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SAIC - China National South Aviation Industry (Group) Co., Ltd
SMPMC - South Motive Power and Machinery Complex
ZEF - Zhuzhou Aero-Engine Company
ZEF - Zhuzhou Aero-Engine Factory

Established in 1951 and located in Zhuzhou, Hunan with an area occupying 5.5 km2, China National South Aviation Industry (Group) Co., Ltd succeeded in researching the first aviation engine of China and opened historic chapter of aviation industry of New China. Later, it also researched the first turboprop engine, the first turbofan engine, the first gas turbine, and the first motor engine, etc. of China in succession and created the first-place domestic prosperous achievement of more than 10 products. It ever researched aviation engines in over 30 models and has delivered 10000 sets of aviation engines in 27 models in 6 categories, including piston, turbo-jet, turbo propeller, turbo shaft, turbo fan and auxiliary dynamic device.

In 1951, the Zhuzhou Aero-Engine Factory [ZEF] was established, belonging to the former Aviation Industrial Department. In 1983, it was transformed into the South Machinery Aero-engine Company, which in 1992 established the China National South Aeroengine Company. In 1995, it established the Motorcycle Department, and inn 1996, a separate Aero-engine Department. In 1997, the Motorcycle Department was transformed into the Nanfangmotor Co., Ltd (the listing company was named as South Aerospace Technologies Co., Ltd in 2006). In 2001 the Aviation Department was transformed into the Zhuzhou South Aero-engine Co., Ltd. In 2005, the company was separated to become Zhuzhou South Aero-engine Co., Ltd and China National South Aero-engine Company. In 2006, Zhuzhou South Aero-engine Co., Ltd was renamed China National Aviation Industry Co., Ltd. In 2007, China National South Aero-engine Company declared bankruptcy, and established the China National South Aviation Industry (Group) Co., Ltd with China National South Aviation Industry Co., Ltd as core.

In June, 1958, the company succeeded in manufacturing nine-cylinder star cooling piston-type engine , which is applied for equipment delivery-5 plane and becomes the first aero-engine of new China. At present, it has manufactured over 4100 sets in accumulation and has the annual production capability of 200 sets. The turboshaft engine firstly tried flying in December of 1951. In 1950, French Turbomeca Company researched "Artouste-1" turboshaft engine, which only has class one centrifugal impeller compressor and class two turbine output shafts. The power reaches 206Kw (280 shaft horsepower) and becomes the world first practical elevator turbo engine. The company introduced AHEYE 1C1 production permit of French Turbomeca Company in 1980, researched WZ8 in 1984 and had formed series with the power 492kW~570kW.

The WJ6G series gas turbine is derived from the engine of national Yunba Plane and firstly developed in 1975. It has formed 6 series of products. The product adopts advanced cell structure with such characteristics as compact structure, safe operation, convenient maintenance and wide usage, etc. The QY40 turbine super-charging unit adopts, assisted with centrifugal compressing technology, and the whole unit can be automatically monitored by micro-computer in world advanced level. It can be applied in super-charging station with low pressure rate, 1.2-1.55, large flow and 700,000,000 -1,400,000,000 Nm3 per year natural and long transmission pipeline, and also be reassembled to super-charging other gases or liquids according to requirements of users. It is the best product for the long distance transmission of natural gas for west-to-east gas project.

The company product covers such industries as helicopter power, training plane power, cargo-transport plane power, unmanned power, auxiliary power device and ground test equipment so it is called as enterprise of aviation engines with the most complete types and most models in the industry. Currently, the company has developed to be unique research and production base of small and medium-sized aviation engines.

The operation scope of the company mainly includes aviation engine, gas turbine project, opto-mechanical products, motor and its engine, aero-mould, car mould and its engine, electric power assisted steering and other auto parts and components, subcontracted aero products, international trade, etc. It has subsidiaries and affiliates such as aero-engine company, South Aerospace Technologies Co., Ltd, South P&WC Aero-Engine Company, Nanfang Gas Turbine Packaging&Installation Co., Ltd, Shenzhen Sanye Precision Machinery Co., Ltd.

