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Ka-90 (Ka-100)

Pusher propellers will be the level-flight propulsion configuration of choice for Russian helicopter manufacturers Mil and Kamov for a new breed of high-speed rotorcraft to fly in the 2015 timeframe. In 2008 both Russian helicopter specialists revealed high-speed helicopter concepts competing for the Rb15 billion ($635 million) government allocation for development of new rotorcraft technologies. Kamov has two concepts - the Ka-90 and Ka-92. Mil is challenging with the Mi-X1 and unpiloted MRVK. A single superior concept is expected to be selected to serve as the base for the creation of production models.

The most radical concept is the Ka-90, described as a "high-speed vehicle of rotorcraft type". Kamov general designer Sergey Mikheyev says the Ka-90 has been a "long evolving" concept of "helicopter at take-off/landing, and airplane in cruise flight". In essence, the Ka-90 is a "variable-geometry" air vehicle with two separate propulsion systems, one for cruise and one for take-off/landing.

Proposed in 1985, it was shelved after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Now dusted off, it is back under work. A scale model revealed at the HeliRussia 2008 show in May provided evidence of the Ka-90 having a turbojet in the rear fuselage for high-speed level flight and retractable rotor for take-off and landing. Presumably, the lift in cruise flight will be generated by a "wing", in this case a huge, specially shaped container above the fuselage to which the rotor blades are retracted after being folded. According to Mikheyev, the Ka-90 is intended to have a cruise speed of 378kt.

On 15 May 2008 the first International Exhibition in Moscow helicopters, Helirussia 2008. For the first time presented under development E / P of Mil and Kamov. Also attended by other top design firms such as Eurocopter, Agusta, Westland, helicopters MD, and the helicopter Robinson. The pavilion of the Kamov for the first time presented two models of the ongoing helicopters Ka-90 and Ka-92. This is actually a hybrid helicopter to develop speeds of around 800 km / h. According to the statements of representatives of the Ka-90 single-rotor bearing (single blade) which is activated when cruising - the engine is activated by a certain level and beyond. For the better aerodynamic rotor wrapped in a specially formatted atraktidio in his back, all the while folding motion is proportional system of landing aircraft.

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