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Aviation Industry of China (AVIC) Subsidiaries

AVIC1 Commercial Aircraft Co., Ltd. (ACAC)
China National Aero-Technology Import and Export Corporation (CAITC)
Changhe Aircraft Industries Corporation
Shanghai Aviation Industrial (Group) Corporation
Guizhou Aviation Industry Corporation (GAIC)
Airframe Assembly
Changhe Aircraft Industries (Group)
Changzhou Aircraft Manufacture Company Ltd.
Chengdu Aircraft Industrial Corporation
China National Guizhou Aviation Industry Group
China National Helicopter Corporation
Guizhou Aviation Industries Corporation (GAIC)
Hafei Aviation Industry Co. Ltd
Hangzhong Aviation Industry (Group) Corporation, Ltd. [???]
Harbin Aircraft Manufacturing Corporation
Hongdu Aviation Industry Group
Longyan Aircraft Manufacturing Factory of GAIC
Nanchang Aircraft Manufacturing Company
Shaanxi Aircraft Company
Shanghai Aviation Industry (Group) Company
Shanghai Aircraft Manufacturing Factory
Shenyang Aircraft Corporation
Shijiazhuang Aircraft Manufacturing Company
Shuangyang Aircraft Manufacturing Factory [GAIC]
Xian Aircraft Company
Yunma Aircraft Manufacturing Factory [GAIC]
Aero Engine Corp of China [AECC]
Changzhou Lan Xiang Machinery Works
Chengdu Engine Company
China National South Aeroengine Company
Guizhou Honglin Machinery Corporation of GAIC
Guizhou Xinyi Machinery Factory
Guizhou Liyang Aeroengine Corporation
Harbin Dongan Engine Manufacturing Company
Shanghai Aero-Engine Corporation
Shenyang Liming Aero Engine Group Corporation
Xian Aeroengine Corporation
Zhongnan Transmission Machinery Works
Anda Forging Plant of GAIC
Anji Foundry of GAIC
Beijing Chankong Machinery Corporation, Ltd.
Beijing Keeven Aviation Instrument Co., Ltd.
Beijing Shu Gang Electrical Machinery Factory
Beijing Qingyun Aviation Instrument Company
Changchun Airborne Equipment Company
Changfeng Machinery Plant
Chengdu Aero-Instrument Corporation
China Aviation Standard Parts Manufacturing Corporation of GAIC
China National Airborne Equipment Company
China Xingping Aircraft Wheel Corporation
Chengdu Aero-Instrument Corporation
Chuanjiang Instrument Plant
Chuanxi Machinery Plant
Fengyang Hydraulic General Factory of GAIC
Guiyang Aviation Hydraulic Component Factory of GAIC
Guiyang Electrical Machinery Plant
Guiyang Huafeng Electrical Appliance Factory of GAIC
Guiyang Qianjiang Machinery Factory of GAIC
Guizhou Hongyang Machinery (Group) Corporation of GAIC
Guizhou Leach-Tianyi Aviation
Hanjiang Machinery Plant
Hefei Wanan Machinery Factory
Honghu Machinery Factory of GAIC
Honglin Machinery Factory of GAIC
Hongyuan Aviation Forging & Casting Industry Company
Hongwei Machinery Factory
Huanyu Machinery Factory of GAIC
Huayang Electrical Factory
Huaxing Aircraft Wheel Corporation
Jianghan Aviation Life-Support Industries
Jianghuai Aviation Instrument Factory
Jincheng Group Co.,Ltd
Jianghuai Aviation Instrument Factory
Luoyang Aviation Electrical Factory
Luoyang Nanfeng Aviation Precision Electro-Machinery Company
Luoyang Nanfeng Machinery Factory
Luoyang Xinghua Electric Appliance Manufacturing Corporation
Nanjing Hongyuang Airborne Equipment Factory
Pingshui Machinery Factory of GAIC
Pingyuan Machine Factory
Qingan Group Corporation Ltd
Sanjiang Machinery Works
Shanghai Aero-Electrical Appliance Factory
Shanghai Avionics Corporation
Shaanxi Liaoyuan Aero-Mech Corporation
Shanxi Qinling Aeroelectric Company
Shenyang Xinhua Electric Appliance Factory
Southwest Tooling General Factory of GAIC
Taihang Instruments Factory
Tianyi Electro-Technical Factory of GAIC
Wanjiang Elecro-Mechanical Factory of GAIC
Weihong Machinery Factory of GAIC
Wanli Electro-Mechanic Factory
Wuhan Instrument Factory
Xi'an Aeronautical Machinery Corporation
Xi'an Yuandong Company
Xin'an Machinery Factory of GAIC
Xinhang Aeronautical Machinery Corporation
Yonghong Machinery Factory of GAIC
Yubei Machine Factory
Yuxin Machinery Factory
Zhongnan Transmission Machinery Works
Research Institutes
Aircraft Strength Research Institute of AVIC
Aviation Industry Press
Beijing Aeronautical Manufacturing Technology Research Institute
Beijing Aviation Simulator Company
Beijing Greatwall Aeronautic Measurement and Control Technology Research Institute
Beijing Institute of Aeronautical Materials
China Aero-Information Center
China Aeronautical Project and Design Institute
China Aviation Industry Standard Plants Manufacturing Company
China Flight Test Establishment
CHRDI China Helicopter Research and Design Institute
China Precision Engineering Institute For Aircraft Industry
China Leihua Electronic Technology Research Institute
China Research Institute of Aero-Accessories
Chinese Aeronautical Radio Electronics
Flight Automatic Control Research Institute
Guiyang Aviation Hydraulic Components Factory
Hongyuan Aviation Forging & Casting Industry Co.
Luoyang Electro-Optical Equipment Research Institute
Luoyang Optoelectro Technology Development Center
Qianshan Electronic Equipment Factory
Shenyang Aerodynamic Research Institute
Xian Aeronautics Computing Technique Research Institute
Xian Aircraft Design & Research Institute
Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics
Chinese Society of Aeronautics and Astronautics
Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics
Northwest Poly-Technical University

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