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Kiev Engineering Plant after O.K. Antonov

A-1 Glider Training
A-2 Glider Training
A-7 Glider Landing
A-9 Sports Glider
A-10 Sports Glider
A-11 Sports Glider
A-13 Sports Glider
A-15 Sports Glider
A-40 (CT) Flying Tank Glider
AN-2Light Transport Aircraft
AN-2 SKI Light transport aircraft
AN-2-100 Light transport aircraft
AN-2M Farm plane
AN-2ms Light transport aircraft
AN-2cx Farm plane
AN-2F Scout spotter
AN-2AAnti-Balloon Aircraft
AN-3[1st] Anti-Balloon Aircraft
AN-3[2nd] Light transport aircraft
AN-4 Light transport aircraft
AN-6 aircraft METEO meteorazvedki
AN-8 multipurpose transport aircraft
AN-10 multipurpose transport aircraft
AN-12 Tactical Transport Aircraft
AN-12BK-IS aircraft EW
AN-12BK-PPS jammers
AN-12FR jammers
AN-12PS search and rescue plane
AN-14 transport aircraft Easy Bee
AN-14SH experimental aircraft hovercraft
AN-20 transport aircraft [PROJECT]
AN-22 Antey heavy transport aircraft
AN-24 multipurpose transport aircraft
AN-24FK Airplane aerial photography
AN-25Anti-Balloon Aircraft
AN-26multipurpose transport aircraft
AN-26A troop-carrier
AN-26B Short-range transport aircraft
AN-26B-100 short-haul passenger aircraft
AN-26B aircraft Meteorological CYCLONE
AN-26D transport plane
AN-26KPA calibrator Aircraft auxiliary plane
AN-26M SALVOR medical evacuation plane
AN-26P aircraft fire
AN-26RT electronic reconnaissance aircraft
AN-26REP jamming aircraft
AN-26SH Educational chart plane
AN-26-100multipurpose transport aircraft
AN-28 multipurpose transport aircraft
AN-30 aircraft aerial photography
AN-32 multipurpose transport aircraft
An-32P aircraft fire
AN-38 multipurpose transport aircraft
AN-38D troop-carrier
A-40Flying Tank Glider [project]
AN-40STOL military transport [project]
AN-42STOL military transport [project]
AN-50 turbojet An-24RV variant [study]
AN-70 strategic airlifter
AN-71 AWACS aircraft
AN-72 multi-purpose transport aircraft
AN-72P patrol plane
AN-74Medium- transport aircraft
AN-74BK Administrative plane
AN-74D aircraft Administrative
AN-74MP patrol plane
AN-74T-100 Mid-range transport aircraft
AN-74T-200 Medium-transport plane
AN-74TK-100 Mid-range cargo aircraft
AN-74TK-200 Mid-range cargo aircraft
AN-74TK-300 Mid-range cargo aircraft
AN-74 Administrative VIP plane
AN-77 AN-70 strategic airlifter with western engines
AN-7X AN-70 modification proposed for NATO countries
An-88 tactical battlefield surveillance aircraft (aka An-72R)
AN-124 Ruslan strategic transport aircraft
AN-124-100 Ruslan heavy haul transport aircraft
AN-124-210 Ruslan heavy haul transport aircraft
AN-140 multi-purpose transport aircraft
An-142 proposed civil/military derivative of An-140, with rear loading ramp.
AN-148 medium-haul passenger aircraft
AN-158 medium-haul passenger aircraft
AN-168 medium-haul passenger aircraft
AN-170 the basis of the Chinese Y-20 project, a heavily modified and larger AN-70 originally intended to replace Il-76
AN-171 AN-170 MPA version
AN-177 An-170 export variant
AN-178 medium-haul passenger aircraft
An-180 proposed 175-passenger propfan airliner
An-218proposed medium/long-range airliner for 195-400 passengers
AN-225 Mriya strategic airlifter
An-318proposed medium/long-range airliner
An-400An-124 designation on the development stage
An-418proposed ultra-large airliner
AN-BU-20 short-haul passenger aircraft
AN-D/T transport aircraft [PROJECT]
AN-R transport aircraft [PROJECT]
AN-Yu transport aircraft [PROJECT]
VT-22 transport aircraft [PROJECT]
DOVE Sports Glider
Product 181 Experimental Aircraft
LEM-2 Light Aircraft
LEE-2B pilot altitude aircraft
M ("Masha") Fighter Pilot
OKA-14 DIP Sports Glider
OKA-23 Sports Glider
OKA-38 Aist light multipurpose aircraft
Product P multipurpose transport aircraft
ROT FRONT-5 Sports Glider
ROT FRONT-7 Sports Glider
ROT FRONT-8 Glider Landing

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