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Object 782 - Terminator version "B"

The "Object 782" meant the use of a fighting unit with a different composition of weapons. This machine was to get the classical turret design. The photo of the prototype of "mountain tank" can be seen that the turret is similar to the corresponding unit of infantry fighting vehicle BMP-3, from which it can be assumed about its borrowing. Nevertheless, the first impression is deceptive. For the "Object 782" new turret was designed only resembles a combat unit of the BMP-3. Turret of the prospective BMPT received anti-projectile armor, output protection level to an acceptable level.

The main weapon of "the mountain of the tank," offered to make a 100-mm gun-launcher 2A70 and coupled with her gun 2A72 30 mm caliber. Behind the turret is a side unit with a 7.62 mm PKT machine gun designed for shooting sideways and forwards. Using the total for the two armored tank chassis support it has led to the fact that the "Object 782" also had to carry two automatic grenade launcher and two machine guns located in the fenders. On the sides of the turret were smoke grenade launchers.

A typical "Tank" look promising machines allowed to place in the fighting compartment 50 shots for 2A70 gun, including up to four run through the barrel of guided missiles "Bastion", 500 30 mm rounds, 1,000 rounds of ammunition for each gun and 300 grenades per grenade launcher.

As is the case with the "Object 781", "Object 782" had a crew of seven. Location of the crew members was similar but had some differences. In front of the building has a driver and two gunners, were in a twin turret commander and gunner, and a turret with areas for two shooters who ran the onboard machine guns. Using a turret with a powerful weapon impact on the maximum number of simultaneously engaged targets. Nevertheless, the loss of the possibility of attack a "complementary" target compensated firepower 2A70 gun.

In 1987, the Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant had built prototypes "Object 781" and "Object 782", which were used in the tests. According to some sources, only one chassis was assembled under the project, which were installed in series two versions of the combat units and other equipment. Nevertheless, there were enough photos, which simultaneously embodied both the "mountain of the tank", which indicates the existence of two test machines, one of each type. Shortly after the completion of the prospective vehicle was taken to the Alabino, where they demonstrated the leadership of the armed forces.

Object 782 Tank Support Combat Vehicle

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