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Ilyushin Aircraft - Designation

CDB-39 - DB-39

SS(stratosferniy samolet) the very first Ilyushin project.
TsKB-6 small passenger aircraft.
TsKB-26 experimental aircraft
TsKB-26P passenger aircraft.
TsKB-30DB-3 long-range bomber
TsKB-32I-21 fighter.
TsKB-51 DB-3 on floats
TsKB-54 bomber
TsKB-55 battle aircraft
TsKB-56 bomber
TsKB-57 battle aircraft
TsKB-60 Il-2 with two engines
Il-1 second and last fighter
Il-2"Bark" battle aircraft (many variants)
Il-4DB-3F "Bob" long-range bomber (many variants)


Il-6 bomber
Il-8 battle aircraft
Il-10 battle aircraft
Il-12"Coach" passenger aircraft
Il-14 (1) long-range bomber
Il-14 (2)"Crate" passenger aircraft
Il-16 (1) ground attack aircraft of 1945, variant of Il-10
Il-16 (2) jet airliner project of 1952
Il-18 (1)"Clam" VIP 4-engine piston transport of 1946
Il-18 (2)"Coot" turboprop passenger aircraft (many variants)
Il-20 (1)Heavy ground attack aircraft of 1948
Il-20 (2)"Coot-A" ECM aircraft of 1978, variant of Il-18
Il-22 (1) "Type 10" - 1st Soviet jet bomber
Il-22 (2)"Coot-B" Flying headquarters (Bizon, Puma, Zebra, Sokol)
Il-24 4-engine jet bomber prototype of 1947
Il-24N "Coot-C" variant of Il-18 (2)
Il-24 long-range bomber
Il-26 long-range bomber
Il-28 "Beagle" a.k.a. "Type 27" frontal bomber (many variants)
Il-30 jet bomber
Il-32 glider
Il-34 moto-glider
Il-36 long-range reconnaissance
Il-38 (1) Tactical long-range bomber project
Il-38 (2)"May" ASW Patrol version of Il-18 "Coot"
Il-40 battle jet aircraft (1st prototype) "Brawny"
Il-42 battle jet aircraft
Il-42 jet bomber
Il-44 bomber
Il-46 bomber
Il-48 competitor for Tu-91
Il-50 "Blowlamp" bomber
Il-52 flying wing bomber
Il-54"Blowlamp" bomber
Il-56 supersonic bomber (5 different configurations)
Il-58 passenger aircraft (mix of Il-14 and Il-18)
Il-60 passenger aircraft
Il-60 AEW and control project [a wiki typo !!]
Il-62"Classic" passenger aircraft
Il-64 passenger aircraft
Il-66 supersonic airliner project 1959
Il-66 military transport project early 1960s
Il-68 passenger aircraft
Il-70 first short-haul airliner project 1961
Il-70 second short-haul airliner project 1961
Il-70 AEW and control project 1969
Il-72 supersonic airliner project 1961
Il-72 medium-haul airliner project 1964
Il-74 passenger aircraft
Il-76 (1) passenger aircraft
Il-76 (2)"Candid" transport aircraft
Il-78"Midas" tanker
Il-80 "Maxdome" Flying headquarters
Il-82 Flying headquarters
Il-84 passenger aircraft
Il-86 "Camber" passenger aircraft
Il-88 passenger aircraft
Il-90 transport aircraft
Il-92 free number
Il-94 free number
Il-96 passenger aircraft
Il-98Big Twin long-haul passenger aircraft
Il-100 small multi-role aircraft
Il-101 skipped ??
Il-102 "RAM-N" (Ramenskoye code name) competitor for Su-25
Il-103 trainer, multi-role
Il-104 free number
Il-106 transport aircraft
Il-108 (1) biz-jet
Il-108 (2) biz-jet
Il-110 free number
Il-112 passenger aircraft (many variants)
Il-114 passenger aircraft (many variants)
Il-116 passenger aircraft
Il-118 reserved number
Il-120 reserved number
Il-122 reserved number
Il-124 reserved number
Il-126 biz-jet
IL-138patrol aircraft project
IL-140AEW project
IL-140Msearch-and-rescue aircraft project
IL-150AEW and control project
IL-176airlifter project
Il-196 passenger aircraft
Il-214 transport aircraft
Il-PS patrol, multi-role
Il-X passenger aircraft
Il-Z bomber
P-20Cruise missile project
P-22Cruise missile project


The range of development work on aircraft in OKB-240 was quite wide. Therefore, Ilyushin’s paths often intersected with other design teams. So, in January 1963, when the aircraft was being designed for local airlines, the Yak-40, S.V. Ilyushin proposed the creation of a four-engine mini-airliner Il-70 for a similar purpose. The aircraft with P19-300 engines with a crew of two was designed to carry 25 passengers at a speed of 600 km / h over a distance of 1000 km. At the same time, the normal flight weight was 14,500 kg, and the take-off run (for concrete) was 400 m. The Civil Air Fleet management, after reviewing the proposal, came to the conclusion that the creation of the IL-70 was "more profitable from the national economic point of view," and supported it. In the reload option (extended range) take-off weight reached 17,000 kg. However, the UOSS Air Force and TsNII-30 employees had a different opinion: “The IL-70 aircraft proposed for construction,” they concluded, “will not have fundamental and decisive advantages compared to the An-24 and Tu-124 aircraft, which are already located in serial production, in connection with which it is irrational to build another type of passenger aircraft. ” True, it is not clear what the military has to do with it, because the aircraft was created for the Civil Air Fleet. Ilyushin was late with the IL-70 project, since the decision of the Council of Ministers and the CPSU Central Committee on the creation of the Yak-40 was approved. In the same 1963, the IL-70 project was revised, replacing the P19M-300 with AI-25 engines, but time was lost. At the beginning of 1964, in parallel with the Tu-154, proposals were developed for the Il-72 passenger aircraft with four D-20P-125 engines with a thrust of 6,000 kg each. Today, decades later, even with the naked eye it can be seen that this project was late in its appearance. Two years later, for medium-haul airlines, it was proposed to develop the three-engine Il-74, which had much in common with the Tu-154, but with the D-30I engines. However, this project remained on paper, because in a number of indicators it was inferior to the Tu-154. Aeroflot was not interested in the project of a twin-engine short-haul 120-seater IL-82 aircraft, proposed in 1968. In 1970, Sergei Vladimirovich Ilyushin was forced, for health reasons, to transfer OKB “into the hands” of his successor, G.V. Novozhilova, under whose leadership it successfully developed until the collapse of the Soviet Union. But the planes created under the leadership of Henry Vasilievich are already a subject of another conversation. http://xn--80aafy5bs.xn--p1ai/aviamuseum/aviatsiya/sssr/transportno-passazhirskie-samolety/1945-g-1991-g/samolety-okb-ilyushina/blizhnemagistralnyj-passazhirskij-samolet-il-16-proekt/ https://zen.yandex.ru/media/id/5daad4a0c7e50c00b1294ff0/pravda-li-chto-buran-skopirovali-so-speis-shattla-5dbab9736f5f6f00acd2c5d2 https://military.wikireading.ru/44643 https://military.wikireading.ru/44640 http://rufor.org/forumdisplay.php?s=93124a360a2670ac69fa4b57dcccb868&f=228 http://oruzhie.info/grazhdanskie-samolety/487-il-18 http://back-in-ussr.com/2019/07/pro-sovetskiy-il-18.html

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