a possible conflict.
  31. U.S. planners in Gulf to test war readiness Bloomberg November 23, 2002 - "It's basically gone from weekly to daily," John Pike, a defense analyst with Globalsecurity.org, a research group, said of the increased pace of U.S. and British strikes in preparation for a possible conflict.
  32. A battle of American bureaucracy By Edward Alden Financial Times November 22, 2002 - "The fundamental problem they're going to have is striking a balance between performing the traditional functions of these agencies and performing their new functions," says John Pike of Globalsecurity.org, a defence research group. "There will be tremendous constituencies for the old ways of doing things and it's not clear there will be offsetting constituencies lobbying for new priorities."
  33. U.S. Stepping Up Bombing Attacks Aimed at Iraqi Air Defenses Bloomberg November 22, 2002 - ``It's basically gone from weekly to daily,'' John Pike, a defense analyst with Globalsecurity.org, a research group, said of the increased pace of U.S. and British strikes in preparation for a possible conflict.
  34. 'Countdown: Iraq' for Nov. 21 MSNBC November 21, 2002 -- "As inspection work gets underway, the U.S. and Iraq will be waging a war of images, using satellite photos to make the case for inspectors and the public. Public companies like Icys (ph) Online and Globalsecurity.org are going one step further, putting those images directly on the Web for people to judge for themselves."
  35. Protecting U.S. Could Boost Tech Industries By Jube Shiver Jr. Los Angeles Times November 21, 2002 -- "There's certainly ... a lot of political pressure to raid the Treasury and throw money at the problem" of security, said John Pike, director of Global- security.org, a nonprofit Washington research firm.
  36. NIMA Gets 13-Fold Budget Boost For Commercial Imagery Aerospace Daily, November 21, 2002 - John Pike, director of GlobalSecurity.org, which analyzes defense and intelligence issues, told The DAILY that the increase in FY '03 probably amounts to several hundred million dollars.
  37. Worries About Iran; Officials: Nuclear weapons program more advanced than Iraq's By Knut Royce and Earl Lane Newsday November 20, 2002 - "There are an enormous number of place names said to be associated with Iran's nuclear ambitions," said John Pike, director of the nonprofit GlobalSecurity.org. But without further non-classified information on them - such as good commercial satellite photography - Pike said, it is impossible for him to assess their importance.
  38. US lawmakers pass Homeland Security bill By SHARON BEHN Agence France Presse November 20, 2002 - "It is an enormously large bureaucracy. I think they're going to spend the rest of the decade de-bugging it," said John Pike, director of GlobalSecurity.org, a nonprofit defense policy think-tank.
  39. Le Congres americain donne son feu vert a un super-ministere de la securite Par Jean-Louis Santini Agence France Presse November 20, 2002 -- John Pike, le directeur de Globalsecurity.org, un groupe de recherche prive, a predit qu'il faudra "plusieurs annees pour faire fonctionner cette gigantesque machine bureaucratique".
  40. EEUU vulnerable al terrorismo pese a nuevo departamento de Seguridad Por Jean Louis Santini Agence France Presse -- Spanish November 20, 2002 -- Se trata de una gigantesca reorganizacion administrativa -la mayor en 50 anos- que incluye la fusion de 22 agencias y servicios con un total de 170.000 funcionarios. Podria convertirse en "una pesadilla logistica", opino el director de la empresa de investigaciones Globalsecurity.org, John Pike.
  41. Opening Moves NIGHTLINE ABC News - November 19, 2002 (11:35 PM ET) JOHN PIKE, GLOBALSECURITY.ORG Our aircraft will continue to respond accordingly when fired upon in the no-fly zone. So that when an American ground attack starts, the Iraqi air defense will have already have been disassembled.
  42. Blix vs. Iraq By Geraldine Sealey ABCnews.com November 18, 2002 - "You basically have a small number of cops who are investigating a very large, large criminal enterprise," said John Pike of GlobalSecurity.org. "The problem in Iraq is it is a very big country. There are a lot of places to hide [weapons of mass destruction] and a lot of people to hide them."
