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Shijiazhuang Aircraft Industry Limited Company

Shijiazhuang Aircraft Industry Limited Company was a national high-tech enterprises attached to China Aviation Industry Corporation II, engaged in production of General aircraft and light transport aircraft. After more than three decades development and construction, the company, located in Shijiazhuang City, 050062 Hebei, China, had formed a pattern of common development of aviation products, commercial products. Company brought together dozens of systems engineering and technical personnel, management talent and skilled personnel, with more than 2000 various types of machinery and equipment and testing instruments, equipped with a sophisticated CNC machining equipment, is a strong technology base and product development of technology-intensive enterprises.

The company had established a quality control and assurance system and passed the quality management system certification, and achieved the 2000 version of the military product quality system certificate. Air products of the company are: Y-5B transport series aircraft, Hawk-500 aircraft, "Dragonfly" series ultra light aircraft, etc. Civilian products: textile equipment, mining equipment, auto parts, welding lines, food packaging machinery, Star series motorcycles, and represented by the glass curtain wall of aluminum products.

Shijiazhuang Aircraft continued adhering to the "strong hands-on, innovative Aerospace", "integrity management, the quality first-class" group spirit and concept, and vigorously carry forward the "arduous struggle and revive the stone fly" spirit of enterprise, culture, forging Enterprise core competitiveness. Adhere to the "air" as the development ideas, promoting general aviation industrial base construction, for the development of China's general aviation industry to make greater contributions.


  • Seagull HO300 Amphibious light aircraft with single engine pusher.
  • LE-500 Little Eagle Low wing single piston light aircraft.
  • LE-800 Little Eagle Low wing single turboprop business aircraft.
  • Y-5 Single radial engine utility biplane. Based on Antonov An-2.
  • 1970.5 Hongxing machinery factory was established, becoming a general aircraft manufacturer in China, realizing universal aircraft manufacturing strategy of transferring from South to North.
  • 1979 aircraft sent to North Korea to witness the Sino-DPRK friendship.
  • 1983.5 researched first "Dragonfly" five (W-5) single-seat ultra-light aircraft achieving first flight.
  • 1987.12 W-5 on the basis of the original plan for larger improvements brought W-5B aircraft flight test successfully.
  • 1996.12 W-5 and W-5 series aircraft production delivery exceeded 1000 units which is largest run in the aviation industries of China civil aircraft production .
  • 1997.1 first United States cooperation in the development and production of four-wheeled all vehicles (ATV) was exported to international markets, opening in domestic production and exports of the first ATV products.
  • 1999.7 successfully passed the ISO9001 quality system certification.
  • 2001.4 company restructuring succeeds, Shijiazhuang Aircraft Industry Limited Company was formally founded.
  • 2003.7 China first by the CAAC airworthiness review regulations require the development, production, and as a corporate and private business use and coaches with four aircraft appear vividly the clouds-the Kitty Hawk-500 aircraft, achieving first flight.
  • 2009 - company website went offline

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