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International Disputes

The Former
Yugoslav Republic of
  • the Albanian government calls for the protection of the rights of ethnic Albanians in F.Y.R.O.M. while continuing to seek regional cooperation
  • ethnic Albanians in Kosovo resist demarcation of the F.Y.R.O.M.-Serbia and Montenegro boundary in accordance with the 2000 delimitation treaty, which transfered a small amount of land to F.Y.R.O.M.
  • dispute with Greece over country's name persists
  • Madagascar
  • claims Bassas da India, Europa Island, Glorioso Islands, and Juan de Nova Island (all administered by France)
  • Malawi
  • dispute with Tanzania over the boundary in Lake Nyasa (Lake Malawi) and the meandering Songwe River remain dormant
  • Malaysia
  • involved in complex dispute with China, Philippines, Taiwan, Vietnam and possibly Brunei over the Spratly Islands
  • the 2002 "Declaration on the Conduct of Parties in the South China Sea" has eased tensions but falls short of a legally binding "code of conduct" desired by several of the disputants
  • disputes over deliveries of fresh water to Singapore, Singapore's land reclamation, bridge construction, maritime boundaries, and Pedra Branca Island/Pulau Batu Putih persist - parties agree to ICJ arbitration on island dispute within three years
  • ICJ awarded Ligitan and Sipadan islands off the coast of Sabah, also claimed by Indonesia and Philippines, to Malaysia
  • a 1 kilometer segment at the mouth of the Golok River remains in dispute with Thailand
  • Philippines retains a now dormant claim to Malaysia's Sabah State in northern Borneo based on the Sultanate of Sulu's granting the Philippines Government power of attorney to pursue the Sultanate's sovereignty claim
  • Limbang - Per Letters of Exchange signed in 2009, Malaysia in 2010 ceded two hydrocarbon concession blocks to Brunei in exchange for Brunei's sultan dropping claims to the Limbang corridor, which divides Brunei
  • piracy remains a problem in the Malacca Strait
  • Maldivesnone
  • demarcation is currently underway with Burkina Faso
  • Maltanone
    Man, Isle ofnone
    Marshall Islands
  • claims US territory of Wake Island
  • Martiniquenone
  • Mauritanian claims to Western Sahara have been dormant in recent years
  • Mauritius
  • Mauritius claims the Chagos Archipelago (UK-administered British Indian Ocean Territory), and its former inhabitants, who reside chiefly in Mauritius, were granted UK citizenship and the right to repatriation in 2001
  • claims French-administered Tromelin Island
  • Mayotte
  • claimed by Comoros
  • Mexico
  • prolonged drought, population growth, and outmoded practices and infrastructure in the border region have strained water-sharing arrangements with the US; nationals from Central America slip into Mexico seeking work or transit into the US
  • undocumented Mexican nationals continue to enter the United States
  • Micronesia, Federated States ofnone
    Midway Islandsnone
  • Transdniester difficulties with the region complicate controlling border crossing and customs regimes with Ukraine, despite concordance on 2003 delimitation and customs protocols and OSCE assistance
  • Monaconone
  • claims and administers Western Sahara whose sovereignty remains unresolved - UN-administered cease-fire has remained in effect since September 1991, but attempts to hold a referendum have failed and parties thus far have rejected all brokered proposals. Polisarian, Algerian, and European supporters agree to the latest US-brokered UN proposals for limited temporary autonomy for 4-5 years followed by a referendum on independence, but Morocco's final response is pending
  • Morocco protests Spain's control over the coastal enclaves of Ceuta, Melilla, and Penon de Velez de la Gomera, the islands of Penon de Alhucemas and Islas Chafarinas, and surrounding waters
  • Morocco also rejected Spain's unilateral designation of a median line from the Canary Islands in 2002 to set limits to undersea resource exploration and refugee interdiction, but agreed in 2003 to discuss a comprehensive maritime delimitation
  • Morocco serves as the primary launching area of illegal migration into Spain from North Africa
  • Mozambiquenone

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