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Guizhou Aviation Industry Group (GAIG)
Guizhou Aviation Industry Corporation (GAIC)

China National Guizhou Aviation Industry Group (GAIG) is the production base for supersonic fighter/trainer aircraft. The FT-7 series advanced aircraft dose not only fill in the gaps of high altitude and high speed fight aircraft, but also successfully enters the international market through the continuous improvement and modification. In the aspect of aviation power plant research, the turbojet engine made in Liyang Aero-engine Company of GAIG became the main power plant to equip the operational fight aircraft in China and the first exporting areo-engine from China, after continuous modification.

GAIG produces all kinds of complement aviation products, such as: aircraft and aero-engines, airborne equipment, aviation forgings, castings, standard parts, rubber parts, fuel pump, hydraulic pumps, rocket launchers, fuel pump, missile launcher, hydraulic pump, various kinds of aviation motors, transformer equipment, relays, switches, plug-in assemblies, electric mechanisms, solenoid valves, brake devices, aviation forging and casting parts, aviation ground support equipment, etc. Non-aviation products mainly include: mini car, bus, sanitation vehicles, auto and motorcycle parts, tobacco machinery, engineering machinery hydraulic infrastructure, medical equipment, such as cotton and other agricultural machinery and coal mining machinery and equipment products for civilian use.

China National Guizhou aviation industry group (also known as the "one by one base") was founded in 1964, is the capital and product management as connecting link, set of manufacturing, trade, one combination of military and civilian research, financial enterprise group. The existing 46 enterprises and institutions, include the aircraft factory, Aero-Engine factory, aviation forgings, castings, standard parts, rubber parts, and hydraulic power source companies.

At present, the Group has 51,000 employees, with a professional and technical staff of 16,000 people. The Group also has import and export company, and financial company, and investment management company and national Technology Center. It has national grant of State-owned assets right, and proprietary access right, and simplified Foreign Affairs approval right, is national approved of "863 technology results industrialization base", and has national approved of "postdoctoral flow station", and defense and regional measurement detection Center, and domestic dozens of Home famous University and Institute established has long-term collaboration relationship.

After more than 40 years of struggle, the air group has established a complete system of scientific research in military aircraft production, resulting in a more complete, professional aviation industry research and production base of supporting relatively complete. Group enterprises are mainly located along high grade highways in Guiyang, Anshun, Pingba County, having realized the "3.1" layout, command and advance the position of the enterprise.

GAIC Subsidiaries

  • Anda Forging Plant
  • Anji Foundry
  • China Aviation Standard Parts Manufacturing Corporation
  • Fenglei Armament Factory
  • Fengyang Hydraulic General Factory
  • Guiyang Aviation Hydraulic Component Factory
  • Guiyang Electrical Machinery Factory
  • Guiyang Huafeng Electrical Appliance General Factory
  • Guizhou Honglin Machinery Corporation
  • Guizhou Hongyang Machinery (Group) Corporation
  • Honghu Machinery Factory
  • Honglin Machinery Factory
  • Huanyu Machinery Factory
  • Huayang Electrical Factory
  • Liyang Aeo Engine Corporalion
  • Longyan Aircraft Manufacturing Factory
  • Shuangyang Aircraft Manufacturing Factory
  • Tianyi Electro-Technical Factory
  • Wanjiang Electro-Mechanical Factory
  • Weihong machinery Factory
  • Xin'an Machinery Factory
  • Xinghong Machinery Factory
  • Yonghong Machinery Factory
  • Yunma Aircraft Manufacturing Factory

Liyang Aero Engine Corporation of GAIC
Liyang Machinery Corporation
Guizhou Liyang Machine Factory
Guizhou Liyang Aero-Engine Corporation
Guizhou Aero-Engine Factory

Guizhou Liyang Aero-Engine Corporation engages in development of turbojet engines and parts for aircraft. The company is based in Anshun, China. With a covered area of 750,000 m2 (8,073,200 sq ft), and a workforce of about 10,000, LMC is also known as GEF (Guizhou Aero-Engine Factory). The associated GADRI research institute undertook the development of the WP7B afterburning turbojet, the programme was transferred to LMC because Shenyang was overloaded.