  43. Return to Iraq By Kathleen Adams Time November 25, 2002 - The new crop of U.N. inspectors headed into Iraq has to make up for a four-year absence. But this group has a broader mandate--and better technology for detecting illicit weaponry. Sources: GlobalSecurity.org; David Albright; ISIS; CIA; NASA; DigitalGlobe
  44. Navies Overseas: China Buys Russian Vessels To Mount Naval Challenge To U.S. By DAVID ISENBERG Navy News Week November 18, 2002 - According to GlobalSecurity.org, based in Alexandria, Va., the Chinese navy currently numbers approximately 260,000 personnel, with over 50 destroyers and frigates, about 60 diesel and six Han- and Xia-class submarines, and nearly 50 landing ships.
  45. House and Senate approve compromise intelligence bill By Marc Selinger Aerospace Daily November 18, 2002 - John Pike, director of GlobalSecurity.org, which analyzes defense and intelligence issues, said the commission may be designed to pave the way for a new organization that would centrally manage at least some R&D programs across the intelligence community.
  46. THE MUAV: SIX INCHES LONG AND DEADLY by Thomas Withington The Business November 17, 2002 - According to defence expert John Pike, from the Washington DC-based think-tank globalsecurity.org, the greatest use of a Muav will be in urban areas. "The most obvious opportunity would be military operations in urbanised terrain. They might be useful for seeing what is around the next corner or on top of the roof," he says.
  47. Qatar, U.S.: an odd couple By MIKE BLANCHFIELD Montreal Gazette November 17, 2002 - Tiny emirate's openness is rare in Gulf region. Progressive Arab country is set to become staging area for American military's most ambitious operation in a decade Photo: GLOBALSECURITY.ORG; About 4,000 people are based there now, but that number is expected to swell to 10,000
  48. The Nation; Iraqs Long March of Defiance By TOM ZELLER The New York Times November 17, 2002 - Sources: United Nations Special Commission; Reuters; U.S. Department of State; GlobalSecurity.org
  49. DEFEATING IRAQ WILL REQUIRE FEWER TROOPS THIS TIME, MILITARY EXPERTS SAY By JACK KELLY Pittsburgh Post-Gazette November 17, 2002 - INFORMATIONAL GRAPHIC: International Institute for Strategic Studies, Center for Strategic and International Studies, GlobalSecurity.org; Steve Thomas/Post-Gazette: (Iraqi forces - then and now)
  50. State Army posts at center of war plan By Michael A. Lindenberger The Courier-Journal November 17, 2002 - Tim Brown, a senior defense analyst for globalsecurity.org, a think tank based in the Washington area that supplies highly sophisticated military and diplomatic information to academics, journalists and others, said planners were expecting Saddam to agree to the U.N. inspectors -- which he did last week -- but he will likely fall out of the strict compliance insisted upon by the United States.
  51. WE KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE SADDAM Jamie Macaskill And Steve Mckenzie Sunday Mail November 17, 2002 - John Pike, of international intelligence analysts GlobalSecurity, said: "Iraq is now one of the most scrutinised pieces of territory on Planet Earth.
  52. Summer heat may play role in timing war on Iraq By Robert Schlesinger Boston Globe November 16, 2002 ''If things are not done by some time in March, your commanders are basically going to have to take a calculated risk that either some fraction of your soldiers are either going to flop over because it's too hot or some fraction of your soldiers are going to flop over because of poison gas,'' said John Pike of GlobalSecurity.org, a defense think tank.
  53. FOX ON THE RECORD WITH GRETA VAN SUSTEREN Fox News Network November 15, 2002 - PIKE: And one way or the other, I think that, unless he coughs up all this stuff that he was hiding from the U.N. four years ago, unless he's able to demonstrate that he's disarmed, which I don't think he's going to do, that the United States is going to initiate military action against him either next month, January, February. I think it's just a matter of time.
  54. Baghdad Increases Range Of Surface-To-Air Missiles By Bill Gertz, The Washington Times November 15, 2002 - According to the private group Global Security.org, Iraqi air-defense systems have been improved in recent years. They have become "amalgams of Western, old East European and Far Eastern technologies that behave in nonstandard ways."
