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24 March 2005 Military News

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  • UN Secretariat and Assembly must approve new rules for UN peacekeepers - report UN News Centre 24 Mar 2005 -- A new report requested by United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan on sexual exploitation occurring in peacekeeping missions recommends the UN standardize rules for several categories of personnel and that troop contributor legislation and individual accountability for victims, including "peacekeeper babies," be strengthened.

  • 10,000-strong UN peacekeeping mission authorized for southern Sudan UN News Centre 24 Mar 2005 -- The United Nations Security Council voted unanimously today to send 10,000 troops and more than 700 civilian police to southern Sudan for an initial period of six months to support the peace agreement between the Government of Sudan and the Sudan People's Liberation Movement/Army (SPLM/A), which ended more than two decades of civil strife.
  • UN/SUDAN VOA 24 Mar 2005 -- The U.N. Security Council has authorized a 10-thousand strong peacekeeping force for southern Sudan. But the Council took no action on the separate issue of ethnic cleansing in Sudan's western Darfur region.

  • MASKHADOV'S BODYGUARD KILLED IN CHECHNYA RIA Novosti 24 Mar 2005 -- Alvi Tosuyev, Maskhadov's closest assistant, has been killed in Chechnya, the joint press center of the Russian Interior Ministry reports.
  • WARLORD KILLED IN CHECHNYA WAS EX-U.S. MARINE RIA Novosti 24 Mar 2005 -- Rizvan Chitigov, who was killed in the district center Shali in Chechnya on Wednesday and was the third most influential warlord after Shamil Basayev and Doku Umarov, had graduated from an elite U.S. subversion and reconnaissance school and had served on a contract basis in a U.S. Marine battalion, Kommersant reports.
  • MI-8 CRASH IN CHECHNYA CAUSED BY HUMAN ERROR RIA Novosti 24 Mar 2005 -- The crash of the Mi-8 helicopter on Tuesday was not caused by external factors, Gen. Nikolai Rogozhkin, the commander in chief of the internal forces of the Russian Interior Ministry, said Thursday.
  • Analysis: Russian Police's 'Clean-Up Operations' Extending Beyond Chechnya? RFE/RL 24 Mar 2005 -- Allegations of police beating law-abiding citizens during clean-up operations are no longer confined to Chechnya and are now being recorded in the rest of the Russian Federation. Following reports of a four-day long rampage by police in Blagoveshchensk, Bashkortostan last year, three more Russian cities have reported similar cases this month of police actions involving the rounding up of large numbers of citizens who were allegedly beaten up -- and even tortured -- in police custody.

  • GEORGIA WILLING TO PREPARE PRESIDENT'S MEETING WITH ABKHAZ LEADER RIA Novosti 24 Mar 2005 -- The Georgian government is ready to accept an initiative, coming from Sukhumi, to prepare the grounds for Georgia's President Mikhail Saakashvili to meet in conference with Abkhaz leader Sergei Bagapsh.
  • BEGINNING OF GEORGIAN-SOUTH OSSETIAN CONFLICT RIA Novosti 24 Mar 2005 -- The old frictions between the Georgians and the South Ossetians detonated in the winter of 1989-1990 as a result of the nationalist policy of the then Tbilisi leadership.
  • IVORY COAST / UN VOA 24 Mar 2005 -- Representatives for warring parties in Ivory Coast agree with calls by United Nations' Secretary General Kofi Annan for more peacekeepers. Mr. Annan has warned of an increasingly dangerous security situation because of militia activity.
  • UN: Surrender Of War Crimes Suspects To Hague Sets New Tone Of Cooperation RFE/RL 24 Mar 2005 -- The international community's high representative in Bosnia is among those who see a change in Balkan governments' cooperation with the Yugoslav war crimes tribunal. Paddy Ashdown says the Serbian entity in Bosnia, Republika Srpska, is demonstrating a new understanding through its handover of indictees to The Hague tribunal. Serbian authorities in Belgrade have also transferred suspects to the UN court. But the most-wanted war crimes suspects remain at large. And until they are brought to justice, the court's work is not complete.
  • UN: High Representative, Bosnian Minister Clash Over Judiciary RFE/RL 24 Mar 2005 -- The chief overseer of the Bosnian peace process has clashed with the country's security minister over the independence of the local judiciary.
  • COTE D IVOIRE: UN warns of spiral back to war, elections in jeopardy IRIN 24 Mar 2005 -- The United Nations has warned that Cote d'Ivoire risks sliding back into full-scale conflict as militia groups ramp up their activity across the country and the political peace negotiations remains mired in deadlock.
  • MACEDONIA / WAR TRIBUNAL VOA 24 Mar 2005 -- The former Interior Minister of Macedonia, Ljube Boskovski, has surrendered to the United Nation's War Crimes Tribunal in The Hague to face charges of involvement in atrocities against ethnic Albanians during a bloody insurgency in 2001. Mr. Boskovski left a jail in nearby Croatia where he had been held on separate charges since last year.

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