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IL-76VKP / IL-76SK / Il-82 Airborne Command Post

By special order of the USSR Ministry of Defense two IL-76MD were built as strategic air command posts to guide the country's nuclear forces in case the ground control points will be taken out of service. Part of the equipment of these machines is unified with the aircraft IL-86VKP (Vozdushnyye Komandnyye Punkt: Airborne Command Post) also built upon request, another part of the A-50 radar early warning plane. The planes have design designation IL-76VKP and the army designation of the IL-76SK (special teams). However, they also have the service designation IL-82.

Two examples (SSSR- [later RA-]76450 and 76451) delivered to Zhukovsky after modifications 22 September and 30 November 1987. The two aircraft (SSSR-76450 and -76451) were photographed at Zhukovsky Flight Research Center 1992, assigned to 8th Special Purpose Aviation Division at Chkalovsky. Two examples remained in the inventory in late 1999, bu tby 2007 only one was believed to remain airworthy.

Design features include a large canoe-shaped fairing above fuselage forward of wings, containing satcom/IR equipment; a ventral canoe-shape radome and strakes; five small antennae above center-section; other small antennae, and air intake scoops, under front fuselage and at rear of main landing gear fairings; long and shallow fairing forward of dorsal fin on each side at top of fuselage; large downward inclined flat plate antenna on each side under tailcone; long pod-mounted probe on pylon under each outer wing; nose glazing around navigator's compartment deleted and flight deck rear side windows covered; downward-facing exhaust near end of port landing gear fairing; partially retracted basket-drogue of what appears to be a VLF trailing wire aerial under rear fuselage.

Il-76VKP looks very characteristic-they can not be confused with anything else. The entire top of the nose of the fuselage from the cockpit to the wing took a hefty box add-in with satellite communications equipment, as with the IL-86VKP. Like the A-50, the left front door is missing - the aircraft do not require it. Cleaning mechanisms chassis fairings are also borrowed from the a-50-the front part of the markedly thickened, extended and have two round air intake of various sizes. Posted in electronics, so the SUPREME COURT moved into the back part of the left fairing chassis and is equipped with a speaker, both on the air and-50. To the left of the nose landing gear to the left wheel gear stretches the box-shaped tip fairing wiring. On the wing the wing zalize are diamond four radar antennas on the sides of the front edge of the keel-two oblong fairing like the IL-86VKP.

The side wings of the cargo hatch has two enormous antennas and the middle drum, which unrolls towed wire antenna special communication of Elf with stabilizing cone at the end. This antenna length 5 km (!) is used for communication with submerged submarines. The drum is located inside the fuselage, without visible only a small fairing and poluutoplenyj the cone. Install the drum led to a flashing light with a medium shutter door under the fuselage ending.

Releasing the antenna, the airplane begins to describe circles. Cone, losing speed, dumped, and pātikilometrovaā antenna hangs nearly vertically. Only in this position the antenna signal can penetrate the water column. Receiving antenna of submarine also wire and with a small float on the end. Finally, under external consoles wings are attached on short pylons small oval containers with forward pin-detonating antennas VHF communications.

According to some reports, both sides are part of a separate relay and control Squadron 8 Was a special purpose. Aircraft permanently based at the airfield Chkalovsky airport. Any other information on these machines is closed. It is one of the few not yet declassified aircraft designs

Some sources report that the Il-82, a model similar to the Il-86 and Il-86VPK, is intended as an airborne early warning reconnaissance aircraft.

According to other sources, the A-50 AWACS aircraft ("Mainstay") was a joint venture of the Ilyushin and Beriev OKBs (providing the airframe and electronics, respectively); the A-series designation, normally used by Beriev to indicate a prototype or experimental aircraft, has been retained for the production aircraft. Ilyushin used the designation Il-82 for the airframe (following the Il-76 transport, Il-78 tanker, and a cancelled Il-80 SLAR reconnaissance aircraft, all based on the same airframe). Beriev argued that they had designed the most important part of the aircraft, so an Ilyushin designation was inappropriate. They were still arguing when the aircraft entered service, so its internal name of A-50 went to the print shop.

Modification Il-82
Wing span m 50.50
Aircraft length m 46.59
Aircraft height m 14.76
Wing area 300.00
Weight, kg
empty aircraft
normal takeoff 190000
Engine type 4 d-30kp
Thrust kgf 4 x 12000
Cruise speed km/h 780
Range km 6800
Service ceiling m 12000
Crew pers 5

IL-76VKP / IL-76SK / Il-82 Airborne Command Post

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