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KA-32 Helix

The KA-32 helicopter is produced in two variants: KA-32C -ship-based variant and the KA-32T- transport variant. The KA-32 helicopter has been developed on the basis of the unique experience gained in the process of creation and operational use of ship-bome helicopters, and is capable to successfully operate in the conditions of the Far North and tropical latitudes, day and night, in complicated weather conditions.

The KA-32 helicopter is equipped with the electrothermal anti-icing blade system, engine air intake heating system and crew cabin glazing anti-icing system. The blade folding mechanism allows to considerably diminish the overall dimensions of the helicopter at its storage in the hangars of ships and airdromes. The helicopter is equipped with the inflatable ballonnets providing for floatability of the helicopter during its emergency landing on the water surface.

The KA-32T transport version is intended to transport loads inside the cargo compartment and on external load sling system, to carry passengers in number up to 16 persons, to conduct logging in the regions which are difficult of access, to carry out sanitary flights, to fight fire in the large tracts of forest, etc.

The KA-32C ship-based version is additionally provided with the instrumental ice reconnaissance equipment, radar, navigation complex allowing to make a flight in automatically controlled mode, and also to carry out unloading of ships without the stoppage of the latter.

The flight complex of the helicopter ensures stabilization of the load on the external load sling system what excludes swinging of the load and simplifies piloting of the helicopter. The Ka-32 has two TVZ-117 turboprop engines which provide higher power and safety under extreme conditions.

The KA-32 helicopter is the leader in lifting capacity, power-to-weight ratio, range and flight altitude in its own class. Seven world records have been established on the KA-32 helicopter.

The certified KA-32A helicopter is intended to cany loads and people conducting aviation works. The carriage of loads is made inside the fuselage and on the external load sling system. At installation of the additional equipment the helicopter ensures the possibilities to perform search-rescue, emergency-rescue operations and flight to render medical assistance.

Ka-32A main roles are: carrying people and cargoes in the transport cabin and bulky cargo on external sling, evacuation of casualties and victims, search and emergency-rescue operations, loading-unloading of the ships in travel and at roadstead, servicing operations of coastal gas and oil pipelines, building-installation operations.

Ka-32A helicopter has coaxial rotor layout with two three-blade rotors of 15.9-m diameter each. The polymeric composite blades are folded into stowage position when the helicopter is based on ship decks. Ka-32A is developed on the basis of ship-borne Ka-27 and Ka-28 helicopters and inherited high power-to-weight ratio, maneuverability, capability for all-weather operations including the icing conditions; adaptability of the units, systems and assemblies for aggressive sea water operational conditions. The coaxial rotor layout makes the helicopter safe in maneuvering in the vicinity of obstacles, including in turbulent atmosphere.

Ka-32A is unsurpassed in its class, it carries cargo of up to 5,000 kg on an external sling at the altitude of up to 2,500 m. In case of one engine failure the helicopter continues safe forward flight and successfully lands. Due to its on-board avionics suite the helicopter is operable 24 hours a day throughout the year and in IFR conditions.

The helicopter set 7 world records. Western operators in Switzerland, Canada, Papua-New Guinea, Burma and other countries successfully operate Ka-32A. The helicopter is available in several versions: Ka-32A1 fire-fighting version, Ka-32A2 police version, Ka-32A11BC, Ka-32A12. The aviation registers of Canada and Switzerland have granted type certificates to Ka-323A11BC and Ka-32A12 helicopters.

Out of a total of some 150 Ka-32 helicopters built as of 2008 in different versions, around 80 are operated outside of Russia - including Canada, Japan, Portugal, South Korea, Spain and Switzerland. The first foreign customers to buy the type were Vancouver Island Helicopters Logging (VIH Logging LTD) of Canada and Swiss company Heliswiss.

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