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Ilyushin IL-196

It was planned to create IL-96-550, designed to transport 450-550 passengers to a distance of up 11,500 km as a derivative of IL-96M. Its further development could become the IL-196 aircraft capable to carry 680-800 passengers to a distance of 13,000 km. These projects were unrealized, but further development of world aviation, in particular the development by Airbus of extra-capacity aircraft, confirmed that these concepts were timely.

An Il-196 has not been built, and evidently the designation has been used to reference various designs over the years. One prospective design featured four NK-44 engines, with a capacity of between 680 and 800 passengers.

The decision on the possibility of establishing a long-haul aircraft based on IL-96 with new generation NK-93 engines developed by Samara Scientific-Technical Complex Kuznetsova (SNTK. Kuznetsova) was under consideration. The decision may be taken only after completion of flight test aircraft engines around the middle of this year. At the JSC "Aviation Complex Ilyushin" (AK imeni Ilyushin) several years ago, preliminary work on the elaboration of the possibility of installing the IL-96 NK-93 engines and a plane, according to some sources, was designation Il-196.

In 2008 ILYUSHIN Design Bureau was already working a new version of the modernization of the aircraft - IL-196. On it instead of the Perm PS-90A1 it was planned to install four NK-93 engine developed by JSC "Samara Scientific-Technical Complex named after Academician ND Kuznetsov" (SNTK). This is a promising engine with ultra-high bypass ratio. In its present design planetary reduction gear between the turbine and fan. Link NC-93 - 18 m with the prospect of increasing it to 22 tonnes, which is more than the engine and PS-90A (16 m), and PS-90A1 (17.4 m). "This engine makes it possible to increase traction while reducing fuel consumption, - said Alexander Rubtsov.

NK-93 was have lower specific fuel consumption: in the long term it can be brought to the level 0,53-0,515 kg fuel per 1 kg of thrust per hour whereas the PS-90A, the figure is 0.6. " However, according to the head of IFC, from NC-93 there is one problem - he's 900 pounds heavier than the PS-90A. For the four-engined IL-96 increase in weight will be almost 4 tons "But what is on paper and in iron, we see that the engine NK-93 and allows to increase the range and payload, and reduce fuel consumption, - said General Director of Ilyushin Finance Co." (IFC) BG Alexander Rubtsov. "Project equipping aircraft engines Samara production will be available from 2011-2012. Soon there will be a meeting with the engine manufacturers."

Cargo version of IL-196T will have a maximum takeoff weight of 270 tons and a maximum payload 92 tons, carrying with her flight to 5.8 thousand km. IL-96-400T at takeoff weight of 265 tons and the same 92-ton load can fly only 5 thousand kilometers. However, if the fuel consumption 400T is 7.5 tons per hour, the Il-196 it is estimated to be 6.1 m (19% lower). However, for such savings will have to pay: 400T list price is $ 75 million, and for the first 196 is planned to reach $ 90-110 million.

"This machine will be superior to the performance indicators cargo Boeing 777", - said Mr. Rubtsov. True, Boeing 777F, which should hit the market in 2011, is still ahead on a number of characteristics of the IL-196, the supply of which is scheduled to begin a year later. Boeing at maximum takeoff weight of 347 tonnes will carry 104 tons to 6020 km with fuel 5,82-6,21 m per hour. However, IL-196 will be cheaper by half: 777F target list price of $ 187-250 million.

As of 2008, a decision on the development of IL-196 would have resulted in the following conflict: Development Strategy in the KLA and the Federal Target Program "Development of Civil Aviation in Russia in 2002-2010 and for the period up to 2015" (FSP-2015) did not provide for the creation of long-haul passenger aircraft, although IL-96 and NK-93 with binomial cabin crew looked very promising. So Ilyushin would have to seek the inclusion of subjects in the IL-196 Strategy KLA and FTP-2015 with their adjustment in this part that will take some time.

Developed by JSC "Samara Scientific-Technical Complex", the NK-93 engine in the future can be installed on aircraft Ilyushin KB development, the general director of "Ilyushin Aviation Complex" Viktor Livanov said in June 2012. "Tentatively considered and calculated the possible results of the installation of NK-93 on IL-96 alignment, fuel consumption, range and on other characteristics and performance," - said V.Livanov.

At the same time, he noted that "the real study of the installation on the aircraft" Ilyushin "new engine can start only after the completion of its flight tests flying laboratory Il-76LL." The NC-93 is a new engine with ultra-high bypass ratio. V.Livanov said that it is the possibility of the NK-93 on the "extended" version of the IL-96 - its modification of IL-96-400. "Completion of flight tests of NK-93 is scheduled for 2008, but while tests are conducted virtually in connection with another delay in funding for the development of civil aircraft for the period until 2015. Though the money allocated from the state budget, but agreements have not been concluded," - said the agency.

V.Livanov said that the ability to install the SC-93 created by the Russian-Indian perspective medium military transport aircraft "is not considered." Possible version of the aircraft with engines NK-93 is the developer internal symbol IL-196.

One possible design that could be interesting is the twin-engine version of the twin-deck IL-96-550. The nose portion (with cabin and avionics), and the upper tier can be unified with MS-21. The wings can be modified by the same variant that will have improved Airbus A330 Winglets) to improve local aerodynamics. The IL-96 and Airbus A330 planes are roughly one generation. To that may be sufficient for a feasible for an improved Airbus A330-wing design to be acceptable for the IL-96. The project with a Russian engine with a takeoff thrust of 40 tons could be a possible powerplant for such an aircraft, An IL-96-550 in a Double Motor version would fit the Rolls-Royce TrentXWB.

It would certainly require an increased wing for installation on the IL-96. Not all this has already been considered or discussed in the KB Ilyushin study of the project in a twin-engine version of the IL-96-IL-98, which was supposed to install two NC-44 (from SNTK Kuznetsova) or two PW4382. The range of the aircraft within the 8000-9000 km (as of processed initially in IL-96-550 with 4 NC-93). Thus could get a plane that on passenger and flight range would take place between the project "Frigate EkoDzhet" and Boeing747-8I and the Airbus A380.

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