  55. Inspectors' List Of Sites Ready By Colum Lynch Washington Post November 14, 2002 -- 'Road Map' Includes More Than 1,000 Locations in Iraq. Key sites of interest identified by U.S. and British intelligence specialists. SOURCE: GlobalSecurity.org
  56. Groundpounders to the war zone By David Isenberg Asia TimesNovember 14, 2002 -- The US-based Global Security.org calculates that an invasion would begin not later than February 22. Previously, it had predicted that military operations could begin as early as November 28.
  57. Der Bundestag verlängert den Antiterroreinsatz der Bundeswehr Von Constanze Stelzenmüller Die Zeit 14.11.02 - Patrick Garrett aus der unabhängigen US-Militär-Denkfabrik GlobalSecurity schätzt: 30 oder mehr US-Kriegsschiffe, Flugzeugträger darunter, werden dann innerhalb von Tagen in den Golf von Aden ziehen. Spätestens zu dieser Zeit dürfte dieses Seegebiet ziemlich gefährlich werden.
  58. Ben Laden menacerait les alliés des Etats-Unis LE MONDE 13.11.02 - Un autre expert, John Pike, estime aussi que le travail de la NSA, de la CIA et d'autres agences dépendra de "la qualité de la bande elle-même". "Je pars de l'idée que Ben Laden est vivant, tant qu'on ne prouvera pas le contraire", a déclaré pour sa part M. Pike, directeur de l'organisation Global Security.
  59. Mensaje de bin Laden es auténtico El Mercurio Miércoles 13 de Noviembre de 2002 - Otro experto, John Pike, consideró también que el trabajo de la NSA, de la CIA y de otros organismos dependerá de "la calidad de la cinta misma".
  60. Purported bin Laden tape revives debate Agence France Presse November 13, 2002 - "My assumption is that he's alive. He's alive until proven dead," said John Pike, director of Globalsecurity.org.
  61. THE TUG OF WAR; A SUMMING UP By Gary Dorsey Baltimore Sun November 13, 2002 - An occasional feature looking at news topics through the numbers (Sources: GlobalSecurity.org)
  62. Arms Inspectors in Iraq Will Use High-Tech Gear By WILLIAM J. BROAD New York Times November 13, 2002 - Tim Brown of GlobalSecurity.org, a private group in Alexandria, Va., said it was very likely such equipment would be used in Iraq. "If they don't go in with something like that," he said, "they're not going to be perceived as serious."
  63. FOCUS: WAR PLANS The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer Nov. 12, 2002 - JOHN PIKE: Well, part of the problem is that we really don't know exactly how large of an air campaign, how large of a ground campaign the United States is contemplating.
  64. FOCUS: WAR PLANS Q&A WITH ZAIN VERJEE Nov. 12, 2002 - GARRETT: Well, it's going to take a significant period of time to get all these forces in the region, including the equipment that they would use in an attack on Iraq.
  65. WAR PLANS The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer November 12, 2002 -- And for more on how a war with Iraq might unfold we get three views. (...) And John Pike is director of GlobalSecurity.Org, a nonprofit organization which focuses on security issues.
  66. NICE DIGS, MR. HUSSEIN Robert Windrem MSNBC News Nov. 12, 2002 -- Much has been made of the various media leaks about Iraqi war planning - war, no war, big war, little war. Those plans, of course, are not immutable. But what is immutable is the infrastructure of both sides, as laid out in several Web sites, the most valuable of which is John Pike's GlobalSecurity.org .
  67. Provision in U.N. resolution could trigger Iraq war even before inspections begin By ROBERT BURNS The Associated Press November 12, 2002 - Operation Southern Watch at http://www.globalsecurity.org/military/ops/southern-watch.htm
  68. The shape of an Iraq invasion By Ann Scott Tyson The Christian Science Monitor November 12, 2002 - A "blackout bomb" could temporarily short out electrical grids in cities, preventing Hussein from using TV to spread propaganda, says John Pike, an analyst at GlobalSecurity.org.
  69. The Political Grapevine FOX SPECIAL REPORT WITH BRIT HUME Fox News Network - November 11, 2002 - JOHN PIKE, GLOBALSECURITY.ORG: I think the administration is not going to give into those provocations, and we are, I'm afraid, in a period in which both sides are going to be prepared to risk war.
