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Object 199 "Ramka" BMPT T-90A

The position in combat grouping with tanks forces the BMPT to be protected by equivalent armor. The purpose of the vehicle differs from the Achzarit and BTR-T transporters. The task of BMPT (in the constructors’ assumption) is not safe transport of infantry in terrain threatened by direct enemy fire or in areas where operations of typical infantry transports were impeded (urban areas, mountains, etc). Rather, it is meant to provide fire support to tanks. Presented during the Ural Expo Mars 2000 in Nizim Tagile, BMPT (Object 199), was constructed in Ural Transport Machine Construction Bureau (UKBTM). The prototype was developed as the own initial of UKBTM and uses the T-72/90 tank chassis.

The 4th version of the BMPT developed in the Ural KB Transport Engineering was originally applied to the UKBTM chassis of the T-72 "tank of the future" - the T-90A. The chassis layout of the new BMPT "Frame 99" (Object 199) was first shown to the public in the summer of 2000 during the Nizhny Tagil exhibition. At Nizhny Tagil'2004 twenty five Russian enterprises showcased over 60 pieces of military equipment and arms. Foreign visitors have shown a special interest in the tank T-90S and the updated tank T-72, the BMPT combat vehicle with a rapid-fire gun and guided antitank missiles, as well as the MSTA self-propelled gun mount and the self-propelled howitzer Akatsia.

In 2008 it was reported that the order for the Combat vehicle for tank support would be made by UWZ for Kazakhstan, which purchased 10 BMPT units. According to the ground forces department of Rosoboronexport [ROE] Vyacheslav Gubarev, the order could have come earlier, but the customer could not determine the chassis, T-72 or T-90 as a platform. Originally it was planned to use Kazakh T-72, inherited from the USSR. However after calculation of the expenses it appeared that it is more reasonable to use T-90 as the platform. ROE noticed that Israel is actively exploring the upgrade market of Kazakhstan. In particular, the Israeli companies fitted local howitzer D-130 on KAMAZ. ROE intended to push off the competitor from this market.

In December 2009 Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, on a working visit to the Urals Federal District, visited the Nizhny Tagil Institute of Metals Testing and assessed the specifications of modern Russian armored vehicles. Prime Minister Putin was particularly interested in the BMPT tank support combat vehicle, a new and unique fighting vehicle intended to destroy small soft and hardened targets on any terrain. The BMPT displayed its impressive combat potential while shooting at targets located 700 to 1,600 meters away. The Nizhny Tagil Institute of Metals Testing, which marked its 70th anniversary in 2009, is a unique agency specialising in research, production and testing of ammunition, weapons and military equipment at every stage of their development and production.

Hopes for the fielding of the BMPT were dashed in 2010 when the Russian MoD announced that funding for BMPT had been cancelled. Initially, it was reported that cause of the cancellation stemmed from the Russian defense minister’s (at the time, Anatoly Serdyukov) desire to build a more “Western” military. In short order, the BMPT, BTR-90 and further T-90S tank acquisitions were all cancelled. In 2011, the T-95 Black Eagle program was cancelled, but the cancellation was attributed to the development of a new universal chassis, the Armata, which was intended to incorporate many of the T-95’s features.

In September 2011 at Nizhny Tagil in the VIII International exhibition of arms, military equipment and ammunition included the presentation of the combat vehicle support tanks (BMPT) "The Terminator". BMPT is a multipurpose military vehicle that was created on the basis of the T-90S. During the presentation, visitors salon demonstrated in action arms control turret BMPT. As described by the manufacturer, the "Terminator" is intended to destroy enemy personnel, armed with antitank grenade launchers, missile systems and also in small arms. BMPT also capable of hitting light armored targets, enemy tanks and infantry fighting vehicles, helicopters and low-flying low-speed aircraft. Thanks to good security and high manuverability, the "Terminator" can be used effectively in fighting in the mountain woodlands and urban areas.

Russian enterprises promoted a number of their newest developments at the Eurosatory 2012 International Land Security and Defence exhibition held in Paris, France, on 11-15 June 2012. Major items of interest were the T-90S MBT upgrade, BMPT tank support combat vehicle, Kornet-EM antitank missile system based on the Tigr armored car, and Ural 6x6 hardened truck.

By one account the only BMP-T customer which opted for the T-90 chassis was Kazakhstan, which purchased 10 BMPT units. It was said that the tank support combat vehicle (BMPT) “Terminator” will release a joint venture NPK “Uralvagonzavod” and the Kazakh company in 2015. This is a bit confusing, as the Kazakh military did not seem to have any T-90 tanks.

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