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Chengdu Engine (Group) Co. Ltd [CEGC]
Chengdu Engine Group Co., Ltd
CEF Chengdu Aero-Engine Factory

Chengdu Engine (Group) Co. Ltd [also known as CEF (Chengdu Aero-Engine Factory] was established in October 1958 in Si Chuan. It is a modern enterprise with nearly 50 year experience of design, developing, and manufacturing. Chengdu Engine (Group) Co., Ltd. produces the castings and products of aluminium, zinc, and Copper alloys. The company is based in Chengdu, China. Chengdu Engine (Group) Co., Ltd., business assets comprises assets of aircraft engines which includes manufacturing business of parts and components of aircraft engine, Chengdu Engine's foundry branch, forging press branch, tooling branch, power branch and goods and material supply department. Today CEC has a site area of 137 ha (338.5 acres) and a workforce of almost 20,000. It produces the WP6 turbojet, the WP13 turbojet and components, including combustor liners, to support users of the Pratt & Whitney JT8D turbofan.

Chengdu Engine (Group) Co. Ltd [CEGC] is a modern enterprise with nearly 50 year experience of design, developing, and manufacturing of aero-engines, gas turbines, and variety of important industrial products. It is an export orientation enterprise and a national export base with independent import-export rights. The company takes an area of 1.32 million square meters. The total assets are 2.1 billion RMB yuan. There are 23 sub-factories, divisions, and majority share holding companies (including a public listed company, and a Sino-American Joint Venture Company). The company has 11000 employees, including 3100 technical personnel, 1405 of them in middle or senior technical titles, 6381 operators, 105 technicians or senior technicians. The company has more than 8000 sets of capital equipment in over 900 different types.

The company has very strong scientific development and production capacity in 77 specialties such as aviation power device, gas turbine design and manufacturing, forge, investment casting, NC machining, pressing and welding, special coating, physical and chemical examination, measuring, and so on. The company learned modern management methods, technology, and quality standards in foreign trade production business. The company established a combination quality control system of military and commercial products to GB/T19000-1996 (GJB/Z9000)-ISO9000 (quality management and quality system). The company was certified to GJB/Z9000 by Military Product Quality System Certification Body in Sep.1996. The company received the "Certificate of conformity of Quality system Certification of Military Product Supplier" on March 18, 1997. The company was appraised as the first class Metrology enterprise in 1989. And the "Certificate of Conformity of Metrology System" was received. The company has MCL (material control lab) System approved by P&W in China, and an import commodity inspection office approved by Sichuan Provence Government.

CEGC developed and produced a few tens of thousands jet engines in 7 different types. Its foreign trade capacity is up to 100 million US Dollars per year. The company developed over 200 new products in metallurgic, petroleum, energy, freezing, heating machines, textile, paper making, areas etc. The TRT blast furnace turbine is used as an energy saving and environmental protection product in metallurgic industry. There are about 30 sets of TRT made by CEGC in operational successfully in domestic. The audit comments of the chief administration department to the new TRT product: "obviously, it is technical advanced, it is technically advanced, it is the leading product in domestic in its performance, and reached the same level as the introduced products from abroad". The stack gas turbine is used as a energy recovery device in petrochemical industry. CEGC ever made over 70 different types in YL series and in 2000 kW of stack gas turbine key parts and component, and improved E138, E232, TH85-2 etc stack gas turbine for many times and localized.

The Chengdu Engine Company manufactures parts for the PRC's WP13 turbojet engine, which powers the PLA's F-8 fighter. The Chengdu factory also manufactures components for large jet engines used in Boeing aircraft. Chengdu Aerotech Manufacturing Co. Ltd. was founded in February of 1996 as the first equity joint venture in the Chinese aviation industry. The partners are United Technologies Pratt & Whitney Group, Aviation Industries of China, and Chengdu Engine Group Corporation. The JV built a new,air-conditioned manufacturing facility with 9000 square meters of floor space, where staffing will reach approximately 200 under full operations. Pratt & Whitney Canada, a subsidiary of the Connecticut-based United Technologies, in February 1996 became the first foreign company to establish an aviation parts manufacturing joint venture in China, with Chengdu Engine Company.

CEGC established a long term cooperation relationship with some large multinational corporations in the US and UK. CEGC is a qualified supplier of aero engine and gas turbine components of GE, P&W, and Rolls Royce Companies. Over 10 units of advanced 25000Kw FT8 Gas Turbine which were designed and manufactured jointly with the US Pratt & Whitney Company are generating electricity in domestic sites, and over 300 units are generating electricity in all over the world.

Chengdu Aerotech Manufacturing Co., Ltd. ("CA") was established in Feb 1996 and is the first Sino-foreign equity joint venture in the Chinese aviation industry. The investors are Pratt &Whitney ("P&W") division of United Technologies Corporation ,USA., China Aviation Industry Corporation II(AVICII) and Chengdu Engine(Group)Co., Ltd ("CEGC"). The total investment is US$25.1 million, with a registered capital of US$ 19.7 million. Among the total investment, P&W owns 78.3%, CEGC 13.5% and AVICII 8.2%.

The Joint Venture has 9000 square meters of air-conditioned manufacturing floor space. Its production facilities include a broad range of computer controlled machining, forming and welding equipment. The special processes include vacuum brazing, vacuum furnaces, plasma spray, rubber application, NDT, MPI, FPI, EDM etc. The existing products are exported to Pratt &Whitney USA, Pratt & Whitney Canada, Hamilton Sundstrand, Kawasaki, Eldim, etc. CA has more than two hundred employees. CA mainly produces sheet metal and machined components for commercial aircraft engines and industrial gas turbines. The production capabilities include large machining, small machining and airframe ECS (environment control system) components and sheet metal fabrication. Core competency is in the areas of compressor disk, combustor, HPC stator and small hardware.

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