  70. Air Force shows off a silent night killer By Debra Weyermann Boston Globe November 11, 2002 -- ''Just to pick any country at random, the gunships will be significantly important if we must go to Iraq,'' said John E. Pike, director of GlobalSecurity.Org, a Washington think tank. ''They can hit with surgical precision from miles away, laterally and vertically. The enemy rarely even sees them.''
  71. Saddam 'will use entire arsenal' if cornered Nicholas Blanford The Daily Star [Beirut, Lebanon] November 11, 2002 -- The buildup of US forces in the Gulf continues unabated with some 48,000 troops deployed in the US Central Command region, about double the average number for the past few years, according to the website of GlobalSecurity.org.
  72. IRAQ, UNITED STATES: MILITARY BUILDUP CONTINUES Monday Morning [Beirut, Lebanon] November 11, 2002 -- Two Patriot anti-missile batteries are also located in Kuwait, and another two are in Saudi Arabia, according to the specialist website GlobalSecurity.org.
  73. Votação na ONU muda contagem regressiva para guerra no Iraque Reuters 11 de Novembro - A Global Security.org (www.globalsecurity.org), uma empresa com base nos EUA, calcula que uma invasão, se ordenada pelo presidente norte-americano, George W. Bush, começará até 22 de fevereiro, ou seja, em no máximo 103 dias a contar de hoje.
  74. Not Such an Inflated Notion By Peter Pae Los Angeles Times November 11, 2002 -- "I don't think that there is anything evidently preposterous about it," said John Pike, director of GlobalSecurity.org, a think tank. "While it may feel early 20th century, it would be wrong to suggest that the airship was completely discredited by the Hindenburg, which was a different airship in almost every respect than what you are seeing now."
  75. Foreign Ministry's Jenin reality test MideastWeb News Service November 10, 2002 -- GlobalSecurity.org, a Washington website that specializes in analyzing aerial photographs, contends that the combat zone was actually 200 times bigger than the Foreign Ministry says. The U.S. site guesses that confusion in arithmetic was what caused a number of mistakes in a Foreign Ministry presentation intended to rebut Palestinian claims of terrible damage.
  76. IRAK VS en Londen gaan door met voorbereiding oorlog By Luymes Algemeen Nederlands Persbureau ANP November 9, 2002 -- Militair deskundige Patrick Garrett van de Amerikaanse denktank GlobalSecurity.org denkt dat een troepenmacht van 130.000 man, waarvan eerder sprake was, al in december in actie kan komen.
  77. SUR LE NET: Guantanamo Le Monde 9 November 2002 -- Depuis avril, les talibans prisonniers retenus sur la base américaine de Guantanamo ont été transférés du Camp X-Ray au Camp Delta. Global-Security décrit, photos à l'appui, ces installations.
  78. Showdown: Iraq CNN LIVE EVENT November 9, 2002 - DANIEL SIEBERG, CNN TECHNOLOGY CORRESPONDENT: So, a good site to start with, from there, we're going to go to globalsecurity.org. This is a site we have introduced to people before. It is an organization that culls a variety of military and security information.
  79. Mobilisation gathers pace as America lays down plans to strike within weeks by Julian Borger The Guardian November 9, 2002 - "The speed the US could go into battle would depend on the size of the force the Pentagon wanted to use. A light force could go into battle by early December, according to Patrick Garrett, a military analyst at GlobalSecurity.org, a Washington thinktank"
  80. Timetable: Next steps on Iraq BBC November 8, 2002 - "According to GlobalSecurity.org temperatures in the Iraqi desert will begin to heat up by March. In July and August, the average temperature is higher than 48 degrees Celsius (120 degrees Fahrenheit)."
