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AIR-19 / I-19 or No. 19

AIR-19 / I-19 or No. 19 The I-19 (aircraft No. 19; AIR-19) is a civilian version of the UT-3 , a passenger plane for local lines and a medical ["sanitary" one. By design as a whole, it repeated his predecessor. Engines MV-6 with 220 hp at 2100 rpm Passenger seats 5. The fuselage in the form of trusses, welded steel pipes 30HGSA, with ribbons, braces, the nose part is duralumin, the cabin covering is plywood, the tail part is linen. Wing - as in UT-3, Shrenk's flaps, controlled by the hydraulic system. Ailerons and plumage - duralumin and canvas. Chassis - by type of aircraft SB , wheels 650 x 250 mm. The aircraft was released at the end of 1938 (lead engineer OK Antonov , who worked at that time in the AS Yakovlev Design Bureau ).

I-19 successfully passed state tests at the Research Institute of the Civil Air Fleet on October 18-26, 1939 (pilot - E.I. Schwartz , lead engineer - G.A.Muratov). It was considered expedient to its serial construction. The report on state tests noted that the plane is simple in piloting technique, simple in maintenance and repair; according to its flight data and performance it meets the needs of republican lines of the civil air fleet, and can also be used on certain sections of main lines to replace STAL-2 / -3 and K-5 aircraft and, moreover, as a sanitary one.

It was especially noted that the I-19 was provided with a base for serial construction and its mass production was actually mastered by the release of the I-17 (UT-3) aircraft. The head of the GU GUF VSMolokov planned to use the I-19 for regular flights on short lines. But in the pre-war situation, when the production of UT-3 was discontinued, the release of I-19 could not be carried out. The recognition of this type of aircraft came later in the Yak-6 .

Modification AIR-19
Wingspan, m 15.00
Length of aircraft, m 10.02
Height of aircraft, m 3.70
Wing area, m2 32.42
Mass, kg
empty plane 2134 -
maximum take-off 2950
Engine type 2 x PD MV-6 (Renaul "Bengali-6")
-power, hp 2 x 220
Maximum speed, km / h 271
Cruising speed, km / h 235
Practical range, km 783
Practical ceiling, m 5600
Crew, people 2
Payload up to 5 passengers.
AIR-19 / I-19 or No. 19

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