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BMPT-72 Terminator-2
Tank Support Combat Vehicle

One of the highlights of the Russia Arms EXPO-2013 was the premiere tank support vehicle BMPT-72. In this embodiment into account the experience of creating and using the first option BMPT. The result was a new machine with high performance characteristics.

The BMPT-72 is a derivative vehicle of the BMP-T that was designed as a downgrade due to the lack of interest in the BMP-T. The BMP-T was a purpose built vehicle, and so it was more expensive to acquire than customers were willing to pay. So the BMP-T-72 was designed as an upgrade package for T-72 chassis vehicles in order to reduce costs and increase demand for the product. According to the manufacturer, the modernization of the old T-72 tanks in the BMPT-72 can be carried out at the customer's facilities.

Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin said that the idea to build new heavily armed tank support vehicles emerged on the basis of experience acquired by the Russian military during the First Chechen War in North Caucasus, especially during the urban fighting in Grozny in 1995 when Russian troops lost a large number of combat vehicles to “guerrilla warfare” tactics used by Chechen separatists. Rogozin, who oversees the Russian defense and space industries, said future versions of the BMPT would most likely be based on the platform of Russia’s highly anticipated new main battle tank: the Armata.

In September 2013 at the now traditional arms exhibition in Nizhny Tagil "Uralvagonzavod" was preparing to introduce the general public a new version of its BMPT, which was established on the basis of a modernized version of the T-72 MBT. According to the general director of the research and production corporation Uralvagonzavod Oleg Sienko, the company was working on a new concept of its war machine. According to Sienko, a new vehicle in its capabilities and performance will be close to the already established BMPT. Its main distinction is to reduce the number of crew. Currently, the crew of the Object 199 was composed of 5 members.

Russia’s Uralvagonzavod defense manufacturer on 25 September 2013 unveiled the BMPT-72 tank support fighting vehicle, dubbed the “Terminator-2,” at the Russia Arms Expo 2013 in Nizhny Tagil. The BMPT-72 is an extensive modernization of the world-famous T-72 main battle tank, also produced by Uralvagonzavod. Compared with its predecessor – the BMPT – the BMPT-72 has an improved fire control system and better turret weapon station protection. “The key advantage that the BMPT-72 gives to all the counties that operate T-72 tanks is that they can promptly and at minimal cost upgrade their armies to an ultra-modern level, and enhance capacity, mobility, protection and armament without purchasing new high-cost machines,” Uralvgonzavod said in press release prior to the Nizhny Tagil show.

BMPT-72 weighs 44 tons. Armament was two 2A42 30-mm automatic small-caliber gun with ammunition 850 rounds. The BMPT-72 was armed with four launchers for 130-mm Ataka-T anti-tank guided missiles, and two 81-mm smoke grenade launchers. There is also a coaxial machine gun PKTM equipped with an automatic reloading of ammunition with 2100 rounds of ammunition.

In two (as opposed to the earlier version of 4) protected launchers four anti-tank guided missiles were deployed. They are able to hit the enemy at a distance of six kilometers. The modern sighting complex multichannel gunner is equipped with a thermal imager that allows at night to detect enemy tanks at a distance of three and a half kilometers.

Panoramic commander sight allows him all round visibility and, in contrast to the first generation BMPT, it is also equipped with the thermal imager, which greatly improves the possibilities for the combat commander with the objectives of the night and in poor visibility.

To enhance security, the BMPT is equipped with a modular dynamic protection that allows fending off most of the existing threats, as well as protective latticed screens. Inside BMPT reinforced by special anti-splinter screen. All this, as well as modern fire-fighting equipment, dramatically increases the survival rate of the machine and its crew on the battlefield.

As to mobility, the BMPT-72, depending on customer requirements, can have installed engines capacity of 840 or 1,000 hp The maximum speed on the highway is up to 60 km/h. The machine can cross water obstacles to a depth of 5 meters. Power reserve of up to 700 km. The machine has an auxiliary diesel generator. And it is equipped with the latest means of communication.

In 2012, Kazakhstan, a country with a post-Soviet Army that somewhat resembles the Russian military in force structure and tactics, signed an agreement to purchase nine BMPTs on T-72 chassis, with deliveries starting in 2013. In 2012 FSMTC [Federal Service for Military -Technical Cooperation] Russia and the Defense of Kazakhstan signed a memorandum of purchase nine BMPT “Terminator. By some accounts, the 10 vehicles were delivered between 2011 to 2013.

Apparently, the BMPT was perceived as a great success, and in April 2014, Kazakhstan signed another contract with Uralvagonzavod to produce the BMPT in Kazakhstan under a licensing agreement.

As deputy director of the Federal Service for Military -Technical Cooperation Konstantin Biryulin said 14 April 2014, agreement on the manufacture of machinery in Kazakhstan had been reached, and the next year is already possible to see the real products. At the same components for the production machines will be supplied with Uralvagonzavod. Earlier Kazakhstan bought these machines in Russia.

A Russian-Kazakh joint venture established to modernize Soviet-era T-72 tanks and create other armored vehicles on their basis will start work in the next two months, Federal Military and Technical Cooperation Service Deputy Director Konstantin Biryulin said on 23 May 2014.

“The production of BMPT-2 tank support combat vehicles is one of the enterprise’s areas of work. In general, it will deal with modernization of the entire fleet of Kazakhstan’s T-72 tanks,” Biryulin said at the Kadex-2014 international armaments exhibition in the Kazakh capital of Astana. The joint venture will also engage in converting T-72 tanks decommissioned by Kazakhstan into armored repair and evacuation vehicles, obstacle-removing vehicles and other armored machines, he said. “The enterprise was intended to start work back last year but the launch schedule has been shifted due to delays in formalization issues. In actual fact, it has already been registered and will start work no later than in two months,” he said.

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