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Russo-Ukraine War - 28 September 2022 - Day 217

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A number of claims and counterclaims are being made on the Ukraine-Russia conflict on the ground and online. While GlobalSecurity.org takes utmost care to accurately report this news story, we cannot independently verify the authenticity of all statements, photos and videos.

On 24 February 2022, Ukraine was suddenly and deliberately attacked by land, naval and air forces of Russia, igniting the largest European war since the Great Patriotic War. Russian President Vladimir Putin announced a "special military operation" (SVO - spetsialnaya voennaya operatsiya) in Ukraine in response to the appeal of the leaders of the "Donbass republics" for help. That attack is a blatant violation of the territorial integrity, sovereignty and independence of Ukraine. Putin stressed that Moscow's goal is the demilitarization and denazification of the country. The military buildup in preceeding months makes it obvious that the unprovoked and dastardly Russian attack was deliberately planned long in advance. During the intervening time, the Russian government had deliberately sought to deceive the world by false statements and expressions of hope for continued peace.

"To initiate a war of aggression... is not only an international crime; it is the supreme international crime differing only from other war crimes in that it contains within itself the accumulated evil of the whole." [Judgment of the International Military Tribunal]

The UK Ministry of Defence reported that Ukraine has pressed its offensive operations in the north-east of the country over the last few days. Units are making slow advances on at least two axes east from the line of the Oskil and Siverskyy Donets rivers, where forces had consolidated following their previous advance earlier in the month.

Russia is mounting a more substantive defence than previously, likely because the Ukrainian advance now threatens parts of Luhansk Oblast as voting in the referendum on accession to the Russian Federation closes.

Heavy fighting also continues in the Kherson region where the Russian force on the right bank of the Dnipro remains vulnerable. Russia continues its grinding attempts to advance near Bakhmut in the Donbas even while it faces severe pressure on its northern and southern flanks. This is likely due to political pressure as Russia is using forces that could otherwise reinforce the other flanks.

The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reported that Russian continues to carry out the task of fully occupying the Donetsk oblast and maintaining the temporarily captured territories, conducts defensive actions on the occupied borders, and also tries to prevent the active actions of the Ukrainian Defense Forces in certain areas. Shells the positions of Ukrainian troops along the contact line, conducts aerial reconnaissance. Strikes civilian infrastructure and homes of civilians, violating international humanitarian law, laws and customs of war. There remains the threat of air and missile strikes on the entire territory of Ukraine.

During the current day, the occupiers carried out 2 missile and 3 air strikes, carried out more than 6 MLRS attacks. More than 8 settlements were affected by enemy strikes. In particular, Siversk, Bilohorivka, Maryinka, Mykolayiv, Vyshchetarasivka, Ternovi Pody, Myrne and Novohryhorivka. In the Volyn and Polissya directions, the situation remains without significant changes.

In other directions, Russian forces shelled populated areas with tanks, mortars, barrel and rocket artillery:
in the Siversky direction - in the area of Senkivka settlement of Chernihiv oblast;
in the Slobozhanskyi direction - in the areas of the settlements of Strilecha, Sosnivka, Krasne, Hrushivka and Senkove;
in the Kramatorsk direction - Stary Karavan, Slovyansk, Zakytne, Dibrova and Ozerne;
in the Bakhmut direction - Spirne, Siversk, Serebryanka, New York, Andriyivka, Soledar, Bakhmut, Bakhmutske, Odradivka, Zaitseve, Vesela Dolyna, Opytne, Yakovlivka, Mayorsk, Yuryivka, Bilohorivka, Vesele and Rozdolivka;
in the Avdiyivka direction - Avdiyivka, Opytne, Vodyane, Pervomaiske, Tonenka, Krasnohorivka, Karlivka, Maryinka, Elizavetivka, Novomykhailivka, Paraskoviyivka and Georgiyivka;
in the Novopavlivsk direction – Pavlivka, Mykilske, Vuhledar, Volodymyrivka, Yehorivka, Prechistivka, Zolota Niva, Shevchenko, Novoukrainka, Velyka Novosilka, Neskuchne and Vremivka;
in the Zaporizhzhiya direction, more than 20 settlements were shelled. Among them are Stepove, Pavlivka, Novopil, Orihiv, Temyrivka, Olhivske and Hulyaipole.

