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Russian Air Force Order of Battle

There was a major re-shuffling of Air Armies in 2009, that reduced the number of Air Armies from seven to four, consistent with the re-organization of military districts. Subsequently, some Air Armies were re-numbered, and lineages revived, but it is not clear that much of anything else of consdequence changed thereafter.

Numerous small detached squadrons, reserve bases, aviation technical storage, logistics centers, flight centers, training units, etc, not depicted in the interest of clarity.

Strategic Aviation Command

22nd Heavy Bomber Air Division (TBAD) West
6950th Air Force Base 11 TU-160, 18 TU-95/MSEngels
AGp 6950th AFB 48 TU-22MShaikovka
6952th Air Force Base 20 TU-22MOlenegorsk
AGp 6952rd AFB36 TU-22M, 3 An-30/32, 2 An-12Srednyy (Irkutsk)
199th Air Force BaseAn-12, MI-8Tiksi
Heavy Bomber Air Division (TBAD) East
6952th Air Force Base 36 TU-95/MSUkrainka
U/I Air Base TU-22MBeiaya Tserkov

Military Transport Aviation Command

6955th Air Force Base 5 AN-22 Migalovo (Tver)
AGp 6955th AFB27 Il-76/78/476 Pskov
AGp 6955th AFB 4 An-12, 27 Il-76/78/476 Orenburg
AGp 6955th AFB 27 Il-76/78/476Taganrog
AGp 6955th AFB 14 AN-124, 4 Il-76/78/476Sescha (Bryansk)
AGp 6955th AFB 2 An-24/26, 12 A-50, Il-18/20/22,
1 Il-76/78/476, 8 MI-8
AGp 6955th AFB.....
Air Force Central Commands [VDV]Moscow
110th det tpt sqdn20 AN-2, 1 MI-8Tula
185 det tpt sqdn20 AN-2, 1 MI-8Krymsk
242nd det tpt sqdn20 AN-2, 1 MI-8Pskov
266th det tpt sqdn20 AN-2, 1 MI-8Chkalovskyy

Southern Military District

4th Command of Air Force and Air Defence

6972nd Air Force Base 42 SU-27Krimsk (Krasnodar)
AGp 6972nd AFB30 MIG-29/MIG-35Millerovo
AGp 6972nd AFB54 SU-24Morozovsk
AGp 6972nd AFB42 SU-25Primorsko-Akhtarsk
AGp 6972nd AFB24 SU-24 Marinovka
AGp 6972nd AFBAn-12Rostov
3624th Air Force Base 18 MIG-29/MIG-35Erebuni, Armenia
393rd Army Air Force Base 30 MI-24/35, 12 MI-28, 16 MI-8 Korenovsk
546th Army Air Force Base MI-24/35, 12 MI-26, 12 MI-8, 6 MI-28Rostov
Agp 546th AAF AFB 12 MI-8 Hip Egorlyk (Rostov)
387th Army Air Force Base16 MI-28, 20 MI-24/35, 12 MI-8Budennovsk

Western Military District

6th Command of Air Force and Air Defence

237th Regiment
"Russian Knights"
6 Su-27Kubinka
1080th Air Force Base3 AN-72, An-24/26, 4 An-30/32, MI-8Gromovo
549th Army Air Force Base 24 MI-24/35Levashovo
AGp 549 AAF AFB12 MI-24/35, 12 MI-8Pribylovo
U/I Army Air Force Base24 MI-24/35, 12 MI-8Alakurtti
922nd Air Force Base8 MI-8 Pushkin (St Petersburg)
7000th Air Force Base 6 MIG-25, 12 SU-24, 8 SU-25,
16 SU-27, 20 SU-34/32FN, 4 An-30/32
Agp 7000th AFBMI-8 Levashovo
Agp 7000th AFB 30 SU-27 Besovets (Petrozavodsk)
Agp 7000th AFB 5 MIG-25, 24 MIG-31,
36 SU-24, 8 MI-24/35
Agp 7000th AFB16 SU-27, 24 MIG-31Khotilovo
Agp 7000th AFB 42 MIG-29/35Khalino (Kursk)
7th Agp 7000th AFB 24 SU-27Chkalovsk
8th Agp 7000th AFB 16 SU-24Chernyakhovsk (Kaliningrad)
378th Army Air Force Base 12 MI-24/35, 12 MI-8, MI-28Vyazma
800th Air Force Base 8 AN-72, 5 An-24/26, 5 An-12, Il-18,
Il-76/78/476, 3 An-140
Agp 800th AFB12 MI-8 Schelkovo