The company insists on the general concept of based on aviation, combination of industry, derivative development and open cooperation and the industrialized, market and internationalized self-development road, devotes itself into developing advanced core technical system, stands in strong manufacturers of aero-engine in the world by relying on strong innovative capability and superior products, realizes customers' dreams in aero-engine and its derivative product industries and strives to be world first-class supplier of aero-engine.

On February 1, 2008, Pratt & Whitney launched the UTC Supplier Gold Program to three suppliers in China: Xi'an Aero-Engine (Group) (a.k.a XIA), China National South Aviation Industry Corporation (SAIC) and Shenyang Liming Aero Engine Group Corporation in Shanghai, China. The UTC Supplier Gold Program is designed to develop and reward suppliers who operate on a lean business model using UTC ACE tools and methodologies. The UTC Supplier Gold Program follows the philosophies of Achieving Competitive Excellence (ACE), the business operating system of UTC. ACE is a set of tools and methodologies that help drive mistake-proofing, while enhancing business operations that positively impact the customer.

Zhuzhou South Aeroengine & Machinery

Zhuzhou South Aeroengine & Machinery Import & Export Co.,Ltd (SAMIC) was established in May, 1993. It is the core subsidiary of China National South Aviation Industry Corporation Ltd. [CNSAIC]. SAMIC is officially authorized to manage foreign economy cooperation, foreign trade and foreign affairs. SAMIC is one of the top ten foreign trade enterprises and one of the top ten foreign economy cooperation enterprises in Hunan Province.

SAMIC specializes in the import and export business of all kinds of commodities and technologies; processing and assembly trade;counter trade and transit trade; overseas project contracting and labor service cooperation, wholesale and retail business of standard machinery, electrical equipment, daily necessities, metals, building materials, cell phones and wireless telecom equipment.

SAMIC develops overseas market with keen determination and has established solid and close cooperation ties with hundreds of business partners in more than 40 countries and regions in Asia, Europe, North and South America and Africa. SAMIC has exported annually more than 100,000 sets of "Nanfang" brand motorcycles with proprietary intellectual property rights since 2004. Now SAMIC is one of the leading motorcycle exporters of China. In 2005, SAMIC set up a motorcycle factory - Nanfang Motor Nigeria Ltd - in Africa for local manufacturing and local sale.

SAMIC has been making great efforts to develop the production of subcontracted parts and components for foreign companies. Now SAMIC is the certified supplier of General Electric Co (GE, America), Pratt & Whitney ( P & W Canada), Hamilton Sunstrand (America) and other foreign manufacturers.

In 2003, SAMIC invested and built the South Aviation Industry and Trade Park in Zhuzhou High-tech Development Zone which covers an area of 35,000 square metres. SAMIC holds 9 enterprises for domestic and foreign trade,development and manufacturing of electromechanical products, international freight forwarding, logistics, real estate, supermarket,etc. Now SAMIC is developing into a diversified and multi-operation enterprise group.

The Zhuzhou South Aeroengine & Machinery Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd, China (SAMIC) mother company is China National South Aeroengine and Machinery Group Co., Ltd.( SAEC ). SAEC has many factories to produce motorcycle, motorcycle engine, aero engine, machinery and other products. SAMIC is in charge of the import and export for SAEC and other factories. SAMIC can export over 100,000 units of motorcycles to many countries, such as Nigeria, Cameroon, Angola, Syria, Philippines, Indonesia, Uruguay, Argentina, USA, Italy. The motorcycle SAMIC exported include RX125, YB100, MATE80( CY80, V80), Yamaha type; CD70, CG125, Honda type; AX100, K90, SUZUKI tybe; and NANFANG series motorcycles. SAEC has two joint ventures with Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd., Yamaha transfered their manufacturing technologies to its factories in 1985, SAEC's motorcycles meet the requirements of Yamaha technical standard.

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