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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

Strategic Missile Troops - Organization

A Rocket Army (RA raketnaya armiya) is an operational formation of the Strategic Missile Forces, designed to solve problems in a nuclear war in one or more strategic aerospace directions. Rocket armies were formed in 1960 on the basis of air armies and in 1970 on the basis of individual missile corps with the aim of increasing the combat readiness of troops, strengthening their combat power, and also increasing the effectiveness of the use of missile formations (missile divisions) and units (missile regiments). In total, 6 missile armies were created in the USSR: two in 1960 - on the basis of the air armies of Long-Range Aviation (VA DA) and four in 1970 - on the basis of separate missile corps (ORK). At present, 3 missile armies remain in the Russian Federation from those inherited by the USSR.

A Missile Division [RD raketnaya diviziya] is a combat unit of the Strategic Missile Forces designed to prepare and deliver nuclear missile strikes against strategic enemy targets located in one or more strategic aerospace directions. Combat units of the RD are missile regiments. Missile regiments can be armed with combat missile systems of various types: separate launches (OS), self-propelled launchers (SPU), combat railway missile systems (BZHRK), etc.; depending on the weapons of the missile regiments, missile divisions can be: OS, SPU and BZHRK, as well as mixed divisions. As the formations of the Strategic Missile Forces the first RD were formed in 19601961 on the basis of missile brigades, as well as artillery brigades and divisions and aviation divisions. In addition to the combat strength, missile divisions include units and subunits of special forces and the rear of the missile division.

Strategic Missile Forces Command

Vlasikha settlement, Moscow Region

27th Guards Missile Vitebsk Red Banner Army

7th guards missile Rezhitskaya Red Banner divisionZATO Ozerny Bologoe-4, (Vypolzovo, Bologoye), Tver region
14th Kiev-Zhitomir missile order of Kutuzov 3rd degree divisionYoshkar-Ola
28th Guards missile Red Banner divisionKozelsk, Kaluga region
54th Guards Missile Order of Kutuzov DivisionKrasnye Sosenki microdistrict, Teikovskoe, Teykovo, Ivanovo Region
60th Taman missile order of the October Revolution, Red Banner divisionZATO Svetly (Tatishchevo), Saratov region

31st Missile Army

Orenburg (planned to be disbanded)
8th missile Melitopol Red Banner divisionZATO "Pervomaisky" (Yurya-2 / Yuryansk) Kirov region
13th Red Banner Missile DivisionZATO Dombarovsky (Yasny / Yasnenskoe), Orenburg region.
42nd missile divisionZATO Svobodny, 35 km from Nizhny Tagil

33rd guards missile Berislavsko-Khingan twice Red Banner, Order of Suvorov army

Omsk, 16th military town
29th Guards Missile Vitebsk Order of Lenin, Red Banner DivisionZeleny microdistrict (Irkutsk)
35th missile Red Banner orders of Kutuzov, 2nd degree and Alexander Nevsky divisionZATO Siberian (Barnaul)
39th Guards missile Glukhovskaya Order of Lenin, Red Banner, orders of Suvorov, Kutuzov and B. Khmelnitsky divisionZATO Gvardeisky (Novosibirsk)
62nd Red Banner missile divisionvil. Solnechny (Uzhur) Krasnoyarsk Territory

Research institutes and polygons

4th Central Research Institute of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation
State central interspecific training ground of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation (4 GTSMP)Kapustin Yar
10th state test site of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian FederationSary-Shagan, Kazakhstan
Proving ground KuraUst-Kamchatsky district, Kamchatka region

Educational institutions, centers, school of technicians

Peter the Great Military Academy of Strategic Missile Forces Moscow
Serpukhov Military Institute of Missile Forces Serpukhov
Rostov Military Institute of Missile Forces Rostov-on-Don
Stavropol Military Institute of Missile Forces Communications Stavropol
90th inter-service regional training center for communications of the Strategic Missile Forces Yaroslavl Region
Interspecies Regional Training Center of Strategic Missile Forces Pskov Region
161st school of technicians of the Strategic Missile Forces Astrakhan region

Arsenals, storage bases for weapons and military equipment, repair plants

Aviation of the Strategic Missile Forces

ZATO = closed administrative-territorial formations

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