Eastern Military District

11th Army Air Force and Air Defense

93rd Air Defense Division Vladivosto
22nd Guards Fighter Aviation Regiment Su-27, Su-27SMCentral Corner, Primorsky Territory
530th Fighter Aviation Regiment Fighters MiG-31Sokolovka (Chuguevka), Primorsky Territory
1533rd Guards Air Defense Missile Regiment S-300P Vladivostok, Golden Valley, Primorsky Krai
10th radio engineering brigade Artem, Primorsky Krai
25th Air Defense Division Komsomolsk-na-Amur, Khabarovsk Territory
23rd Fighter Aviation Regiment Su-27SM Dzemgi, Khabarovsk Territory
1529th Guards Air Defense Missile Regiment S-300P Khabarovsk
1530th anti-aircraft missile regiment S-300P Komsomolsk-on-Amur, Khabarovsk Territory
45th radio engineering brigadeKhabarovsk
303rd mixed air division Ussuriisk, Primorsky Territory
18th Guards Vitebsk assault aviation regiment Su-25 attack aircraftGalenki, Primorsky Territory
187th Assault Air Regiment Su-25 attack aircraftChernigovka, Primorsky Territory
277th Mlawa Bomber Aviation Regiment Su-24M bombers Khurba, Khabarovsk Territory
302nd Bomber Aviation Regiment Su-24M, Su-24M2 BombersPereyaslavka, Khabarovsk Territory
523rd Orsha Bomber Aviation Regiment, Bombers Su-24M, scouts Su-24MRVozzhaevka, Amur Region
799th reconnaissance air regiment Su-24MRVarfolomeevka, Primorsky Territory
319th separate helicopter regiment of combat and control Mi-24 helicopters Chernigovka, Primorsky Territory
364th separate helicopter regiment Helicopters Mi-8, Mi-24, Mi-26Middle White, Amur Region
825th separate helicopter regiment Mi-8, Mi-26 helicoptersGarovka-2, Khabarovsk territory
Separate helicopter detachment Mi-8 helicoptersIturup, Sakhalin Region
273rd separate squadron of UAVUnmanned aerial vehicles "Strizh"Arseniev, Primorsky Territory
265th air baseMi-8 helicopters, An-12, An-26 transport aircraftKhabarovsk-Bolshoy
aviation recommendationsMagdagachi, Amur Region
AviokominaduraSmirnykh, Sakhalin Region
Aviation Sokol, Sakhalin Region
AviationKalinka, Khabarovsk Territory
AviokominaduraIturup, the Sakhalin Region
126th Center for Special and Physical Training Khabarovsk

Central Military District

2nd Command of Air Force and Air Defence

562nd Army Air Force BaseMi-24, Mi-8Tolmachevo
6980th Air Force Base36 SU-24, 24 MIG-29/35, SU-34/32FN Chelyabinsk
AGp 6980 AFB 24 MIG-31Bolshoe Savino (Perm)
AGp 6980 AFB 2 An-12 CUB 5 MI-8 Hip ...
AGp 6980 AFB24 MIG-31Kansk
48th Army Air Force BaseMI-8, 24 MI-24/35, 2 MI-26 Kamensk Uralsky
Agp 48th AFB AAMI-8, 2 MI-26 Uprun
412th Air Force Base 24 MIG-29/35, 30 SU-25Domna
Asqdrn 412 AFB12 MI-24/35, 12 MI-8Chita
999th Air Force Base2 An-24/26, 1 An-30/32,
5 SU-25, 5 SU-27, 2 MI-8
Kant, Kirgizia
6976th Air Force Base5 SU-25, 4 MI-24/35, 4 MI-8Gissar, Aini
4215th Air Force Base2 An-12 Uprun
U/I Army Air Force BaseMi-24, Mi-8 Salka (N Tagil)

Northern Joint Command

45th Command of Air Force and Air Defence

1st Air Defense Division,
military unit 03123
33rd anti-aircraft missile regiment
military unit 23662
S-300PM Rogachevo airfield, Novaya Zemlya
98th separate guards mixed aviation
Vistula Red Banner, Kutuzov regiment
military unit 75385
Su-24M, Su-24MR, MiG-31BM Monchegorsk airfield
331st radio engineering regiment
military unit 36138
332nd radio engineering regiment
military unit 21514
531st Guards missile Nevelsko-Berlin
Order of Lenin, Red Banner,
Order of Suvorov, Kutuzov and
Bogdan Khmelnitsky regiment
military unit 70148
S-400, S-300PM, 96K6 Pantsir -C1 Polyarny, Murmansk region
583rd SAM missile Red Banner regiment
military unit 36226
S-300PS, S-300PM Murmansk region, Olenegorsk city)
1528th anti-aircraft missile Red Star regiment
military unit 92485
S-300PT, S-300PS, S-400 Severodvinsk, Arkhangelsk region

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