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Ilyushin Design Bureau

Experimental Design Bureau OKB-39
Aviation Industry Plant No.240
Moscow Machine-Building Plant Strela (Arrow)
Moscow Machine-Building Plant im. Ilyushin
45 Leningradsky Prospect, 
125190 Moscow, Russia 
Tel.: + 7 095 943 8325, 
fax: + 7 095 212 2132, 
telex: 411956 SOKOL
Open Joint Stock Company Ilyushin Aviation Complex (also referred to as Ilyushin) was founded in 1933. The order of USSR People’s Deputy Commissar of Heavy Industry and Head of the Main Directorate of Aviation Industry P.I. Baranov established the Design Bureau for Experimental Light Aircraft and Military Series Engineering at the facilities of V.R.Menzhinsky Plant No.39. Sergei Ilyushin was appointed Head of the Design Bureau, and under his guidance the Bureau became one of the leading complex aircraft engineering enterprises in USSR and Russia.

S.V. Ilyushin’s aircraft constituted over 30% of the total number of combat aircraft in the Great Patriotic War, and made a valuable contribution to the Victory. In the 1990s, the enterprise faced new economic conditions. By the Russian Federation Government Decree No.475-r of 14 April 1994 the "Ilyushin Aviation Complex" was reorganized in to the Joint stock company of open-type "Ilyushin Aviation Complex". Mr. V.V. Livanov was the head of the company since December 1995. Since 08 April 1996 the Joint stock company of open-type "Ilyushin Aviation Complex" was renamed as Open joint stock company "Ilyushin Aviation Complex".

During a 70-year period of activity, Ilyushin produced combat, passenger and cargo aircraft designed for various purposes. These are the IL-2, IL-10 and IL-102 ground attack aircraft; the IL-4 and IL-28 bombers; the IL-38 antisubmarine aircraft; the IL-12, IL-14, IL-18, IL-62, IL-86, IL-96-300, IL-114, IL-114-100, IL-103 passenger aircraft; the IL-12D, IL-14, IL-76 and its modifications and the IL-114? IL-96 cargo aircraft.

Today, ILYUSHIN is focused on design of cargo carriers and military airlifters. Currently, IL-114-100, IL-96-300, and IL-96-400T are in successful operation. The "command point" version of IL–96–300 is in service for the state leaders of the Russian Federation. New aircraft of various purposes are appearing in the IL family. IL-103 and IL-96T were the first Russian aircraft to obtain the USA FAA Airworthiness Certificate. Successful international cooperation resulted in certification and mass production of IL–114–100.

In September 2012, flight tests of the highly modernized IL-76MD-90A got underway. This is the first Russian aircraft produced serially with 3D digital design technology implication. Systems and structure of the aircraft have been subjected to drastic modernization as compared to the basic version. In October 2012, ILYUSHIN started cooperation with UAC-TA and with HAL (India) in respect of the Multi-Purpose Transport Aircraft (MTA) project.

For the State merits, Ilyushin Aviation Complex was awarded the Order of Lenin (1942), the Order of Red Combat Banner (1944), the Order of the Red Banner of Labor (1969), and the Order of the October Revolution (1983). Currently, the ILYUSHIN team constantly cooperates with the leading manufacturers of aircraft components, R&D institutes and major air companies, and performs the entire set of activities related to design, modernization, preparation, support of aircraft production, and continues airworthiness of the earlier-produced ILYUSHIN aircraft.

Ruslan PUKHOV, member of the Public Council under the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation and director of the Center for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies (CAST), noted in a July 05, 2018 interview with the weekly Zvezda and the Army Standard magazine said "Let's look at the success of the Ilyushin firm over the past ten years. The contract for the supply of 38 military transport aircraft to China was disrupted. The delivery of two IL-76MF to Jordan was made with a significant lag behind the schedule. Project IL-214 / MTA failed. The Il-76 production restoration program has gone beyond all possible schedules and estimates. The only aircraft in trial operation shows very low operational reliability. There are very strong concerns regarding the success of the development of the IL-112V. If a firm has not been able to restore production of its IL-76 normally for ten years, what are the chances of success in rebuilding a more complex and alien An-124, for which there is no engine?"

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