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Yak Projects

AVF-10 Glider Training
AVF-20 Glider Training
AIR-1 Light Aircraft
AIR-2 Light Aircraft
AIR-3 Pioneer truth Light Aircraft
AIR-4 Light Aircraft
AIR-5 light multipurpose aircraft
AIR-6 light multipurpose aircraft
AIR-7 light multipurpose aircraft
ARC-8 Light Aircraft
AIR-9 light multipurpose aircraft
AIR-10 light multipurpose aircraft
AIR-11 light multipurpose aircraft
AIR-12 Lightweight racing plane
AIR-14 trainer aircraft
AIR-15 Lightweight racing plane
AIR-16 light multipurpose aircraft
AIR-17 Multi-TCB
AIR-18 trainer aircraft
AIR-19 Airliner
BB-22 Bomber
BBA-3 Light Aircraft
I-6 light multipurpose aircraft
I-19 Airliner
I-26 Fighter
I-28 high-altitude fighter
I-29 Heavy Fighter
I-30 Fighter
Macaques Glider Training
BEE-1 reconnaissance UAV Operations
R-12 Middle scout
UT-1 trainer aircraft
UT-1B bomber trainer
UT-2 trainer aircraft
UT-2L trainer aircraft
UT-WW2 Easy Forward
UT-3 Multi-TCB
UT-21 trainer aircraft
UTI-26 training fighter
BUMBLEBEE-1 reconnaissance UAV Operations
EG light multipurpose helicopter
Yak-1 fighter
Yak-1 Strike Fighter
Yak-1B fighter-interceptor
Yak-1 M-105PF Fighter
Yak-1 M-106P Fighter
Yak-1M Fighter
Yak-1 ("Winter") Fighter
Yak-2 medium bomber
Yak-2 Sturmovik Cubby
Yak-3 Fighter
Yak-3K Strike Fighter
Yak-3M Fighter
Yak-3P Fighter
Yak-3PD Multilevel fighter
Yak-3RD Fighter
Yak-3T Strike Fighter
Yak-3 VK-107 Fighter
Yak-3 VK-108 Fighter
Yak-3U Fighter
Yak-4medium bomber
UC-5 fighter Multilevel
UC-5 trainer aircraft
Yak-6 medium bomber
Yak-7 fighter
Yak-7-37 Fighter
Yak-7A Fighter
Yak-7B fighter
Yak-7B AFA-MI Frontline scout
Yak-7B fighter
Yak-7GK Fighter Interceptor
Yak-7D Fighter
Yak-7DI Fighter
Yak-7M Fighter
Yak-7 M-82 Fighter
Yak-7P fighter
Yak-7PD Fighter
Yak-7UTItraining fighter
Yak-8 transport aircraft
Yak-9 tactical fighter
Yak-9 M-106 tactical fighter
Yak-9B fighter-bomber
Yak-9B training fighter
Yak-9D Far fighter
Yak-9DD long-range fighter
Yak-9K Fighter
Yak-9 EXPRESS Light transport aircraft
Yak-9L fighter-bomber
Yak-9M Fighter
Yak-9P Fighter
Yak-9P VC-107 Fighter
Yak-9PD Fighter Interceptor
Yak-9P Frontline scout
Yak-9C Fighter
Yak-9T Strike Fighter
Yak-9TD Strike Fighter
Yak-9TK Strike Fighter
Yak-9U Fighter VC-105
Yak-9U Fighter VC-107
Yak-9UV training fighter
Yak-9UT Strike Fighter
Yak-10 Light transport aircraft
Yak-11 trainer aircraft
Yak-11U trainer aircraft
Yak-12 Light transport aircraft
Yak-13 Light transport aircraft
Yak-14 Glider Landing
Yak-14 light transport aircraft
Yak-15 multi-role fighter
Yak-16 passenger plane Blizhemagistralny
Yak-17 multi-role fighter
Yak-17UTI trainer aircraft
Yak-18 trainer aircraft
Yak-18PM aerobatic plane
Yak-18T trainer aircraft
Yak-19 multi-role fighter
Yak-20 trainer aircraft
Yak-21 trainer aircraft
Yak-23 multi-role fighter
Yak-24 troop-carrying helicopter
Yak-25 (FIRST) Fighter
Yak-25 fighter-interceptor
Yak-25K fighter-interceptor
Yak-25P Frontline scout
Yak-25RV Far altitude reconnaissance
Yak-26 frontline bomber
Yak-27 fighter-interceptor
UC-27B fighter-interceptor
Yak-27K fighter-interceptor
Yak-27R reconnaissance Frontline
Yak-28 frontline bomber
Yak-28BI reconnaissance aircraft
Yak-28I frontline bomber
Yak-28L front-line bomber
Yak-28P fighter-interceptor
Yak-28PP aircraft EW
Yak-28R reconnaissance Frontline
Yak-28U trainer aircraft
Yak-28-64 Fighter-Interceptor
Yak-30 (FIRST) fighter-interceptor
Yak-30 trainer aircraft
Yak-32 trainer aircraft
Yak-33 Medium bomber project
Yak-35 Medium bomber project
Yak-36 Deck Forward
Yak-38 Assault with a GDP
Yak-38M Assault GDP
Yak-38U trainer aircraft
Yak-39 VSTOL Deck Fighter project
Yak-40 passenger plane
Yak-41 Yak-141 fighter
Yak-42Mid-range passenger plane
Yak-42D Short-range passenger aircraft
Yak-43 Yak-141 fighter derivative
Yak-44E AWACS aircraft
Yak-45 Assault Fighter
Yak-46 FIRST Yak-42 derivative project
Yak-46 SECOND prop-fan passenger aircraft project
Yak-47 Fighter
Yak-48twin-turbofan business jet
Yak-50 (FIRST) fighter-interceptor
Yak-50 [SECOND] trainer aircraft
Yak-52 trainer aircraft
UC-52B light attack aircraft
Yak-53 trainer aircraft
Yak-54 trainer aircraft
Yak-55 trainer aircraft
Yak-55M trainer aircraft
Yak-58 Light Multipurpose Transport Aircraft
Yak-100 ver heavy helicopter
Yak-100 light multipurpose helicopter
Yak-104Yak-30 trainer
Yak-104 IIVSTOL project
Yak-112 light multipurpose transport aircraft
Yak-125 Frontline scout
Yak-130 combat trainer aircraft
Yak-140 fighter prototype
Yak-141 fighter with GDP
Yak-142 short-haul passenger aircraft
Yak-152 trainer aircraft
Yak-200 trainer aircraft
Yak-201VSTOL fighter design
Yak-210 trainer aircraft
Yak-1000 experimental fighter, 1951
The Yakovlev Design Bureau developed many different types of vehicles since 1924. The Yakovlev Design Bureau possessed unique and extensive knowledge, especially with respect to light aircraft design. The Yakovlev Design Bureau has produced more than 200 types and modifications of aircraft: light, sport, passenger, all-purpose, fighters, bombers, interceptors and remote piloted vehicles. To date Yakovlev Design Bureau have produced 70 000 Yak aircraft.

