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1st & 2nd Qtrs, FY 97


(NOTE: Trends are numbered sequentially for ease of reference, and are not in any priority order.)


Positive Performance

TREND 1: Task Force (TF) S-2 terrain analysis (TA.

TREND 2: Transcription and Analysis (TA) team graphic intelligence summary overlays (TA.5.4)

Needs Emphasis

TREND 1: S2 section organization (TA.5)

TREND 2: Reconnaissance (TA.5.1)

TREND 3: Task Force S2 planning and coordination of Ground Surveillance Radar (GSR) operations (TA.5.1)

TREND 4: Planning, synchronizing, and supervising the reconnaissance and surveillance (R&S) effort (TA.5.1)

TREND 5: Integration of Scout Platoon in reconnaissance planning, preparation and execution (TA.5.1)

TREND 6: Reconnaissance and Surveillance plan development (TA.5.1)

TREND 7: Integration of Air Defense into the Intelligence Preparation of the Battlefield (IPB) (TA.5.2.1)

TREND 8: Task Force S2 understanding of IPB process, products and integration (TA.5.3)

TREND 9: Event templates and matrices in the planning process (TA.

TREND 10: Situation Templates (SITEMPS) for use in R&S Planning (TA.

TREND 11: S2 depiction of Brigade Support Area (BSA) decision points. (TA.

TREND 12: IPB and how the enemy fights (TA.5.4.2)

TREND 13: Use of SITEMPs to confirm or deny enemy courses of action (COAs) (TA.5.4.4)

TREND 14: Terrain Analysis Briefing (TA.5.4.5)


Needs Emphasis

TREND 1: Engineer force understanding of maneuver (TA.1)

TREND 2: Movement formations and techniques (TA.1.1)

TREND 3: Task Force use of dismounted infantry in scheme of maneuver (TA.1.1.1)

TREND 4: Brigade Support Area (BSA) Target Reference Points (TA.1.2.1)

TREND 5: Actions on contact (TA.1.2.2)


Needs Emphasis

TREND 1: Clearance of Fires (TA.2.1.1)

TREND 2: Registration of Brigade Support Area (BSA) targets into TACFIRE (TA.2.1.1)

TREND 3: Combat Observation Lasing Team (COLT) use of Ground/Vehicle Laser Locator Designators (G/VLLDs) (TA.


Needs Emphasis

TREND 1: Programming IFF (Interrogation Friend or Foe) for Avenger (TA.3.1)

TREND 2: Directed Early Warning (Air Defense) (TA.3.1.1)

TREND 3: Bradley Stinger Fighting Vehicle (BSFV) platoon receipt of early warning (TA.3.1.1)


Needs Emphasis

TREND 1: Nuclear/Biological/Chemical (NBC) Operations (TA.6.3)

TREND 2: Control of marked contaminated areas (TA.6.3.1)

TREND 3: Electronic Warfare (EW) team survivability (TA.

TREND 4: Medical company's role in defense of the brigade support area (BSA) (++) (TA.

TREND 5: Bradley Stinger Fighting Vehicle (BSFV) squad preparation of fighting positions (TA.

TREND 6: Logistics units' defensive operations (++) (TA.

TREND 7: Employment of the M8A1 Alarm (TA.

TREND 8: Medical company use of M8A1 Alarms (TA.

TREND 9: Search and destroy enemy reconnaissance forces (TA.6.3.4)

TREND 10: Security Operations (TA.6.3.4)


Positive Performance

TREND 1: Military Police (MP) knowledge of weapons capabilities and maintenance (TA.7.4.5)

Needs Emphasis

TREND 1: Resupply of argon for the Avenger weapons system (TA.7.3.2)

TREND 2: Task force preparation of the maintenance estimate (TA.7.3.2)

TREND 3: Task force maintenance platoon task organization (TA.7.3.2)

TREND 4: Task force control of unit maintenance collection point (UMCP) traffic (TA.7.3.2)

TREND 5: Preventive Maintenance Checks and Services (PMCS) (++) (TA.

TREND 6: Evacuation of disabled equipment (TA.

TREND 7: Use of Simplified Test Equipment (STE) and Break-out Boxes (BOB) (TA.

TREND 8: Employment of the chaplain assistant (TA.

TREND 9: Deployment of the medical company in the Brigade Support Area (BSA) (TA.7.4.4)

TREND 10: Medical company management of maintenance and supplies (TA.7.4.4)

TREND 11: Training of Brigade Support Area quick-reaction forces (QRF) (TA.7.4.5)

TREND 12: Uploading ammunition to a Class V Facility (TA.

TREND 13: Ammunition Transfer Point (ATP) (TA.

TREND 14: MI Company sustainment and support (TA.7.5.2)

TREND 15: Management of Class IV and V barrier material (TA.7.5.2)

TREND 16: Field Artillery battalion management of Rearm, Refuel, Resupply, and Survey Point (R3SP) operations (TA.7.5.2)

TREND 17: Chemical Defense Equipment (CDE) requisitioning and tracking (TA.

TREND 18: Ammunition Support Operations (TA.

