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The Ka-175 system is being created for the Air Force, Navy, Army, and Main Intelligence Directorate (Glavnoye Razvedyvatelnoye Upravlenie, GRU). The multi-service (may serve as a ship-based vehicle as well as the land-based one) attack and reconnaissance UAV Ka-175 may perform its maiden flight within a year, ARMS-TASS reported in August 2014 with reference to the General Designer of Kamov Design Bureau, Sergey Mikheev.

The detailed design documentation for Ka-175 system comprising small vertical takeoff and landing UAVs is ready. Mikheev stated it at the Breakthrough innovative technologies in development of UAVs for the Russian Defence Ministry conference. At present we have a mockup of Ka-175. In case of taking the appropriate decision, the UAV may perform its maiden flight within a year, he noted. Sergey Mikheev also added that Ka-175 UAV combined with ship-based Ka-52K helicopters may successfully perform combat tasks, in particular, perform maritime missions at altitudes of up to 7000 m, carry out reconnaissance at water areas located at a distance of 400-500 km and transfer targeting data to attack ships.

The design of the Ka-175 unmanned aerial vehicle was carried out by the national aircraft designers at a principally new level, in particular, composite materials were used in the design, providing not only a reduced weight but also additional strength for the air structure, which made this drone very effective for use in military zones. This airframe was performed by specialists of Kamov OJSC in a helicopter-type configuration, which makes it possible to use the air facility even on unprepared sites, besides, the helicopter's ability to hover over the enemy and perform complex maneuvers was highly appreciated by specialists.

The new UAV has a "classic" co-axial scheme for Kamov helicopters. It is also reported that the Ka-175 will be completely made of composite materials using modern technologies. The new UAV can be used as a target designation for aiming long-range missiles, based on manned Ka-52 Alligator helicopters. The take-off weight of the helicopter is 750 kg, with the possibility of increasing it. The power section of the Russian Ka-175 unmanned aerial vehicle is represented by a single gas turbine engine capable of accelerating the air to a maximum speed of 210 km / h.

The Ka-175 unmanned aerial vehicle, which was first introduced in 2014, is intended exclusively for military use, in particular, this device is positioned as a reconnaissance and strike aircraft capable of detecting a potential enemy and carrying out strikes against his positions, destroying armored vehicles, fortifications, etc.

Length Unknown;
Diameter of the main rotor unknown;
Height Unknown;
Maximum take-off weight 750 kg;
Cruising speed of flight 180 km / h;
Maximum flight speed 210 km / h;
Maximum flight range 350 km;
maximum altitude of the flight 3600 m;
Type of aircraft engine gas turbine;
Powerplant unknown;
Power Unknown.

 Ka-175  Ka-175  Ka-175

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