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The Kamov Ka-34 was a projected heavy-lift turpo-prop-powered rotary-wing aircraft. The design featured two four-blade rotors side-by-side on wings with turbo-prop engines for in-flight acceleration. It can be seen that they used ready-made engines from the TU-95. Little is known of this aircraft, but photos of a model exist in several places.

The machine was designed to work in tandem with Antei. The aircraft transports, for example, two self-propelled missile launchers to the nearest airfield, capable of receiving heavy aircraft, and the Ka-34 (Ka-35) delivers the equipment directly to the place of use. For this purpose a helicopter KB Mil Mi-12 (B-12) was created which can now be seen in the Central Air Force Museum in Monino.

Ka-34 (KA-50) - FICTION

The model of the Soviet attack helicopter Ka-34 was manufactured by ESCI. The model was created at the dawn of the appearance of the first samples of the Ka-50 helicopter. And something remotely looks like the first flight prototype. But the engines spoil everything. In some places it is similar to the Ka-50 first flight prototype, if not for the comical engines. This is a rarity from the 1980s. The creators of the "Ka-34" collected information for this machine from rare photos that got into the media at that time. The Russian film "Black Shark" at that time had a helicopter hull, similar to this.

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