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International Disputes

  • Concerns from international experts and local populations over the Okavango Delta ecology in Botswana and human displacement scuttled Namibian plans to construct a hydroelectric dam on Popa Falls along the Angola-Namibia border
  • Managed dispute with South Africa over the location of the boundary in the Orange River.
  • Namibia has supported, and in 2004 Zimbabwe dropped objections to, plans between Botswana and Zambia to build a bridge over the Zambezi River, thereby de facto recognizing a short, but not clearly delimited, Botswana-Zambia boundary in the river
  • Naurunone
    Navassa Island
  • Claimed by Haiti, source of subsistence fishing
  • Nepal
  • Joint border commission continues to work on contested sections of boundary with India, including the 400 square kilometer dispute over the source of the Kalapani River.
  • India has instituted a stricter border regime to restrict transit of Maoist insurgents and illegal cross-border activities.
  • Approximately 106,000 Bhutanese Lhotshampas (Hindus) have been confined in refugee camps in southeastern Nepal since 1990
  • Netherlandsnone
    Netherlands Antillesnone
    New Caledonia
  • Matthew and Hunter Islands east of New Caledonia claimed by France and Vanuatu
  • New ZealandTerritorial claim in Antarctica (Ross Dependency)
  • The 1992 ICJ ruling for El Salvador and Honduras advised a tripartite resolution to establish a maritime boundary in the Gulf of Fonseca, which considers Honduran access to the Pacific.
  • Memorials and countermemorials were filed by the parties in Nicaragua's 1999 and 2001 proceedings against Honduras and Colombia at the ICJ over the maritime boundary and territorial claims in the western Caribbean Sea.
  • Nicaragua vs Colombia Maritime dispute In December 2007, ICJ allocates San Andres, Providencia, and Santa Catalina islands to Colombia under 1928 Treaty but did not rule on 82 degrees W meridian as maritime boundary with Nicaragua; On 19 November 2012 the International Court of Justice (ICJ) found, unanimously, that the Republic of Colombia has sovereignty over the islands at Alburquerque, Bajo Nuevo, East-Southeast Cays, Quitasueño, Roncador, Serrana and Serranilla.
  • Calero Island / Harbor Head - The International Court of Justice issued a final ruling 16 Decembe 2015 on the two cases raised by Nicaragua and Costa Rica over disputes along the border between the two Central American countries. The ICJ ruled in favor of Costa Rica in both cases. In the case of the disputed area of the Calero Island – as Costa Rica calls it – or Harbor Head – as Nicaragua names it – the ICJ ruled it belongs to Costa Rica.
  • Niger
  • Libya claims about 25,000 sq km in a currently dormant dispute in the Tommo region.
  • Location of Benin-Niger-Nigeria tripoint is unresolved; only Nigeria and Cameroon have heeded the Lake Chad Commission's admonition to ratify the delimitation treaty that also includes the Chad-Niger and Niger-Nigeria boundaries.
  • The dispute with Burkina Faso was referred to the ICJ in 2010
  • Nigeria
  • Bakassi Peninsula - Joint Border Commission with Cameroon reviewed 2002 ICJ ruling on the entire boundary and bilaterally resolved differences, including June 2006 Greentree Agreement that immediately cedes sovereignty of the Bakassi Peninsula to Cameroon with a phase-out of Nigerian control within two years while resolving patriation issues.
  • The ICJ ruled on an equidistance settlement of Cameroon-Equatorial Guinea-Nigeria maritime boundary in the Gulf of Guinea, but imprecisely defined coordinates in the ICJ decision and a sovereignty dispute between Equatorial Guinea and Cameroon over an island at the mouth of the Ntem River all contribute to the delay in implementation.
  • Only Nigeria and Cameroon have heeded the Lake Chad Commission's admonition to ratify the delimitation treaty which also includes the Chad-Niger and Niger-Nigeria boundaries; location of Benin-Niger-Nigeria tripoint is unresolved
  • Niuenone
    Norfolk Islandnone
    Northern Mariana Islandsnone
  • Norway asserts a territorial claim in Antarctica (Queen Maud Land and its continental shelf).
  • Denmark (Greenland) and Norway have made submissions to the Commission on the Limits of the Continental shelf (CLCS) and Russia is collecting additional data to augment its 2001 CLCS submission.
  • Norway and Russia signed a comprehensive maritime boundary agreement in 2010

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