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Board of Inquiry - Afghanistan 2002
Documents - Final Report
Press Releases
     Canadian Press Release

Tarnak Farm BOI Final Report - Sept 13th, 2002

Letter from the President
Executive Summary

Table of Contents
     Reader's Guide to the Final Report
     Part I - Conduct of the Investigation
           Chronology of Investigative Activities
           The Coalition Investigation Board
           Collected and Received Evidence
     Part III - Narrative Analysis
           Land Events
           Air Events
           Post-Incident Events
     Part IV - Detailed Findings
           Proximate Cause
           Duty Status of Members
           Connection to Military Service
           Planning and Conduct
           Safety Procedures
           Canadian - American Coordination
           Air - Ground Coordination
           Post-Incident Activities
           Other Relevant Issues
     Part V - Recommendations
           Previously Submitted Recommendations
           Additional Recommendations
           The Leggat Study
           Annex A - Terms of Reference
           Annex B - Visual Timeline Chart (21:16Z to 21:36Z)
           Annex C - Time Interpretation Table
           Annex D - Area Map of Kandahar Airfield Facility and Tarnak Farm
           Annex E - Tarnak Farm Multi-Purpose Range Complex
           Annex F - Tank Stalk Range Photos
           Annex G - Troop Disposition and Wadi Profile at Bomb Impact
           Annex H - Flight Path Reconstruction
           Annex I - Transcript of Air to Air Radio Communications
           Annex J - Relevant Air Orders and Instructions
           Annex K - The Leggat Study

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