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Kamov Company Projects

KASKR-1 RED ENGINEER Light autogyro 1929
KASKR-2 Light autogyro
A-7 short-range reconnaissance and spotter 1934
AK Middle Spotter Observation autogiro
Ka-8 Light Helicopter
Ka-10 light multipurpose helicopter, 12 built
Ka-15 multipurpose helicopter
Ka-15M multi-purpose helicopter
Ka-18 multipurpose helicopter
Ka-19"Transformer" project - Precusor of Ka-26.
Ka-20 ASW helicopter prototype
Ka-22 Multi-purpose transport rotorcraft
Ka-25K crane helicopter transport
Ka-25PL ASW helicopter
Ka-25PC Search and Rescue Helicopter
Ka-25TS helicopter antisubmarine
Ka-26 multipurpose helicopter
Ka-27PL ASW helicopter
Ka-27PC Search and Rescue Helicopter
Ka-28 ASW helicopter
Ka-29 Multi-purpose transport helicopter
Ka-30 snowmobile project
Ka-31 AEW helicopter
Ka-32 multipurpose helicopter
Ka-32A multi-purpose helicopter
Ka-32A1 Firefighter helicopter
Ka-32A2 Police helicopter
Ka-32A7 anti-helicopter
Ka-32A11 multipurpose helicopter
Ka-32K heavy lift helicopter
Ka-32C Marine helicopter
Ka-32T transport helicopter
Ka-34 helicopter
Ka-35 helicopter
Ka-37 Multi-Purpose unmanned helicopter
Ka-40 helicopter
Ka-50 Black Shark attack helicopter Multipurpose
Ka-50Sh Black Shark Multipurpose Assault helicopter
Ka-50-2 ERDOGAN Multipurpose Assault helicopter
Ka-52 Alligator attack helicopter Multipurpose
Ka-56 helicopter auxiliary OCA Ultralight
Ka-58"Black Ghost" FICTIVE gunship
Ka-60 multipurpose helicopter KASATKA
Ka-62 multipurpose helicopter
Ka-64 multipurpose helicopter project
Ka-65 Minoga deck helicopter
Ka-90 helicopter
Ka-92 helicopter
Ka-100 helicopter
Ka-102 helicopter
Ka-115 multi-purpose helicopter
Ka-118 helicopter
Ka-126 multi-purpose helicopter
Ka-128 multi-purpose helicopter
Ka-137 Multi-Purpose UAV
Ka-226 multi-purpose helicopter
Ka-226T multi-purpose helicopter
V-50 attack helicopter with tandem rotors for a speed of 400km/h. Abandoned 1969.
V-60 1981[FIRST] light (3500kg) scout helicopter. Abandoned 1980s.
V-60 1988[SECOND] medium [4500kg] multirole military helicopter
V-62See Ka-60.
V-80 Ifighter helicopter to combat other helicopters. Abandoned 1971.
V-80 II V-80 designation was reused for the Ka-50
V-100heavy attack helicopter with rotors on the tips of a wing, and a pusher propeller to exceed the speed of 400km/h. Abandoned.

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