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Belarus Army - Order of Battle

BSWE = Bases for Storages of Weapons and Equipment
(Russian acronym VKhVT)
In theory all Bases are mobilization units.

Ministry of Defense:

Transport troops

30th Separate Red Banner Railway BrigadeSlutsk
36th Road and Bridge BrigadeZhodino
65th Automobile BrigadeZhodino
2123rd base of storage of road equipment and property

Special Forces

255th Special Radio Regiment
86th Communications Brigade
188th Engineer Brigade

Special Operations Forces

5th Spetsnaz Brigade (Military unit 89417)Marina Gorka
38th Separate Guards Assault BrigadeBrest
103rd Separate Guards Airborne BrigadeVitebsk

Operational command West

(HQ Grodno)
6th Separate Mechanized BrigadeGrodno / Folush
11th Carpathian-Berlin Separate Mechanized BrigadeSlonim
111th Artillery BrigadeBrest
1199th Mixed Artillery Regiment
557th Engineering Brigade
74th Separate Communication Regiment
815th Technical Support Center
28th Armament and Equipment Storage Base BSWEBaranovichi
108th Separate Logistics Regiment
116th Guards Radom Red Banner Assault Air Base
483rd Separate Battalion of Protection and Maintenance
8th Radio Brigade
56th Separate Communication Regiment
Air Force and Air Defence Forces
61st Fighter Air Base
50th Mixed Air Base
83rd Separate Engineering and Airfield Regiment
1st Anti-Aircraft Missile Regiment
56th Anti-Aircraft Missile Brigade
115th Anti-Aircraft Missile Regiment
120th Anti-Aircraft Regiment -Rocket Brigade
825th Anti-Aircraft Missile Regiment
927th Center for Training and Application of UAVs

Central Subordination

361st Separate Base of Protection and Service
465th Missile Brigade
51st Artillery Brigade
2287th Separate Radio Engineering Battalion
52nd Separate Special Search Battalion
Armed Forces Kennel Club
Armed Forces US orchestra
Air Force and Air Defence Forces
336th Jet Artillery Brigade

Operational Command North West

(HQ Borisov)
19th Separate Mechanized Brigade
120th 'Rogachev' Separate Mechanized BrigadeMinsk
231st Artillery Brigade
244th Electronic Reconnaissance Center
7th Engineer Regiment
60th Separate Communication Regiment
814th maintenance center
110th Detached Logistics Regiment
49th Radio Engineering Brigade
18th Detached Communications Battalion
Air Force and Air Defence Forces
15th Anti-Aircraft Missile Brigade
147th Anti-Aircraft Missile Brigade
377th Guards Anti-Aircraft Missile Regiment
740th Anti-Aircraft Missile Brigade
Territorial Army (enhancement of the regular forces) Organized into bns, coys, and platoons across the regions of Belarus.

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