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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

5140'N 4534'E

The silo-based SS-24 Mod-1 (15Zh60) was deployed in silos formerly occupied by SS-17 Sego ICBMs, starting on 28 November 1989, and the first regiment of silo-based missiles was activated on 19 August 1988. Altogether 56 silo-based RT-23UTTh missiles were initially deployed, with 10 at Tatishchevo in Russia and 46 at Pervomaysk in Ukraine. A total of 46 silo-based RT-23UTTh missiles located in Ukraine were phased out and dismantled in compliance with the provisions of the START-1 treaty.

In December 1997, the first two Topol-M systems were put on alert for a trial period with the Taman Division at Tatischevo in the Saratov region. As of late July 1998 two more Topol-M launch sites were completed and were awaiting acceptance trials. Russia put a regiment of 10 Topol-M missiles on duty in 1998, with plans for a second regiment by December 1999.

As of 31 July 2001 there were 24 RS-12M Variant 2 (SS-27) (C); 90 SS-19 (C); and 6 SS-24 (C) deployed launchers at this location. Thenumber of actual deployed ICBMs were reported as follows: Aleysk: 13 SS-18; Tatishchevo: 23 RS-12M2, 84 SS-19, 0 SS-24. As of 01 July 2008 there were a total of 48 operational RS-12M Variant 2 (SS-27 silo) at this location, as well as 72 operational SS-19s and 4 non-deployed SS-19s.

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