  81. Pentagon moves B-2 bombers closer to Baghdad By John Hendren Los Angeles Times November 7, 2002 - "But others note that during the entire 1991 Persian Gulf War, the plane that Gen. H. Norman Schwarzkopf used most to bomb targets in Baghdad was the earlier-generation stealth fighter, the F-117, because it could evade detection. With a second war likely to focus far more firepower on the Iraqi capital, the B-2 would be the weapon of choice, perhaps along with F-117s, said John Pike, a defense analyst at GlobalSecurity.org, an Alexandria, Va., research group"
  82. U.S., British forces in Middle East Reuters November 7, 2002 - "Oman is hosting U.S. B-1B bombers, most likely from an airfield at Thumarit, said GlobalSecurity.org researcher Patrick Garrett, who is tracking deployments"
  83. Military effect: War more likely By Patrick J. Dickson and Lisa Burgess, Stars and Stripes November 7, 2002 - "Patrick Garrett, associate analyst at online defense thinktank GlobalSecurity.org, agrees. "There will be a bit more emphasis on [improving] the sad pay levels that have existed for the past 10 years," he said. "But there has already been that focus in the last two years.""
  84. THE SUPERGUN CBC TV FIFTH ESTATE ( 9:00 PM ET ) November 6, 2002 - PIKE: The good news about the Babylon super cannon is that the thing would be so big, would have such obviously large facilities, that that would be one weapons program that satellite imagery would be able to detect and there's simply no indication that now that they don't have the guiding intelligence of Gerald Bull, that Iraq has tried to revive that particular project.
  85. Silent killer changes rules of engagement: How American agents tracked down and killed top al-Qa'ida targets in Yemen from thousands of miles away By Andrew Buncombe in Washington and Raymond Whitaker in London The Independent November 6, 2002 - "John Pike, director of GlobalSecurity.Org, a military think-tank in Washington, said the drone had probably taken off from a short runway in Djibouti, across the Red Sea from Yemen, where there has been a steady build-up of US special forces in recent months. But he said it was very likely the drone was actually flown and the missile fired by officers at CIA headquarters. "They are literally flying it like a normal aircraft," he said. "There are reports that when the drones were used in Afghanistan, they were 'flown' from Langley.""
  86. US quietly building up army near Iraq Marc Burleigh Agence France Presse November 5, 2002 - Two Patriot anti-missile batteries are also located in Kuwait, and another two are in Saudi Arabia, according to the specialist website GlobalSecurity.org.
  87. U.S. kills 6 Al Qaeda suspects By Stephen J. Hedges Chicago Tribune November 5, 2002 - "Part of it would be as a quick-reaction force," said John Pike, director of Globalsecurity.org. "Part of it would be to provide logistical support, and part of it would be to provide a sufficiently large American presence."
  88. Exercise Next Month Could Be Dress Rehearsal For Iraq Attack BY NATHAN HODGE Defense Week November 4, 2002 - John Pike, the director of Globalsecurity.org, a defense-research organization, said Internal Look could allow Franks to test methodically the command-and-control capabilities of his subordinate commanders throughout the Gulf states.
  89. Pearl Harbor ships to join armada in Persian Gulf By William Cole The Honolulu Advertiser November 4, 2002 - Patrick Garrett, a military analyst for Virginia-based Global Security.Org, said he expects that four, and possibly five, carriers will be stationed in the Gulf region in December or January for a possible start of war with Iraq.
  90. Army Racing The Clock For Objective Force By Dan Caterinicchia Federal Computer Week November 4, 2002 - John Pike, director of GlobalSecurity.org, which monitors space and military programs, said that "an 'initial' operational capability of some pieces is doable by 2008," but other pieces won't be ready until about 2015.
  91. US moves into emerging bioweapon era By Brad Knickerbocker The Christian Science Monitor November 4, 2002 - "In principle, bioengineering is on some level just an information processing problem," says John Pike, head of GlobalSecurity.org in Alexandria, Virginia, which researches and analyzes national security issues. "And how much longer will [it take] before the information processing required for shake-and-bake bioengineering starts to become easily within the reach of a bright lunatic?"
  92. U.S. Readying Its Bridges for River in Iraq By Esther Schrader Los Angeles Times November 3, 2002 -- Iraq has a half-mile-wide moat that the American Army is going to have to get across," said John Pike, director of GlobalSecurity.org, a military research firm. "If there's one place that the Republican Guard might counterattack, that would be it."