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KA-29 Helix B

The Ka-29 combat/transport helicopter and Ka-31 surveillance variant are in operational service. The primary function of the KA-29 Helix B amphibious assault helicopter is delivery of percision-guided weapons, weapons designation, and troop transport.

The KA-29 transport-combat helicopter is characterized by the following features:

  • high power-to-weight ratio, usage in the conditions of increased temperatures and humidity;
  • fulfillment of combat and transport tasks, at day and night time, in simple and complicated weather conditions;
  • automatic stabilization in all the modes of the flight, automatized piloting according to preset programmed route;
  • armoring of the crew cabin and power plant aggregates;
  • powerful complex of rocket, bombing and shooting-gun armament.

The KA-29 helicopter may be used in two variants: transport and combat. In the transport variant provision is made to carry up to 2000 kg of the load (16 persons) in the transport compartment and up to 4000 kg on the external load sling system.

In the combat variant the KA-29 helicopter is fitted with the complex of reviewingaiming equipment and four beam holders on the trusses of the external load sling system where different kinds of the equipment may be arranged with the total weight up to 2000 kg, including:

  • controlled rockets up to 8 pcs
  • non-controlled rockets of the caliber 80mm 40...80 pcs
  • universal gun containers with the gun of the calibre 23 mm, and ammunition 250 shells 2 pcs
  • incendiary tanks 2 pcs

In both variants the helicopter is armed with the movable gun machine device of the calibre 7,62 with the ammunition 1800 cartridges, controlled by a navigator-operator. The helicopter may be armed additionally by the non-movable gun machine device of the 2A42 type of the calibre 30 mm, with the ammunition 250 shells.

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