Guizhou Shuangyang Aircraft Manufactory
China Mesto Group Shuangyang Aircraft Factory

Guizhou Shuangyang Aircraft Manufactory, established in January 1970 [other sources say 1965] in Anshun, Guizhou, China is registered as a State Owned company. It is a manufacturer of military aircraft, including the JJ-7 fighter/trainer By 2005 the Shuangyang plant, a major training plane manufacturer in China, had turned out more than 1,100 aircraft of varying types for the Chinese armed forces. . China completed the final design of its independently developed trainer aircraft "Shanying", or Mountain Eagle, by the end of 2005 and end products were delivered to domestic and international users in the following year. Shanying is designed and developed by Guizhou Aviation Industry Group Company of AVIC 1, parent company of the manufacturer Shuangyang Aircraft Manufacturing Plant based in Guiyang. According to an AVIC1 report dated 22 April 2008, construction of the JF-17 Thunders had started at the Shuangyang Aircraft Manufacturing Factory of Guizhou Aviation Industry Corporation (GAIC) as of 09 March 2008.

Yunma Aircraft Manufacturing Factory

Yunma Aircraft Manufacturer, a consortium member of AVIC1, is a large state owned aircraft manufacturing company. Yunma is a research and fabricating base for Chinese advanced fighters. Major products include Complete Aircraft Components, Subcontracted Civil Aircraft Components, Civil products of special trucks, buses, cable cars etc. Yunma occupies a land area of 1. 3million square meters and 438, 000 square meters of floor areaThe number of employees is about 4000, and more than 800 of then are technicians.

Yunma has formed its production lines for: pressing, welding, coating and final assembly and testing lines. The equipments includes: machines for metal cutting, straightening, forming, machining, welding, heat treatment and surface treatment, equipments for heat and surface treatment of non-metal materials and composites, labs and equipments for chemical testing, physical testing, NC machining and CMM measuring, equipments for assembly and final inspection.

Yunma established complete production lines with 1000 annual yields of different types of buses, 1400 special trucks and 1500 cable cars. Yunma Aircraft Manufacturer is capable of Manufacturing 500 compressed natural gas (CNG) Buses per month. Yunma CNG buses, which are sophisticated and well equipped with the facilities both for the driver and passengers, with low fuel consumption and excellent emission parameters. Yunma CNG Buses are very clean, providing the greatest emission reductions and related environmental benefits of all available alternatives. They alsohave an added advantage-they displace petroleum Fuel. Reducing dependence on oil has become an ever more-pressing priority as world oil demand outpaces supply and causes prices at the pump to rise, Yunma CNG Bus cost less to fuel than gasoline- and diesel-powered vehicles. Advances in CNG Vehicles technology over the past decade put them on par with gasoline and diesel vehicles in terms of durability, performance and reliability. Yunma CNG Buses are spacious with 35 standing and 42 seating capacity, Seats for passengers are Made of Macromolecule Plastic by pressure casting with metal Frame. Yunma CNG Buses have Optional General public broadcasting system and automatic station announcing system.

On June 14, 2002, the United States Bureau of Industry and Security (``BIS'') published a notice in the Federal Register that set forth a list of persons in foreign countries who were parties to past export transactions where pre-license checks (``PLC'') or post-shipment verifications (``PSV``) could not be conducted for reasons outside the control of the U.S. Government (``Unverified List''). Additionally, on July 16, 2004, BIS published a notice in the Federal Register that advised exporters that the Unverified List would also include persons in foreign countries in transactions where BIS is not able to verify the existence or authenticity of the end-user, intermediate consignee, ultimate consignee, or other party to the transaction. These notices advised exporters that the involvement of a listed person as a party to a proposed transaction constitutes a ``red flag'' as described in the guidance set forth in Supplement No. 3 to 15 CFR Part 732, requiring heightened scrutiny by the exporter before proceeding with such a transaction. The notice also stated that, when warranted, BIS would remove persons from the Unverified List. On July 28, 2004 Federal Register Docket No. 0407 19210-4210-01 notice removed five entities from the Unverified List based upon recently conducted PSVs, including Yunma Aircraft Mfg., Yaopu Anshun, Guizhou, People's Republic of China.

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