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237th Regiment "Russian Knights"

The group "Russian Knights" was formed by 5 April 1991 of the pilots of the 1st Squadron 237th Guards Proskurov mixed regiment of the 16th Air of the Red Army Air Forces of the USSR (now - 237 Guards Proskurovsky Red Banner Order of Kutuzov and Alexander Nevsky Centre display aircraft name IN Kozhedub, 237 Guards. TSPAT, airbase Kubinka, Moscow region.). April 5, 2016 marked the 25th anniversary of the formation of aviation aerobatic team "Russian Knights" Air Force (from August 1, 2015 - as part of aerospace forces VKS) Russia. The 237 th Regiment since 1967 had specialized in aircraft demonstrations and aerobatics, and in May 1989 the regiment pilots mastered the frontline Su-27. The name of the Air Group was selected on the proposal of the pilot Nicholas Grechanova. Over the years, the group consisted of 31 military pilots.

As of 2016 the group employed four Su-27P (modification for air defense forces) and two Su-27UB (training double option). demonstration flight programs include group aerobatics four and six aircraft; synchronous counter piloting two planes and a single aerobatics. The Russian aerobatic group videoconferencing in 2017 will perform on new aircraft. It is planned that during 2016 the pilots "Russian Knights" peresyadut with heavy front-line Su-27 with more modern machines. In January 2016, Chief of the videoconferencing Colonel General Viktor Bondarev told reporters that the decision on which aircraft "Knights" will be performing in 2017, will the Minister of Defence of the Russian Federation. In March 2016, the leading pilot air group Guards Colonel Andrei Alexeyev told the media that the command of the task to re-flight group, and pilots and engineering staff are undergoing retraining program for the new type of aircraft.

The first performance of "Russian Knights" was on 24 August 1991 at the air show in Poznan (Poland), where the program has demonstrated single aerobatics team leader Vladimir Bazhenov. In the early autumn of the same year the Sukhoi Design Bureau created a unified visual design group of fighters in the white, blue and red colors. The first group performances "Knights" were held in the autumn of 1991 at the Air Force Base and the UK Lyukers Finningli where Russian Su-27 flew with a group of British aerobatic Red Arrows (Engl. "Red Arrows").

Since 1991, "Russian Knights" regularly participated in shows of aviation excellence at an airshow in Russian cities and abroad - in the Czech Republic (1991), Malaysia (1991, 1995, 2013), USA (1992), France (1992, 1997), the Netherlands (1993), Canada (1993), Slovakia (1994, 1996), Norway (1994), Luxembourg (1994), Turkmenistan (1994), Austria (1996), China (1998, 2006, 2012), United Arab Emirates (2005, 2006 ), Belarus (2006), Finland (2008), Bahrain (2012, 2014), India (2013), Hungary (2013) and others.

Flying fighter group formation in the shape of a rhombus, both separately and as part of "the Cuban diamond" (nine planes, together with the MiG-29 aerobatic team "Swifts", which is also based in Kubinka) - a traditional element of the International Aviation and Space Show program ( MAX, Zhukovsky, Moscow region.), Victory Day parade on Red Square in Moscow, the International Maritime Defence Show in St. Petersburg. "Knights" took part in the laser show, Jean-Michel Jarre during the celebration of 850th anniversary of Moscow (1997), accompanied by airliners British Queen Elizabeth II and French President Jacques Chirac during their visits to Russia in 1994 and 1997.


Over the history of the "Russian Knights" had three disasters that killed pilots were part of a group.
  1. December 12, 1995 during a flight from Malaysia to Russia after participating in the international air show "Lima 95" crashed three fighter groups. Facing the mountain occurred during landing for refueling in Vietnamese Cam Ranh airport. The reason was the poor organization of flights in adverse weather conditions. Killing four pilots: Guards Colonel Boris Grigoryev, Guards Lieutenant Colonel Nikolai Grechanov, Nicholas and Alexander Kordyukov cheeses. The crash was the first loss among the personnel of the group.
  2. August 16, 2009 near the airfield Ramenskoe (Zhukovsky, Moscow region.) During a training flight in preparation for the air show "MAKS-2009" Su-27 (hull number "14 blue") and Su-27UB (board room "blue 18") aerobatic team collided in the air, one of them fell on the cottage in a holiday village. Killed commander of the 237th TSPAT Igor Tkachenko, one of the pilots received a spinal injury. Also injured five residents of the village, where the disaster burned three houses. August 22, 2009 by the decree of President Dmitry Medvedev Guards Colonel Igor Tkachenko was awarded the title of Hero of Russia posthumously.
  3. June 9, 2016 frontline fighter Su-27 aerobatic team "Russian Knights" VKS Russia crashed near the village. Muranovo (Pushkin district, Moscow region.). Killed pilot - Major Sergey Eremenko.

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