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Naval Coastal Warfare Group One (NCWGRU 1)

Naval Coastal Warfare Group One is the operational, planning, training and administrative support of 22 commissioned hardware equipped Mobile Inshore Undersea Warfare Units (MIUWU), Inshore Boat Units (IBU) and Harbor Defense Commands (HDC) surveillance units in support of Fleet CINC operations.

Personnel from Naval Coastal Warfare Group (NCWG) 1 provided force protection for the MPF offload ship, the M/V CPL Louis J. Hague Jr. (T-AK 3000), a $1.5 billion dollar asset during Natural Fire 2000. Overall, force protection operations presented an overt capability that deterred criminal activity, sabotage or terrorist action, including those from paramilitary personnel, from both a seaward and landward threat axis.

Naval Coastal Warfare Group 1 deployed a Mobile Ashore Support Terminal (MAST II) detachment for the exercise. With its C4I (communications, command, control, computers and intelligence) capability and Super High Frequency (SHF) communications/SATCOM capability, the MAST provided a detailed real-time tactical picture and theater-level data for the Maritime Prepositioning Force commander (Amphibious Group 3 commander) during the MPF operations. Mobile Inshore Undersea Warfare (MIUW) units 114 and 110 provided seaward security for the MPF offload and onload forces in Kenya. The MIUW's surface and subsurface surveillance capabilities kept a tight security ring around the M/V CPL Louis J. Hague Jr. Three different Inshore Boat Units (IBU), 13, 14 and 15, provided waterborne security.

Operating under the tactical control of the MIUW units, the IBU's were able to move quickly to investigate surface contacts and maintain a secure zone around the MPF ship. They also deployed sonobuoys for underwater surveillance. Reservists also conducted extensive training with Kenyan forces and other local nation forces for IBU operations, lighterage operations, port security and harbor defense. Kenyan crews augmented U.S. forces in all phases of the exercise. Multilateral operations included the participation of Tanzanian and Ugandan forces.

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