In the South Buh direction, more than 25 settlements along the contact line, including Nikopol, were shelled by tanks, mortars, and barrel artillery. In order to conduct reconnaissance, adjust fire, and target civilian infrastructure objects, Russian forces carried out up to 40 UAV flies in this direction.

The so-called "partial" mobilization measures are ongoing in the Russian Federation and parts of the regions of Ukraine temporarily occupied by russia. In remote settlements of the Russian Federation, the entire male population of a certain age category is subject to mobilization, despite the lack of experience of military service in the past and combat experience. There are rare cases of mobilization of persons with disabilities, cancer patients, parents with many children, and persons over sixty years of age. In some regions, the population is trying to resist such forced mobilization.

The lack of readiness to implement mobilization measures was noted at assembly points in the Belgorod and Rostov regions. Thus, newly arrived personnel must purchase winter uniforms and protective equipment at their own expense.

The tendency of persons of conscription age to find ways to evade mobilization continues. Thus, in the temporarily occupied territory of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, men, in order to avoid mobilization, try to pay off with a bribe, go abroad to the Russian Federation, get a job at a critical infrastructure enterprise, or commit a petty crime.

During the current day, units of the Defense Forces of Ukraine repelled enemy attacks in the areas of Zaytseve, Mayorsk, Zalizne, Odradivka, Mykolayivka Druha, Ozeryanivka, Pervomayiske, Pobyeda, Novomykhailivka, Pavlivka, and Bezimenne settlements.

In order to support the actions of the land groups, the Ukrainian Air Defense Forces struck two enemy strongholds during the day. Missile troops and artillery hit the command post, four areas of concentration of Russian manpower and equipment, and one relay station.

The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation declares that as a result of attacks on the location of the 14th, 92nd, 36th, 56th, 28th, 59th brigades of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (APU) in Kharkiv, Zaporozhye and Nikolaev regions, more than 340 enemy servicemen and 50 units of military equipment.

At the same time, attacks were made on the shops of the Kharkov armored plant, where there were more than 90 tanks and other vehicles, as well as on the Zaporozhye EnergoMechKomplekt, as a result of which ten field guns (including two M777 howitzers), four Alder rocket launchers and 15 vehicles were destroyed. .

Five enemy command posts and four ammunition depots were destroyed. 75 artillery positions and 167 areas of accumulation of manpower and equipment are covered with fire. Near Vesely, the radar station of the S-300 anti-aircraft complex was disabled.

At the same time, fighter aircraft shot down a Su-24 of the Ukrainian Air Force over Gusarovka, and the air defense forces intercepted five drones, two Tochka-Us and seven rockets.

Also, in the liberated territories of Ukraine and Donbass, today they announced the completion of the processing of ballots from referendums on the self-determination of regions where citizens decided on the issue of joining the Russian Federation. The overwhelming majority voted for joining Russia as subjects of the Federation. In the LPR, 98.42% of the voters supported this, in the DPR - 98.69%, in the Kherson region - 87.05%, and in the Zaporozhye region - 93.11%.

A FAN special correspondent who visited the voting site in Luhansk spoke with foreign observers and told new details about the plebiscite.


Heavy fighting continues for Liman. The enemy is making the greatest efforts to the south and, above all, to the north of the city where Novoselovka was lost, but at the moment the allied forces hold the key lines of communication with the rear and continue the defense.

Fighters of the Donetsk People's Republic note that among the attackers there are many foreign mercenaries, primarily Poles and Americans. Black militants were repeatedly found among the dead.

Military builders, meanwhile, erected a water conduit in Volnovakha. The project was completed in 40 days. Its length is 12 kilometers, and its capacity is 30,000 cubic meters of water per day. From here, a filtration station will be fed, which will provide the vital needs of the city and its environs.

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