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Object 781 - Terminator version "A"

The development of a new class of machines tasked GSKB-2 Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant. Projects received the designation "Object 781" and "Object 782". In some sources "Object 782" appears as "Object 781, variant B". In addition, there were the designations "781, assembly 7" and "781, assembly 8 '.

Design work started in 1986. Chelyabinsk engineers have taken into account the requirements of the military and decided to create just two versions of a "mountain of the tank", characterized by a different set of weapons. At the same time both vehicles had to use the same chassis. The basis for the latter was the T-72B, which is made noticeable in the design changes.

The main difference between the first chassis BMPT from basic T-72B was the higher body. To accommodate the arms, ammunition and crew of the tank body has a new frontal part of the arrangement with other angles armor plates and large high fenders. In addition, a significantly raised the roof of the housing. Housing protection level has remained the same: the frontal projection withstand artillery shells hit, and the sides and roof protect the crew from small arms bullets and shells of small-caliber cannons.

Chassis of the "mountain tanks" were made of aggregates production of T-72B, which was to affect their powerplant and chassis. The modified chassis apparently was equipped with a diesel engine power B-84-1 840 hp Chassis on each side had a total of six road wheels with torsion bar suspension, rear drive and front wheel steering and three support rollers.

In front of the hull both BMPT planned to place the jobs of the driver (in the center) and two shooters at the beads. Behind them were fighting compartment with armament. The overall layout of the two promising options armored vehicles looked like "mountain tanks' mainly differed only in armament.

Machine "Object 781" had an original set of weapons, it is not characteristic of Soviet tanks of the last decades. On the roof of the turret was proposed to establish at once two combat unit with arms. Each of these units were equipped with 30-mm automatic cannon 2A72 with PKT coaxial machine gun 7.62 mm. On the outer sides of the modules can be mounted launchers for anti-tank missiles. During combat modules to cover the vehicle from the side and rear attacks proposed to install two large-caliber machine gun NSV.

In order to attack targets in the forward hemisphere "Object 781" had two automatic grenade launcher and two PKT machine gun. One grenade launcher and machine guns were placed in developed nadgusenichnyh shelves in front of the machine. Remote control system allows the shooter to direct the weapon at the target within a relatively small sector. For guidance arrows-weapons grenade throwers had their own periscope sight.

"Object 781" had an impressive ammunition: 550 rounds for automatic guns, 2,000 rounds of ammunition for each gun and grenades, 300 grenade launchers each. The number of launchers for anti-tank missiles could reach six, but on the existing photo of the prototype "object 781" can be seen only two transport-launch container. In combat units were smoke grenade launchers.

The crew of "Object 781" consisted of seven persons: a driver and two hand-grenade throwers (their place is in the front of the hull), commander and gunner, and two feed arrow-gunner, were located in the fighting compartment. As follows from the data available, the commander and gunner perspective "mountain of the tank" could be steered separately, two gun-machine gun combat units. It has a set of machine-guns and rocket-propelled grenades as well increased the firepower of the machine and the number of simultaneously attacked targets.

Simple estimates show that the "Object 781" could simultaneously attack six targets: using two sets of weapons in the course nadgusenichnyh shelves, two combat modules and two stern guns. Of course, exchange machine guns and grenade launchers, which had no high-grade guidance systems had limited effectiveness. Stabilizing the lack also not conducive to high accuracy of fire guns, arranged on the housing. Nevertheless, the crew was able to observe the situation on the battlefield, as well as to fire in any direction and use the most suitable for a particular purpose weapon, not having large dead zones.

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