TREND 19: Forward Support Battalion (FSB) coordination of refueling operations (TA.

TREND 20: Enemy Prisoner of War (EPW) and refugee control operations (TA.7.7.1)


Positive Performance

TREND 1: Understanding of brigade CSS standard operating procedures (SOPs) (TA.4.1.1)

TREND 2: Electronic Attack mission planning and execution (TA.4.5)

Needs Emphasis

TREND 1: Transcription and Analysis (TA) team battle tracking (TA.4.1.3)

TREND 2: Maintain information on friendly unit locations (TA.4.1.3)

TREND 3: Brigade command post (CP) battle tracking (TA.4.1.3)

TREND 4: Battle Command (TA.4.1.3)

TREND 5: Medical company command post (CP) battle tracking (TA.4.1.3)

TREND 6: Fire support battle tracking and situation awareness to reduce fratricide risk (TA.4.2.1)

TREND 7: Planning for Class IV barrier material (TA.4.2.2)

TREND 8: Contingency planning for advancing through templated persistent chemical (PCHEM) (TA.4.2.3)

TREND 9: Engineer force development of decision points for changing situations (TA.4.2.3)

TREND 10: Predictive analysis (TA.4.2.3)

TREND 11: Brigade planning for multiple enemy courses of action (COAs) (TA.4.3)

TREND 12: Integration of target analysis into the Military Decision-Making Process (MDMP) (TA.4.3)

TREND 13: Brigade planning for Combat Observation Lasing Team (COLT) operations (TA.4.3)

TREND 14: Decontamination planning at Task Force level (TA.4.3)

TREND 15: Brigade XO roles and responsibilities in the brigade battle staff (TA.4.3)

TREND 16: Task force S2 completion of products for the decision-making process (TA.4.3)

TREND 17: Engineer Integration in the Tactical Operations Center (TOC) (TA.4.3)

TREND 18: Command Post Site Location and Displacement (TA.4.3)

TREND 19: Combat Health Support (CHS) planning (+++) (TA.4.3)

TREND 20: Forward Support Battalion (FSB) Executive Officer (XO) understanding of the Military Decision-Making Process (MDMP) (TA.4.3)

TREND 21: Infantry team direct fire planning (TA.4.3)

TREND 22: Integration of mission analysis (TA.4.3)

TREND 23: Developing the Commander's intent (TA.4.3.1)

TREND 24: Task force development and refinement of courses of action (COA) (TA.4.3.2)

TREND 25: Task Force S3 understanding of course of action (COA) development (TA.4.3.2)

TREND 26: Wargaming the CSS concept of support (TA.4.3.3)

TREND 27: Wargaming (TA.4.3.3)

TREND 28: Tactical maneuver decision point development (TA.4.3.3)

TREND 29: Main Command Post standard operating procedures (SOP) for movement (TA.4.4)

TREND 30: Engineer battalion command and control (TA.4.4)

TREND 31: Defining the role of the Field Artillery battalion liaison officer (LNO) (TA.4.4)

TREND 32: Medical company troop leading procedures (TA.4.4)

TREND 33: Medical company Tactical Standard Operating Procedures (TACSOP) (TA.4.4)

TREND 34: CSS Company commander support of the reconnaissance and surveillance (R&S) plan (TA.4.4)

TREND 35: Control of engineer operations in the Forward Support Battalion (TA.4.4)

TREND 36: Battalion maintenance officer (BMO) troop leading procedures (TA.4.4)

TREND 37: Management of Timelines (TA.4.4.1)

TREND 38: Automask Criteria (TA.4.4.1)

TREND 39: Graphic control measures in brigade schemes of maneuver (TA.

TREND 40: NBC rehearsals (TA.

TREND 41: Military Police (MP) rehearsals (TA.

TREND 42: Brigade Support Area (BSA) fire and maneuver controls (TA.

TREND 43: BSA save plan rehearsals (TA.

TREND 44: Fire Support Officer (FSO) assignment of task and purpose to targets (TA.

TREND 45: Coordination of religious support (TA.

TREND 46: Religious Support coordination with casualty evacuation planners (TA.

TREND 47: Location of the Brigade Support Area (BSA) commander (TA.4.4.3)

TREND 48: Understanding NTC Rules of Engagement (ROE) (TA.4.4.4)

TREND 49: Convoy actions at the halt (TA.4.4.4)

TREND 50: Control of Brigade Support Area (BSA) traffic flow (TA.4.4.4)

TREND 51: Company fire support team Pre-Combat Checks (PCCs) and Pre-Combat Inspections (PCIs) (TA.4.4.4)

TREND 52: Synchronization of ADA with Brigade Combat Team tactical operations (TA.4.4.5)

TREND 53: Synchronization of mechanized, artillery and potted smoke (TA.4.4.5)

TREND 54: Integration of combat service support operations (TA.4.4.5)

TREND 55: Breach Tenets in Mission Analysis and Course of Action Development (TA.4.4.5)

TREND 56: Synchronization of refueling operations in the brigade support area (BSA) (TA.4.4.5)

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