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Armata Terminator-3

Armata Terminator-3The appearance in the troops of "Terminator-3" will radically change the nature of the fighting. Armed with two 57-mm cannons and powerful long-range missiles, the combat vehicle will not leave any chances both to the ground enemy, even to such high-tech NATO armored vehicles, and to airborne targets, a well-known military expert Alexey Khlopotov believes. “As you know, on the chassis of a platform of a heavy unified platform, the Armata planned to develop and manufacture a large number of combat and auxiliary equipment. Some information can be found on the web, while others are not yet known.

In addition to the well-known T-14 main battle tank, the T-15 heavy infantry fighting vehicle, and the T-16 armored repair and recovery vehicle, there was a lot of talk about the Terminator-3 fire support vehicle, he said. The military expert cited an excerpt from his publication of November 2016:

“As follows from the materials of the anniversary edition“ Ural Railroad Wagon Building Plant is 80 years old ”(S.Vustyantsev, Tankprom Library series, p.159), the new version of BMPT will have 57 mm caliber as the main weapon, but the armament module will Quite different. I quote: "A new fire support machine for the domestic armed forces is being developed today on a single base" Armata ". In addition to the above advantages of the base model (meaning the Armata platform - GKh), it received a much more powerful weapon system. The 30-mm cannon was replaced by the Iskra 57-mm automatic guns with a range of up to 16 km. Their front armor projections of the main battle tanks were capable of withstanding their armor-piercing projectiles today, but powerful ATGMs have been procured for them. "

Then he also noted: "The emergence of such a fire support vehicle effectively levels the efforts of many NATO companies and companies to create a modern, highly secure transport - MRAP, BTR and BMP. Information about the possible appearance of "Terminator 3" at that time caused the effect of a bombshell. All central publications wrote about this "hellish thresher of the 21st century" After more than two years, it is hardly remembered. “But in vain, for me, this development would be even more interesting than a tank or a heavy infantry fighting vehicle, not to mention BREM. technical forum. Maybe we really will see it this year? " - hopes Khlopotov.

Russia is generally making a choice in favor of 57-millimeter weapons, which will have larger ammunition and, therefore, fewer projectiles than Western models. During World War II, the Soviet Union adopted 57-mm anti-tank guns, traveling on wheels or mounted on armored chassis. After the war, the USSR created an anti-aircraft self-propelled unit ZSU-57-2, installing a double 57-mm rapid-fire gun on the chassis of the T-54 tank.

Now the Russian Defense Ministry has decided that the guns on all future armored personnel carriers will be of the same caliber - 57 millimeters. “For all light combat vehicles (infantry fighting vehicles, armored personnel carriers and armored vehicles) a new maximum caliber of 57 mm has been chosen, explains Izvestia. - Such guns were strong in their versatility. They can not only destroy tanks, but also shoot down drones. Their rate of fire can be compared with a machine gun. So far, only Russia has been able to bring such weapons to mass production. Light armored vehicles with 57 mm cannons will take precedence over other combat vehicles of the same class. ”

In addition to armored vehicles, a new 57-mm self-propelled anti-aircraft gun is being developed in Russia. ZSU 2S38 "Derivation-Air Defense" is made on the basis of the BMP-3 infantry fighting vehicle.

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