When he became the head of the design bureau, Alexander Sergeevich called all his planes “AIR” in honor of the party and state leader Alexei Ivanovich Rykov. In the Soviet Union, it was then decided to praise political figures, and Yakovlev was no exception. In 1917, Alexey Rykov became one of the organizers of the October Revolution. In 1918, Rykov became the head of the Supreme Council for the National Economy (VSNH). Under his leadership, nationalization of industry was carried out. On February 2, 1924, professional revolutionist Alexei Rykov became chairman of the Council of USSR People’s Commissars.

In the post of Chairman of the Council of People's Commissars. In December 1924, he signed a decree abolishing Prohibition, which had been in force since the beginning of the First World War. This was done to fill the state budget. The first Soviet vodka came to the counters - it was nicknamed "rykovka" by the people by the name of the Council of People's Commissars Chairman. After the death of Lenin, he actively supported Stalin in the fight against Trotsky, and later against Zinoviev and Kamenev.

Such designations remained until February 1937. Alexei Ivanovich Rykov was expelled from the party and arrested on February 27, 1937. Contained in the Lubyanka prison. During interrogations, pleaded guilty. In the last word, he said: "I want those who have not yet been exposed and disarmed so that they immediately and openly do this." On March 13, 1938, he was sentenced to death and shot on March 15 at the Kommunar training ground. In 1988, Aleksey Rykov was fully rehabilitated by the USSR Chief Military Prosecutor’s Office and reinstated to the CPSU.

Then all the fighter planes created in the Yakovlev design bureau began to be called with the letter “I”, and then by numbers, and the first in this row was the plane “22” or BB-22. This was due to the exclusion of Rykov from the CPSU (b) and his subsequent arrest.

Since the summer of 1939, the aircraft "22" in the version of a passing bomber became officially called the BB-22, the reconnaissance aircraft - the R-12, and the fighter - the I-29. At the end of 1940, the BB-22 was once again renamed the Yak-2, and its modification with more powerful engines was changed into the Yak-4.

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